Married To A Sex Demon/C2 Naughty secretary
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Married To A Sex Demon/C2 Naughty secretary
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C2 Naughty secretary

"Is that our boss?" A new ebony employee asked her white friend who stood beside her in the hallway .The ebony girl couldn't take her eyes off him.

"Yes and don't stare at him like that, you wouldn't want him to be attracted to you," the white lady warned her friend.

"I'm sure I would, I mean look at his figure…I am sure he has six biscuits underneath that suit…just look at the way he exposed his chest…he is damn hot" the ebony girl kept on praising Kayden who was hearing everything despite being so far from where both ladies were standing.

"Six biscuits?" The white lady shook her head in confusion.

"I mean six packs" the ebony girl licked her lips as she threw glances at him.

Kayden pretended not to notice the way she was trying her best to flirt with him.

"Look, I am his secretary and just like you..I had been lusting over him but now I regret ever doing it. That guy is a demon" the white girl was trying her best to give her friend a warning.

"I might be new here but I don't mind letting this demon take me the way he wants to " the ebony girl licked her lips as she turned around to make him see how huge her behind was, when she saw that didn't get his attention…she faced him and loosened the buttons on her shirt so her twins were now fully exposed.

"What are you doing? Better cover yourself up" the white lady stood in front of the ebony one so that she could cover her up.

Kayden had a wicked smirk on his face as he looked at them both.

Kayden's POV

Soon they will start calling me names, here I am on my own minding my business, when my prey just comes to me

I am not going to let her go so easily and that secretary of mine is also going to take my meat today.

I picked up my phone and called my secretary.

"What nonsense is this? How could you be so careless?" I threw the files she had put on my table earlier at her face.

"Sir..I…I didn't do this, Linda did" she shivered as she struggled to speak.

"Who is Linda?" I asked her as I slammed my hands on my table and stood up.

"She is…she is…I'll go get her" my secretary ran out of my room feeling so frightened as if she had just seen a ghost or something.

Well that was what I wanted anyways…I wanted her to bring that slutty friend of hers so I could teach them both a lesson…a bitter, sweet lesson. I licked my lips as I waited patiently for two minutes that felt like 2 hours.

"What took you so long? And SHUT MY FUCKING DOOR!!" I shouted at both of them.

My secretary was so scared that she locked the door herself…such a nice prey.

"What is this?!!" I shouted at them and my voice filled the entire office.

"Come here!" I ordered when none of them gave me a reply.

"BOTH OF YOU" I ordered again when they both looked at me and blinked their eyes without moving a single bone in their bodies.

"ARE YOU DEAF??!" I shouted again and they walked from the door and stood in front of my table.

I smirked as I looked at the two sl*the ones that were in front of me, I stood up from my seat and walked up to them.

"Now bend over" I said calmly and they looked at each other before looking back at me.

"I can't…" My secretary spoke but was interrupted when I looked deeply into her eyes…I did the same to Linda as well and they both obeyed me without any complaints.

They stood by the table as they rested the upper parts of their bodies on the table, making their huge behinds to face me.

I raised their skirts up with great difficulty as their skirts were too tight. Next time I'll make a rule against wearing tight skirts to the office.

I shook my head as I looked at both of them. It was like making tea with chocolate and milk.

Their panties hardly covered their as* as the panties went in between it.

I smacked Linda's as* first and then that of my secretary.

"Now this will teach you a lesson to pay attention to your work don't you think" I spoke and as expected the only reply I got was the moan that had escaped from their lips.

"You want to be stubborn huh?" I landed another smack on Linda's behind making her yelp in pain.

"Ooh!" She bit her lower lip.

I inserted two of my finger in her tight as*h*le

"Ohhh please"Linda pleaded when I began to move my finger in and out if her as*

"Now that's a good slut" I said to her as I took my finger out of her ass.

"Now my stubborn secretary that's just busy spreading rumors about me instead of working…what should I do with you?" I asked my secretary as she turned around to look at me.

"Did I say you can look at me?" I smacked her as* again and she yelped in pain before averting her eyes from me.

"Now you both are going to call yourselves my sl*ts while I smack your sl*try behinds before I grind on you… is that understood?" I warned them before I landed a smack on both of them.

"Yes,"they replied.

"I want you to call me master so the right thing for you to say is yes master and not just yes.." I landed another smack.

"Ohh…ahh…yes master" they both moaned.

After landing 5 smacks on each of them.

"K*ss her, Linda" I ordered Linda who wasted no time in locking her lips with that of my secretary.

She continued to k*ss my secretary as she opened her dress,squeezing and sucking on my secretary's twins.

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