Married To A Sex Demon/C4 Heaven pushed me to Hell
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Married To A Sex Demon/C4 Heaven pushed me to Hell
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C4 Heaven pushed me to Hell

At the office

Kayden's POV

"No!!" A heard a feminine voice before I felt soft hands pushing me and in no time I found myself on the floor.

"Who are you and how dare you push me?! I questioned without even looking at the person that pushed me.

I heard a loud gunshot in the air before I covered my ears with my palm and faced the ground. I also felt someone fall on me…whoever it was…I am sure it's a woman because the body felt so warm and soft.

"You!" I scolded and raised my head up to look at her and my eyes met a damsel with my lips almost brushing against her.

She was indeed fair and beautiful…her lips were exactly shaped like hearts and her hazel brown eyes couldn't go unnoticed.

She had a baby face and golden hair.

Her hair poured all over my body and it was so soft, but her hand on my chest was even softer.

"I am so sorry" she struggled to get off me as we both laid on the floor with her on top of me.

She was unsuccessful as she blinked her eyes as she fell back on me.

"Are you okay sir?" One of my male employees ran towards me as he was about to help me get up.

"Do I look okay?" I dusted myself as I was off the floor.

"Who are you?" I asked the girl that just saved my life.

"My name is Heaven '' she introduced herself and her voice was so soothing that it sent some kind of electricity throughout my body.

"Well you nearly pushed me to hell" I offered a handshake as I scoffed.

"I'm sorry" she smiled but she didn't honor my hand shake.

"Sir, she is the new intern and also you have a meeting scheduled for now" the male worker reminded me as he looked at his wrist watch.

"What a boring guy you are" I pushed him away as I put on my sunglasses and made my way to the conference room.

"Hmmn" I scanned through the file and sealed the deal after the long presentation that I had to go through.

"Good afternoon sir" Heaven greeted me once I stepped foot inside the office.

"What are you doing here?" I saw her as I closed my eyes halfway and shook my head slowly.

"Mr Andrews said that I would be under your supervision" Heaven beamed a smile at me.

"You will soon be beneath me screaming for me to stop thrusting in and out of you if you don't stop talking to me in such a sweet voice" I murmured beneath my breath as I held my member that was just about to jump up.

What the hell? I'm about to get hard because of this girl..I mean she is hot but uh uh.

"If you need anything sir…please call" Heaven said sweetly and the cat walked out of my office.

I just couldn't stop watching her as she shook behind of her whether she did it purposely or not, I didn't care but she would soon be screaming beneath me.

At the castle

Kayden's POV

"Hey cousin" I heard an annoying female voice call out to me from behind…not just annoying but the most annoying.

"What is it?" I rudely asked as I turned around to look at her.

"Jeez! Calm down I just wanted to ask if I could…maybe…use your car" she struggled to talk, I just knew that the next thing to come out from her mouth was going to be nothing but trash.

"I see…maybe if you do something for me then you can use it?" I raised my eyebrows as I moved closer to her and brought my lips closer to her neck.

"What are you trying to do? I am your cousin!" She tried to shun me and pushed me away..she literally pushed me to the wall.

"Wait? You think I would want to have sxx with you? ain't even got what I want" I laughed as I leaned on the wall. I knew how Imogen always fell into my traps so far.

Though I haven't had sxx with her…I knew she was no virgin, judging by the numerous guys she is always with and also how she exposed her body whenever she ever went to the city, not to talk off the number of nightclubs she attends.

"I cannot sleep with you" she stared at me.

"If you don't want to do it then you should not stare at me the way you are staring at me now…if not you might just fall into my arms" I smirked as I touched her face but she wasted no time in pushing my hand away.

"What are you talking about? And get your hands off me!" She pushed my hand away.

"So be honest with me…what can I do to get you to hand over your car to me…just for tonight?" She asked me again. I rolled my eyes.

"I already told you what I want and besides what happened to your car?" I asked her.

"I bashed it and I need to get to a party at the club…please…I don't want to be embarrassed" she pleaded with me.

Sometimes I find it very difficult to believe that Imogen is a princess, she acts nothing like one. I would have preferred her to be a maid so I can f*ck hell into her.

"Hmm….I guess there is something you can do for me" I replied after I had an idea.

"As long as it has nothing to do with me ending up on your bed then I'm good" she was giving me so much attitude.

I thought that she was the one asking me for something and not the other way around so why the attitude.

"Better start talking to me with respect," I warned her.

"Yes dad" she mocked me and rolled her eyes.

"Speaking about "dad" '' I made air quotes.

"Get that old man you call your father to unblock my credit cards. They ain't his and they are none of his business.

I'll give you the car for tonight so long as you promise me that you will get him to unblock my credit cards and if he doesn't, trust me baby.

You are gonna get laid" I winked at her and handed my keys over to her.

Well that takes care of that.

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