Married To A Sex Demon/C3 Fvck me Boss
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Married To A Sex Demon/C3 Fvck me Boss
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C3 Fvck me Boss

Kayden's POV

"Woah! Calm down there Linda…I only asked you to k*ss her and not to finish her up before I do" I stopped Linda as I pulled her away from my secretary before crashing my lips with hers.

Assaulting her twins the same way she had assaulted that of my secretary only with more force and I did it more roughly.

"You want me to devour you don't you?" I put my fingers in Linda's mouth when I freed her from the intense k*ss we were having.

"Yes master" she moaned out and without any commands she went down on her knees.

Rolling and drawing circles, teasing and sucking on my rod.

"No one teases Kayden '' I forced my rod down her throat and she gagged…I just love it when the ladies gag because of my rod. It makes me feel like I am in charge.

"Please…" she begged me and I just loved the way her voice sounded when she begged for my hot meat.

I placed her on the table and inserted my meat inside of her with so much force.

"Oohh!!!" She moaned with her eyes wide open just like every other girl…I wasn't planning on sparing her.

Though I must admit her well was tighter and deeper than I thought, she was so wet that it was very easy for me to slide in and out of her without any issues.

"Uhh…yes…give it to me" she moaned as she continued to push her weight towards my rod making me hit her some more.

"What about me?" My secretary pleaded with watery eyes as she walked towards me and k*ssed me on the lips.

I didn't miss the chance to insert my fingers in her cumb with my manhood still deep inside of Linda.

"Ooh please…more..I want more of you" Linda begged as she moved her body making me slide in and out of her.

"Shhh baby! You have to calm down…I think your friend here also wants my meat, it would be nice if you decide to share" I said as I bent down to k*ss Linda.

"Please" my secretary pleaded as well as she laid herself on the table for me.

I took my meat out of Linda and into my secretary's cumb.

Thrusting in and out of her.

"Please ohhh..shit…that's right…f*ck me" she begged me

I continued to alternate between both of them…giving them multiple orgasms in just 20 minutes.

"I can't take it anymore, please stop. '' Linda begged and I thought that she was the sl*tty one…maybe my meat is just too much for her to handle.

"Come take it!! You begged me for it and now it's yours" I kept thrusting in and out of her before I slid into my secretary's cumb.

"Oh…please…I can't" she pleaded

"You will have to because that is what I want!!" I commanded as I pushed all my meat into her with so much force the way she screamed only encouraged me to keep going.

"Please sir…I…" she was talking and then passed out.

I faced my secretary and licked my lips.

"So warm…" I groaned as I threw my head backwards and gasped, the feeling was really something else.

After thrusting in and out of her for 5 minutes I came all over her… she passed out almost immediately.

I looked at her and dropped a note on the table.

"Clean you mess up…I don't want to come back and see my office in the condition I left it unless you will both lose your jobs'' I dropped the note on my secretary's twins as I made my way out of the office.

At Kayden's castle

"You cannot block my credit cards…it's my money and not yours!" Kayden shouted at his uncle.

"I can do whatever I want..I am the king and you are still under my guidance" Alex , Kayden's uncle, returned the words in the same tone Kayden spoke to him.

"I am not a child anymore" Kayden was so furious and anytime the workers at the castle saw him so furious they would normally hide themselves away so as not to fall prey to his wickedness.

"Just because you are 22 and f*cking ladies as you please doesn't mean that you are an adult now…NOW GET OUT!!" Alex thundered at his nephew.

Kayden clenched his fist and grinded his teeth as he threw the vase that was in front of him, shattering it to pieces.

"Who does he think he is?" Kayden murmured to himself and slammed his room door.

"He is your uncle and he is the King," Keren, Kayden's aunt and Alex's wife, said as she stood at the door.

"I thought I slammed that thing shut…how the hell did you get in here?" Kayden was so provoked.

"You slammed it but you didn't make sure you shut it" " Keren smirked and sat beside Kayden on the bed.

Keren had always tried to treat Kayden like her own son but he had always been mean to her and always found a way to push her away.

But now, Kayden felt like it was no longer a mom and son issue.

"Tell that husband of yours to stay out of my business or else.." Kayden pointed his index finger at her.

"Or else what Kayden…I am sick and tired of all these threats of yours" Keren stood in front of him with her twins pointing directly at him.

"You call them threats and I call them warnings…" Kayden went closer to her as he grabbed her elbow.

"Don't even dare to test my patience and endurance…I have many ways to punish you and that sneaky husband that parades himself as king" Kayden held on tightly to her elbow.

"And what ways are you talking about? Do you plan on f*king your uncle the same way you f*ck the maids in the castle and the female workers at your office?" Keren scoffed and rolled her eyes before folding her arms and resting then on her chest.

"We will see about that…now get outta my room!" He sent her away more like pushed her out of his room.

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