Married To A Sex Demon/C5 My aunt is a sxx queen
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Married To A Sex Demon/C5 My aunt is a sxx queen
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C5 My aunt is a sxx queen

Kayden's POV

"You are home late tonight" I heard Keren's voice speak to me.

"I think I should learn how to start locking my doors from now on" I took off my shoes and socks as I threw them on the floor and threw myself on the bed.

"Please leave…your daughter has already troubled me enough for today, so please use the door" I pointed to the door so she could go but this lady was too stubborn.

I sat up straight on the bed as I looked at her. How was she able to keep on the complete royal attire even when it was so late at night?

I had never noticed how huge and pecky the twins on her chest were.

"Why do you have to always be so rude to me?" she asked me with a very disappointed look on her face.

"You are right, maybe I am far too rude…I should stop" I licked my lips as I couldn't take my eyes off her twins...they looked so perfect for me to just grab them and roll my tongue all over their pointy edges.

"Don't you even dare look at me like that. I am the queen and not a maid and don't you forget I am your Aunt" she warned me and moved backwards while she still sat on the bed.

"Well, sorry to say my dear aunty, but I think you also want me. If not then you would have sprung up from this bed and made your way out but you are still here" I moved closer to her as I rubbed my hands on her lap gently.

"Common aunty, I know you want it" I smirked as I slowly brought my lips closer to hers.

"Do you ever get tired of sxx?" She asked me.

"I don't know about that but I do know that you want me as much as I want you now…you have been throwing yourself at me lately, haven't you?" I bit my lips as I stretched my hands towards the twins on her chest and grabbed them in no time making her scream.

"Shhh!!" I covered her mouth with my other palm as I tightened my grip around her waist and drew her closer.

I was about to k*ss her but I remembered something…the door wasn't locked so I stood up to lock the door.

"We can still stop if you want?" I smirked as I just wanted to test her patience some more.

She remained silent and I took that as a "no, you better don't stop".

I took off my clothes and when she was about to take hers off I stopped her.

"Don't!…your nosy husband is around so you have to remain the way you are '' I warned her and immediately sat on the bed stretching my legs.

"If I mount you then I'm sure you will lose consciousness so it's best if you're on top to control the pace" I pulled her closer and raised her gown shifting her undies to one side and making her sit on me.

"Ooh…it won't fit" she complained as she struggled to sit on me.

"Funny" I laughed and forced her down, making my manhood hit her womb almost immediately.

"Ahhhh!" She screamed and I covered her mouth.

She started moving her body up and down trying to grind her waist on me

"You are so tight…" I groaned and threw my head backwards hitting my head gently on the board.

"Ooh….ahh…ahh" she bit her lips trying to stop the moans that were threatening to escape from her lips.

Just to add more salt to her wounds I smacked her ass and bit the pointy edges of one of her twins.

"Ahh" she yelped and covered her mouth with her palm almost immediately, biting her index finger.

"What? Can't the queen take my rod?" I teased her as I landed another smack.

She leaned forward to lock her lips with mine while she continued to bounce on me…I just loved the way her twins bounced in her dress.

I wanted to see them going up and down so I removed her twins from her dress watching her bounce on me.

I placed my hands on her waist to support her motion.

She was still too slow…I wanted her to go faster.

"I'm gonna …!!" She yelled before I saw her hot white liquid flush out from her cumb and onto my rod.

"Not yet…I'm not done yet" I flipped her over and pinned her down while I thrusted in and out as hard and fast as I could.

I could feel me hitting her womb with every thrust…I was close and the closer I was the more aggressive I got.

"Yes….ohh…you are a demon!" She moaned out in between her cries.

"You gonna pay for calling me a demon" I smacked her exposed twins as I continued to ride her even harder.

"It's coming again…!!" She screamed and poured her liquid on me..

Thankfully I was also close and released my load in her…

"That was awesome" she whispered before she closed her eyes.

I put her twins back into her dress..

"Kayden!!" I heard my uncle call out to me from outside.

"What is it?!" I shouted as I tried my best to sound angry at him.

"Is my wife in there? I can hear her voice…you better not be doing anything to her" he warned me.

"Well, if you trust your wife so much, you should know that she isn't here, get the f*ck out of my door" I became very upset as I tried to chase him but he wasn't willing to leave.

"I SAID YOU SHOULD OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR!" he banged his fist on the metal door.

"AND I SAID I WON'T…you might as well just break it down if you can" I rolled my eyes as I shoved my hands in Keren's dress and squeezed her twins.

"I will," he threatened.

"I'll like to see you try…not even your guards will be able to do that now get out and go look for your wife" I ordered as I bent down to suck on her pecky edges.

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