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**Leah's Pov**

This had to be the strangest wedding of the century.

Javier moved towards her obviously trying to pacify her. He touched her cheeks and held her hands but to avail. She wouldn't stop this incessant sobbing.

"Brie, I told you already." He calls out to her.

"I know but it hurts Javier, it hurts." She says as tears well up in her eyes.

"I don't love her." He says and I feel a pagn in my heart.

"It's only for a short time and before you know it, I'll be back in yours arms. Okay." He says cupping her cheeks.

"Okay..." She mumbles and pouts her lips.

"Good, come on. Hold my hand." He says taking her hands and signs the documents.

"I'm married to her but my heart is yours forever." He says with a smile before placing his lips on hers.

I blink the tears threatening to spill and the lawyer or priest shakes his head in pity. With shaky hands, I also sign the document and Javier and Brie walk out hand In hand.

"Let's go." Tom says after a few seconds.

"Yeah." I force a smile and try to act like I'm fine but I'm really dying inside. A few pictures are taken outside. Javier clings to me holding my waist a little too tightly.

"It hurts..." I moan slightly in pain trying to force a smile but the pain is unbearable.

"Javier please..." I begged slightly before he only pressed tighter.

Finally, the pictures were enough and we were allowed to leave. I rubbed the spot lifting my gown a little and it was red hot.

I had no idea how to request for ointment or something but the pain there was nothing compared to the one in my heart.

Not only is he mean and cold, he has a girlfriend and plans to make my life miserable. Mission accomplished he just succeeded in breaking my heart.

People say never meet your idols it always goes bad, you can only imagine how it is for me since I got married to mine.

Javier didn't even stay in the same car with me, he rode with Brie and they drove ahead.

I stayed in with Tom sobbing slightly. This was day 1 and I had to spend 365 days with him. What did I sign up for.


After a while, we finally got back to his house and the driver pulled over allowing us to come out.

I got in and waited for further instructions. Javier and Brie were no where in sight. Maybe he didn't come home.

The thought of what they could be doing in this moment almost made me cry, I sucked it up because I can't keep crying over every little thing he does.

"I'll be leaving soon. A personal maid would be assigned to you, she'll show you everything, take you to your room. If you need anything, here's a phone. My number is on speed dial." He handed it over and I reluctantly collected it.

"I know Javier is a pain but beneath that cruel man you're saying is a whole other person. Just be patient enough to find him." He says before spunning around and walking out.

"Hi ma'am am Rhoda." A girl of almost my age says walking towards me.

"Ma'am?" I asked surprised.

"Yes ma'am."

"No don't do that. Simply call me Leah."

"Umm I don't think I would be comfortable with that. It's best for us both if I address you formally ." She says and I could only nod.

"I'll show you to the master's room which is now yours. I already prepared your bath and have your clothes ready. Everything is set for you."

She says and I nod my head trailing behind her.

I took a moment to admire the house and it was one hell of a sight. We climbed the stairs and they were a few other rooms before we got to one at the end.

"Here..." She says, twists the knob and opens the door.

The room is huge, it's at least times two of my house.

"That's the bathroom. After you've taken your bath, press that button and I'll come ." She said in a formal tone and walked away.

I hated how formal she was, we were almost the same age.

My legs felt wobbly as I walked into the room gently closing the door behind me.

"I could live with this." I muttered with a smile plastered on my face....


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