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The crowd keeps making cooing sounds and he finally pulls away. I'm able to breathe after that.

I secretly pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream. I don't want this to end.

In a few minutes, I'll be fully married to him. He seems happy which means "My Javier" is back.

He gives the crowd a small wave and we move towards his car. He opens the door for me and then something strange happens. He shoves me roughly into the car and I nearly hurt me knee.

The moment he gets in, the smile is wiped from his face and is replaced with a scowl.

Am I the cause of his anger or what? A few minutes ago, he seemed really happy but now in the car with me, he looks disgusted.

"Umm Javier..."

"Don't talk to me." He snaps making me move backwards.

"I just want to get this wedding done and over with so don't utter one word to me."

The car starts and the driver takes off probably towards the courthouse.

My phone starts ringing and when I check it's Kyla. I totally forgot about her. The news would've spread like wild fire by now so I bet she's wondering why her best friend and roommate who she saw few hours ago has gotten married to a celebrity.

I quickly answer so she wouldn't freak.

**Tell me I didn't just see you online kissing Javier Fucking Thompson! Her voice comes off exicted.

**Leah tell me you aren't married to him! How's that even possible, I mean you love him and all but you two haven't met. I'm fucking confused.

**Would you let me speak, I can explain everything. Just let me....

Suddenly, my phone is taken away from me and tossed outside by Javier.

"Why did you..."

"You were just about to tell who ever that was the truth! Didn't Tom explain everything to you." He shoots at me making me a little scared.

"She's my friend..."

"No one should know about the deal not even friends or parents."

"My parents are dead." I respond in a sad tone.

"Good." He retorts making me gasp and I stay silent through the rest of the ride.

Unlike before, he doesn't bother to help me with the door. He waits outside while I get changed in the car. It's really uncomfortable but the pictures would have to be out tomorrow so people would believe and for that to happen, I can't use the same dress as before.

I get out on my own and move towards the courthouse.

Once inside, Tom and the priest are already there with witnesses.

"Let's get this over with. I want to be out of here in five minutes."

He's back to being rude again. Does he gave split personalities or something?

"Very well, let's begin..." He says and we stand in front of him.


My hand holds the pen quaking. Once I sign, I'll be married to him.

"Before we conclude, if anyone has any reason why this two shouldn't be joined together in holy Matrimony, speak now or forever remain silent."

"Seriously dude!" Javier says holding his pen.

"Wait!" I hear someone scream from behind. I turn back and a woman is rushing towards us. A beautiful woman Maybe she's a fan.

"Javier please, you can't get married to her. What about us?" She asks sobbing lightly.

"Us?" I ponder a little shocked. Maybe she's a fling or something, celebrities have those all the time right?

"Baby...." He calls out to her softly but she's still sniffling.

"Wait Baby!" I shriek feeling hurt.....


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