Married To My Brother/C11 Chapter 10
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Married To My Brother/C11 Chapter 10
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C11 Chapter 10

"You're really quick to let go of things, what? Especially when that event is connected to me? Maybe that part of your head hurts so much that there are so many people you can be like, I'm really your sister. That girl you used as an excuse and a pastime time when you were bored from your vacation at the hacienda." I told him with full of resentment, and then I smiled at him.

But why is that? I don't understand why my heart is beating so fast again in such a painful way. Why is it so hard for me to move on from the love I'm going to have with this guy?!

"That person, is really right, I'm just a facing fancy in your life that you'll also forget over time." Good thing, I've recovered from the pain caused by the wound on my knee so again when I try to stand up, there was no problem. For the last time, I looked at him and as I expected I couldn't read any emotion in his face or eyes. So, I decided to leave him alone in the Patio, while he seems to be in deep thought. Well, whatever I hope, he thinks about me or something connected to me.

I was so annoyed that I didn't notice, I had entered an empty room and when I looked around, I was surprised when I saw the mirror wall on the side, and I just found out, I'm here in the same room where Kenzo and I stayed before. Where many things had happened, just like our love making often here. Sigh. If you're lucky, among the many rooms here, this is the one I went to! B ullsh it!

I sat down on the futon bed and then lifted the dress I am wearing to treat my knee. While I was healing my wound, I couldn't help but think of ways how I can get the h ell out of this hacienda? In the first place, I really don't like it. They were the only ones who insisted on marrying me because they scolded me. You see, this day is not over yet but I am very tired of the number of scenes that took place. I just want to get out of here at the Hacienda, seriously!

However, my car isn't here so how can I escape? I also don't have a cellphone I can use to call Marco or my friends and ask them to fetch me here, and even more so I can't use the telephone in the mansion because Mommy and Daddy will know. I also don't have a chance to ask our workers who are coming in and out of the hacienda to give me a ride, because they will report it to my parents or Kenzo. Urgh! This I so frustrating!

My last hope is to get the key of one of the cars brought here to Mom and Dad's room or the key to Kenzo's car. But how can I get into their rooms? Without them knowing? My CCTV camera all over the place, they will know that I am in their room the moment I enter it. And besides, what is my assurance that I will see the car keys in their room? I gasped violently.

Then Yelena suddenly popped up in my mind like a mushroom. I just thought that when Yelena enters their rooms, they won't be surprised what Yelena is doing there. Yelena can pretend she's just looking for them.

It's possible if you take advantage of the part that Yelen wants us to agree on. I'm sure she can't say no to me if I ask her to get a car key. It's just that he's a very curious child and might flood me with questions before he agrees to what I want.

Or maybe I can tell her that when she does what I wanted, we're going to be cool. I can also tell her that, she can call me Tita as she wants it to be. I just gasped violently. Hearing Yelena call me call's me 'Tita' sounds gross and I hate it. I remembered them and Marga but I should focus more on my escape from here than on my feelings.

Because I feel like if I stay here for another more day the next day, I'm going to be enrolled into a mental institute.

Just the perfect timing, I've finished treating my wound on my knee, so I got up and decided to return back at the mansion to try if my plan will work. However, when I opened the sliding door, I immediately noticed that Kenzo was leaning on the side and looked like he was waiting for me.

And since I never lose my hatred for him despite my love for him, I ignored him and slowly walked away from the room. However...

"Where are you going?" He asked me as he walked with me at the same time. I turned to him with my glaring eyes and said...

"You don't care. Can you please stop bothering me? Mind your own business." It's rude to tell him that I can't walk fast because my knee might hurt.

"Selena..." He called me but I ignored it and just continued walking.

"Selena please..." And at that moment he grabbed one of my hands so we both stopped walking.

"Before you go back at the mansion let's talk first..." He said to me sincerely.

"We have nothing more to talk about!" I said rudely to him and then I tried to withdraw my hand from his hold. However, here he is again... he held my hand tightly enough not to take it back from his hold.

"I know you don't want to hear any of my explanation..."

"Oh, you know! Why would you waste your time and effort talking to me, if you already know the ending?!" I answered him again with an angry voice.

"Because I believe you deserve my explanation of everything that happened..." He said softly to me while looking straight into my eyes. I narrowed my eyes at him and smiled after.

"Are you old? You did it now? After 3 years? T angina!

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