Married To My Brother/C12 Chapter 11
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Married To My Brother/C12 Chapter 11
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C12 Chapter 11

Until next time, when I felt the movement of his lips on mine, my eyes widened and my mouth opened a little, Señorito took that chance to insert his tongue inside my mouth! What's going on? Why is this happening?! Huh! My first kiss!

My eyes are about to pop out of my eye sockets from what is happening now. I was just like a doll standing in front of Señorito and letting him do what he was doing kissing me. If he didn't hold my waist and the back of my head, I might have fallen from where I was standing. Do you remember what he said to me when we first met in my falls and he saw me without a top, because I still remember exactly what he said.

"Baby remember this... you're too young for me and what I saw the other day is nothing."

So I don't understand why he's kissing me now. Until I couldn't stand it anymore and I felt like the emotions I was feeling were overflowing until my tears fell one after the other. That made me even more short of breath.

I raised both hands and then placed them on Señorito's chest and then tried to push him away from me.

"Señorito." I called him crying and for the second time I tried to push him to me again and he loosened his grip on the back of my head and waist.

Little by little, he moved his body away from my body, but his one hand was still hugging my waist, he only removed his hand from the back of my head.

Before he completely moved his lips away from mine, he bit my lower lip first and then he pressed our lips together for a few seconds before he put some distance between our faces but his forehead was still leaning against the forehead. I.

Even though my vision was blurry, I still noticed the way he closed his eyes when he called my name in a hoarse voice.

"Selena." I clenched my fists on the sides of both of my waists and I don't really know how, but the next thing I did, I gathered all my strength in my left hand and I feel like my left hand is my own life because it spontaneously rose up in the air and then I next felt the numbness of my left hand from the force of my slap on Señorito's left cheek as well.

"You did wrong Señorito!" Courage when I told him and then I turned around and was about to walk out just in case -

"That's Lena, with Señorito!"


"Let's get closer!" Heard what Xhea said. Symepre, those people will wonder why Señorito and I are so close to each other, so even though I was still weak, I gathered all my strength and then retreated a few steps away from Señorito and finally sat down on the bench behind me It's just that Xhea, Kia, Clara, Kyo, Miggy and Marco have come closer, who don't seem to be in the mood.

It's obvious from his facial expression because his eyebrows are touching and he seems to be enveloped in a dark aura. What happened when we were separated from them?

"We finally found you!" Xhea

"We thought we were going home without you and Señorito." Clara

"We've been around the fiesta too! It's fun! Are you guys?" Kia asked, I nodded one after the other because I was still conditioning myself so that they wouldn't notice what I did if I cried.

I took a deep breath and then I forced my voice to be normal.

"Y-yes. Yes, we've been around." And then I smiled at them but from the intensity of Marco's look at me, it was obvious that he didn't believe my answer. While I was still waiting for him to walk, I felt that everything around me was turning into slow motion.

You must be thinking wrongly that he noticed that I was different from me, but the way he looked, it was like he could read my mind, eh!

But -

"It's okay to go home just in case there's no school tomorrow and then I gave Uncle Ceasar a sling bag earlier! It's a shame if you can't drink it!" Xhea said and she was the one who walked closer to where Señorito and I were sitting so Marco stopped walking and remained standing but still looking at me intensely.

"Lenam you and Señorito together for fun!" Clara

"Have you tasted lambanog, Señorito?" Miggy asked.

"Not yet. I also don't know what that is." Señorito answered Miggy's question.

"All you rich kids will do." Kia

"Kia." I disobeyed him because Señorito might still think it was sarcasm.

"I know you're like my idea of what kind of sling you are, Señorito, join us for a drink!" Kia was still waiting and I might say no, they pulled us out of the park.

The next thing I saw was that we had returned to the ranch and here we were at my hangout with the helpers near the horse corral decided to have a drink.

Just now, what happened to Señorito in the park is slowly sinking in. I don't know, but I'm ashamed of what I did when I slapped him. If only the earth could eat me, I'd be papaya! I'm also worried that the Señorito might be drunk on the lambanog, you're right that's too strong.

Even Dad, after less than ten shots, he gets drunk right away. What about the Señorito, who can only now taste lambanog.

The boys set up the table and also the chairs while the girls prepared the drinks and snacks. They have really planned it because they have already bought chaser, pulutan and besides the lambanog that I will drink, they have bought other brands of alcohol.

I was ashamed to leave the Señorito to help my friends and I know if they all understood that because even after we arrived Clara immediately said that –

"You take care of Señorito, stay here while we fix it." Sigh.

So in the end I just sat in my resting place under the big mango tree, the Señorito followed but he just kept standing in front of me. Maybe it will happen again if it happened in the park if he also sits next to me.

Well, it's better because I'm still a little nervous right now and I still haven't gotten over what happened earlier in the park. Huh! My first kiss is gone.

A few minutes have passed but Señorito still hasn't spoken to either of us and I prefer that he doesn't say anything, I don't know how to talk to him!

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