CEO'S Dejected Wife/C6 Chapter 6
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CEO'S Dejected Wife/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6


Luna smiled at Maureen as she snuggled her pillow while she slept, Maureen looked so cute in her sleep, it hasn't been up to ten minutes since she fell asleep.

Luna picked the banged and placed it back into the first a box's, she just cleaned the wound on Maureen's palm.

"No please I'm sorry, please don't hurt me, please don't. That hurts a lot. Mom........"she heard Maureen say in her sleep.

"It's okay it's okay"Luna said patting her.

"He'll kill me! No he'll kill me"Maureen screamed jerking up good thing her room was sound proof or else Mr Daniels would have dragged his rusty self up to her room giving her more punishments

"He'll kill me, He'll kill me" she repeated Luna could not help but let the hot steaming tears pour from her eyes.

Luna has watched her friend be abused physical, mentally and sexually, she knows what Maureen has faced in life, she has been beaten up and harrase.

She knows her friend has been through alot and she can't help but feel bad cause she has always unable to help her friend, if it was possible for her to take some part of her friends sorrows then she would.

she would have told the police about it but Maureen has always refused.

Luna would do anything to help her best friend come out of this world but she's unable to.

"He will not hurt you okay it was just a dream"Luna said.

it's okay,it's okay it's okay, Luna's here for you.

"what exactly happened to you,what did he do to you?" Luna asked after Maureen was calmed.



" Your getting married and you couldn't tell me, well thank goodness I'm here." Luna said smiling.

"I didn't know it untill two days ago"Maureen said.

"Emily....."Luna called but was cut short by Maureen's haling of hand.

"I'm sorry ,but that's who you are to me ,you are not Maureen you are Emily"

"can I tell you something"Luna asked.

Maureen shook her head positively.

"Maureen. I always want the best for you, I want you to be happy, Maureen your about to have a change of life, your getting married, I want you to forget what ever has been happening here for the past years, I want you to change. Do the things that will please you, follow your dreams.

"what dreams are you talking about?"Maureen asked.

"Oh you mean the ones that has been destroyed by that bastard"Maureen asked

"Your going to be far from that bastard you don't have to live in the fear, you can do what ever you want to do, he is going to be nothing but your past soon. I want the Emily I once knew back, the one that laughs without getting tired, the one who her smile brings joy to my world. I'm pretty sure your mom wants that for you"

"You know that's impossible right?"Maureen asked.

"Why is it impossible?

"Cause I know it's impossible. Can't you see I'm being forced into the marriage? how would I ever be happy with such a life? Look Luna you know the reason I'm alive untill now. That's because I want revenge. I'm going to revenge my mother, my younger sisters death and my sufferings, I will make that basterd pay for everything he's done, he'll face a punishment worst than death"Maureen said with gritted teeth.

"Maureen, revenge won't help you."Luna beckoned .

"How can you tell me revenge won't help me, don't you remember when than bastard locked me in a drum full of water, for hours,I almost died,in fact I died, I'm only here because,I swore to revenge"

"No you did not die because if your urge for revenge. Your here because your a fighter, your a fighter and you chose to come back that day"

." Luna said, as tears poured freely from her eyes.

"How about when I was raped, when I was beaten up for saying no. How about when he locked me up with snakes in the dark room I almost died of those snakes venom, up till today Luna, I can't sleep because when ever I sleep I see darkness. I'm so scared of the dark Luna,I hate darkness cause I see those hurtful days in darkness"

"I hate dark things cause it reminds me of the past were I was being raped in the dark, where I was being beaten up in the dark room. Luna I stayed a whole week without food and water remember, and I was also beaten up at intervals.that man told his men to take pleasure from my little body, I was rushed to the hospital by you Luna and here you are telling me not to revenge?" Maureen questioned.

"Luna the sight of my own body irritates me. I'm being tormented day and night by my screaming, by my crying, to the extent I swore never to cry, I can only let tears flow but not the sound. The own voice irritates me. Am being tormented day and night by everything that man did to me and my mother"

"I'm going to take him down Luna, I'll take him down.” Maureen said with bitterness showing all over her face.

"Maureen, please for now don't focus on that, focus on your life ahead, remember you getting married, look all I want to say to you today is; for no reason should you look back at your past, forget it and move ahead, cause I have this gut feeling that your husband is going to be the best.

"how can you say that when you know that fate and destiny are against me"Maureen laughed sarcastically.

"Your so not alright anyway tell me who is this man? Can I see his photo? Do you have one? is he cute?

"Ask Google, Leonardo Nathan Radriel is his name." Maureen said walking to her shelf,she picked up another book,went to her normal position on the floor beside her bed.

"Wow. This is Lilac's older brother. He's cute. I heard his very responsible"

"Luna,I'm reading be quite"Maureen muttered.

"Oh am sorry"Luna giggled.

Maureen always feels in save hands when Luna is with her, she's so lucky she has a friend like Luna.

When Maureen was sexually abused by Mr Daniels goon, Luna told her to let the police in on the matter, but Maureen refused. Those where one of the thing she always see's in her dream she always sees herself in a dark room or when she's being raped.

"What! In two days that's so little time, so you love her that much huh"lilac teased Leo.

"lover boy. Lover boy"She added.

"Lilac your not a baby,learn to be like Lila she's so matured"Leo teased Lilac.

"Bro seriously, Why are you in a haste to get married. Is it really love at first sight?"Lila asked.

"You girls, have gone crazy how can I fall in love with someone I barely know"Leonardo asked.

"Lover boy, when are we meeting with your bride? We need to arrange our wears"Lilac asked.

"I don't know"Leo said climbing the stairs to his room"

"Hey Leo where are you going ,we are not done with, what were talking about"Lilac screamed on the top of her voice.

Maureen sat on her bed with a book in her hand. She watched the rise and fall of Luna chest, as she slept so soundly.

it's almost midnight.

Today has been just like other days when Maureen would have an anxiety attack but today happened to be worst.

her white coloured Bob shined brightly in the room, she's already preparing herself for the worst that can happen in her life from next tommorow.

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