CEO, Leave Me Alone/C8 I'm in Charge of My Marriage
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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C8 I'm in Charge of My Marriage
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C8 I'm in Charge of My Marriage

Dong Ying couldn't hold it in any longer, her face as cold as ice. She looked at her husband, Shangguan Ze, and said with a serious expression, "Dad, to Zi Xuan, this is just a small accident. Don't worry, I will definitely teach him a good lesson when we get home."

Shangguan Shuo pushed the crystal ashtray hard, "Crash!" With a loud noise, crystal clear crystals scattered all over the ground.

"This matter is still small. Shangguan Zixuan is the CEO of Shangguan's Group. Such unworthy descendants! "

"Dad, no matter what, Zi Xuan is just a front for Shangguan's Group. If he stomps his feet in the company, the entire building will tremble. Even my uncle here in the company wants to make him pay. If you don't take him as the descendant of our Shangguan Family, then something big will happen to our Shangguan's Group. " young uncle, Shangguan Yiping added on.

The old man looked at his elegant and elegant youngest son and also started to scold him, "You still have the nerve to scold him? If you hadn't spent all your time without doing proper work, you would have found a daughter-in-law earlier and given birth to a grandson. I wouldn't have been so passive."

Dong Ying glanced lightly at Shangguan Yiping when she heard the old man's words. Her intelligent almond-like eyes were filled with disdain.

Shangguan Yiping glanced at his intimidating sister-in-law and said nothing more.

The blame was placed on Shangguan Zixuan once again. Shangguan Zixuan didn't even understand that he was drugged by someone and met a woman along the way. He couldn't control himself after being teased by that woman, but such a thing didn't make his grandfather, who always doted on him, want to kick him out!

All of these were just Shangguan Zixuan's thoughts. Even if Shangguan Shuo didn't want him anymore, he couldn't show any signs of panic on the surface.

Shangguan Shuo looked deeply at Shangguan Zixuan and said, "Zi Xuan, let me tell you, if you don't bring that girl back to see me within three days, you don't have to go back to this house."

"Daddy! "Zi Xuan might really just be playing on the spot, but in the end, he was caught by someone who wanted to take care of him. Bringing a woman like that back would dirty your eyes." Dong Ying said with ulterior motives.

Shangguan Yiping glanced at Dong Ying in confusion after hearing what his sister-in-law said.

"My own child understands that Zi Xuan is what I look like when I grow up and what kind of child he is. I know very well that he and the other girls have never known each other, and he has never been moved by Fei Fei's fondness for him. Although the woman in the picture had her eyes closed, from Zi Xuan's expression, one could tell that Zi Xuan was very emotional. " Shangguan Shuo, who was almost in his forties, said such words which made the faces of the children around him turn hot.

"Dad, so the reason you were angry was because Zi Xuan didn't bring this girl to meet you?" Shangguan Yiping tried to probe.

"That's right! You all cannot understand the feelings of a grandfather who wants to meet the fourth generation members of our Shangguan Family. As an unfilial son, you have never understood your father's feelings. "

Shangguan Yiping was dragged in by the old man and scolded again for no reason. He had a bad taste in his heart and didn't know how useless he was. Since he was an adult, the old man had never taken a liking to him. Shangguan Yiping's eyes flashed a wave of hatred as he secretly clenched his hands.

Shangguan Zixuan did not show the slightest bit of panic from the beginning to the end. Even if Shangguan Shuo said he wanted to clean up the mess, he was indifferent.

"Zi Xuan, bring that girl to see me in two days. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite!" Shangguan Shuo said seriously.

Dong Ying seized the opportunity to help Shangguan Shuo sit down. Then, she tried her best to persuade him: "Dad, don't you always approve of the relationship between Xiang Feifei and Zi Xuan? Your relationship with Uncle Xiang is even better than that of your own brother. That child Xiang Feifei has always liked Zi Xuan. If we agree, I believe that they will be able to get married in less than ten days. "

Shangguan Zixuan, who had been silent all this time, suddenly interrupted, "Grandpa, I'll listen to you. But I can't do it in two days. I'll bring her to see you in five days."

"Good, this is what a descendant of my Shangguan Family is like." Shangguan Shuo was finally satisfied, and the beard on his mouth rose and fell.

"Grandfather, can I leave first?" Shangguan Zixuan didn't want to stay in this kind of place any longer.

"Go!" Shangguan Shuo again returned to Shangguan Zixuan's care.

Shangguan Zixuan strode out of the old man's mansion in front of everyone's eyes.

"Zi Xuan, stop right there!" Dong Ying pursued her to the end of the corridor, her angry voice much louder than usual.

Shangguan Zixuan's tall and straight figure stopped at the end of the corridor. Dong Ying, who was in her 8 cm high heels, caught up to him while gasping for breath.

Dong Ying glared at Shangguan Zixuan and asked, "Zi Xuan, what are you doing? Xiang Feifei has adored you since she was a little girl. Her conditions are so good and she's so beautiful. The most important thing is that her father can help you with your business. With her family supporting you, your career will be like the sun in the sky. Now, what do you mean by bringing that woman back in front of the old gramps? "

Shangguan Zixuan looked at the woman in front of him. Regarding the woman who had given birth to him in name, she had never cared about him. Since young, no matter what, in her eyes, there was only profit.

However, she was his mother and Shangguan Zixuan didn't want to have a direct conflict with her. He tried to keep his tone calm and said, "Please respect my decision. This matter belongs to me. I think I will make my own decision."

"Bastard thing, what kind of decision can you make? Ever since I was young, I've been worried for you. Eighty percent of what happened today was caused by your young uncle. He wanted your grandfather to be disappointed in you so that he could seize a portion of the shares. "Only by marrying someone as capable as Xiang Feifei can you and I gain a foothold in the clan, do you know that?" Dong Ying's words made Shangguan Zixuan feel unprecedented anger.

If Shangguan Zixuan was trying hard to control his anger just now, he was about to erupt like a volcano.

His cold eyes stared at his own mother, and his voice was ten times colder than his eyes, "Then please understand, my marriage was brought about by my own hard work, and without you, I would still have become the CEO of the Shangguan's Group, and would have become the strongest in the entire Shangguan's Group. My marriage would not have been dictated by anyone else!"

After Shangguan Zixuan said this, he ignored the woman's ashen face and quickly left.

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