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C1 Beginning


"Selena thank you for helping Yelena to bake. This means a lot to her, because she had been requesting to bake for some time now, however she doesn't have anyone to bake with her. So, thank you so much." And then he gently squeezed my palm and before I became fragile 2.0 and told Kenzo that he can call me anytime to help Yelena bake, I immediately took my hand back if he was holding it. He was even surprised that I did well and he didn't say anything.

"I'm going to go see him in the kitchen." I said with my heart beating fast and then I quickly left Yelena's room.

"Selena?" Yelena's eyes widened when she saw me enter the kitchen. He has also changed his clothes, now he is wearing PJ's which are my design Garfield.

"What are you doing here?" He still asked me in surprise. Since his reaction is surprising, does that mean he's not mad at me anymore? I continued walking until I got close to him, Clara was with him again who was busy on her phone and looked like she was watching a cooking show because I could hear what she was saying while Aling Saling was busy browsing cooking books.

"Ate Clara and Aling Saling are trying to find out how to bake, so they can help me bake cupcakes." Clara said excitedly. I nodded.

"However, they have been checking it for some time now but they don't know which video and receipt to follow." Yelena said angrily, I couldn't help but smile and then I hit her head.

"I'm here to help you ... I mean help all of you." But I'm really more prepared for Clara and Aling Saling to leave. I don't need them here.

"Wow! That's perfect!" Yelena said excitedly and then she stood up from the high chair she was sitting on, that's why I immediately grabbed her both waists in case she fell. And then he hugged me around my neck.

I'm really excited to bake, we just didn't know where to start. So, thank you because you came back to help us Selena!" I was even surprised when he suddenly kissed me on the lips, my cheeks were wet from his kiss so I just laughed. So, Clara and Aling Saling stopped browsing the phone and recipe book and I just asked them to get the ingredients and equipment that Yelena and I need for baking.

"Aling Saling..." I called the old lady when I noticed they had got all the ingredients and materials we needed for baking. She turned around immediately.

"Everything is okay. Yelena and I can manage from here. You can leave us now. Thank you. I told him coldly. He nodded and then asked Clara to leave the kitchen to do some other work in the mansion.

I even noticed that Clara turned around before they finally left the kitchen but I just let it go.

"Which do you prefer Vanilla or Chocolate cupcakes?" I asked Yelena. He placed one of his beds under his chin and then he thought.

"Chocolate!" He said energetically. Just as I expected, he chose the chocolate flavor.

"Alright then, so the first thing we have to do is combine the butter and sugar. Can you help me mix the butter and sugar?" I asked him while I was fixing the mixer.

"Sureee! I'll be glad to help you." Yelena answered and then she took the butter that Aling Saling had already put in the bowl. So, just drop it in the mixer.

"Let's use this, to make it easier." And then I handed the rubber scraper to Yelena while I held the bowl of my only butter. Then I let him add sugar since it's light and easy.

"And this is how you turn on the mixer." I'm holding Yelena's hand so I can help her turn on the mixer. The next thing we did was when the butter was melted in the mixer and mixed with the sugar, I asked him to put the egss that was in the bowl then the vanilla that I had already measured how much.

It was obvious how happy Yelena was while we were mixing the ingredients because she was watching the mixer mixing the ingredients and she was telling me what was going on, I just shook my head and laughed at the same time. Until this is the most exciting part.

"Okay, next we're going to put the ingredients we mixed into the muffin tin."

"I want to do it Selena, please."

"Of course, you will." And then I handed him the icing bag that I put the cupcake mixture in to make it easier, because if he uses a scooper, he might not be able to handle it properly and it will be messy.

It just took us a little while, you know this is Yelena's first time and then my times she was still playing games.

"What's up? Are you waiting for someone to come?" Yelena asked me, looking like she had noticed you a few times, glancing at me from earlier in the kitchen entrance. I turned to him and before I could speak he added.

"Are you expecting Kenzo - I mean Dad to go here and check us?" My forehead furrowed when I heard this boy and then I held my breath.

"So, it's now first name basis? You don't have a call sign anymore and even Kenzo isn't exempt?" Yelena frowned.

"What I meant to say is Dad, its technically your fault Selena. You're the one who keeps on saying Dad's name so I call him Kenzo too without noticing it instead of Dad." He told me that the witch boy seemed to be the one who stressed me out based on his heavy breathing.

"Wow! So it's still my fault now? Eh, why should I call Kenzo Daddy too, like that?" I answered him annoyed.

"You can be my sugar baby, Selena if you prepare to call me Daddy instead of my name." My eyes widened when I suddenly spoke from behind me and I looked at Kenzo, leaning against my kitchen entrance and then smiling at me.

That smirk that says he caught me in a crime that I didn't commit, but I'm still the strong suspect because the confession to the crime came from my mouth. Sigh.

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