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C5 Chapter 4

What's up with them? I even asked myself and then I continued walking until I reached the patio. There, I saw a big tent with many round tables and chairs set up in the middle.

"Good morning Miss Selena." Looking at my side, I saw Aling Saling checking at our helpers. It seems that the saying old habbit, die hard is really true. Just like when I was one of the hacienda's helpers, he also watched over our workers and checked who was cheating. Sigh.

"Uh, yeah. Good morning too, Aling Saling." And until now I still have no idea what's going on and everyone is busy... Fortunately, before I could ask him, he told me what I wanted to know.

"Have you met Senyora and Senyor? Today is the feeding program and later the Doctors that the Senyora spoke to will come for a free check up."

Oh, okay. So, I didn't know Mom and Dad were coming here and only now, I remember that Clara's Mama told me about this event.

"Señorito Kenzo and Miss Yelena are also around, it's funny and they are also helping to organize the stocks for the feeding program." I creased my forehead. Is he telling me I should help them too?

If I help them there is a chance, I would meet Xhea, Clara and Kia and the rest of our friends going back and fort around the mansion. Obviously, this is a big event and all the helpers are present.

I nodded to what Aling Saling said and then I turned my back to the people who were busy fixing things. "Miss Selena?" Aling Saling called me but I ignored him. I was walking straight until I entered the mansion. I'll just hang out in my room and use my cell phone to pass the time.

While I was browsing on my Facebook wall, a memory suddenly popped up in my notification. It was three years ago, today.

3 years ago...

People came going in and out of my room and I am starting to feel dizzy because of them. They would walk even faster while I was just sitting here in front of the mirror watching them. I don't know if their movements are still normal or if they are panicking. Well, there's still a lot of time before the party itself.

Because for today, there is a big party that will take place tonight.

"Hello, Selena!" I turned around when I heard Tito's shrill voice - I mean Aunt Harvey. She is the designer who made my gown for the party. I shyly smiled at him and when he finally got close to me, he kissed me on both my cheeks. Until now, I have not been able to get used to these actions, my pabeso beso is not the trend in the hacienda.

"How are you? You're really beautiful even without make up. What if you do? I'm sure you'll stand out at your party later!" He excitedly told me and I think my smile turned into a grimace as his voice became shrill due to excitement.

And then he turned back to us. "Oh, put the gown in here! Take it easy, ah!" Aunt Harvey reminded her. While the gown that I was going to wear was slowly being inserted, Aunt Harvey also started to explain the description of the gown.

"I call this gown my John Michael fuses established style staples with a modern edge, creating unique handmade garments that infatuate those with a truly romantic heart." Huh? What? The name of this gown is long.

The design of the dress is Grecian on my neck part and then it is a v line on my lower part up to the height of my navel. So, only one fourth of my breast will be exposed later when I put on the dress.

He also has a sleeve that reaches up to my wrist that is also made of see through. The see through dress is also very thin, the only thick part is my chest and then my bikini. The cut of the dress is columnar, but Tita Harvey gave it a twist because it's two slits that go all the way to my thigh part so every time I walk, you can really see the fullness of my legs.

The design of the see through fabric is small flowers. Aunt Harvey's two helpers assisted me to put on the gown. I was even a little embarrassed when they also wore my glass heels.

"You're so beautiful!" Aunt Harvey told me when we left the dressing room. His helpers even support me because I'm not yet used to wearing high heels.

"Oh yes Madam, Miss Selena is not wearing make up in that situation." I was embarrassed to smile at them.

"Thank you, but I just brought this really nice gown."

"Oh, you're so humble! You're really beautiful even if you're not wearing my gown. You look just like the Lady in her youth." I smiled at what Aunt Harvey said because I also saw the pictures of Mommy and Daddy when they were young and yes, Mommy looks a lot like me.

Where is Kenzo? Will he go? For sure he knows it's my birthday today, right? If he goes with him, will Marga be with him? But it's Marga's full moon now. I bit my lower lip because my mind is flooding with questions about Marga and Kenzo and for sure what follows is my overthinking until I lose my mind again. Sigh.

Fortunately, the door of my suit suddenly opened and –

"Oh my!" Mommy said as they picked me up with Daddy inside my suite. He even covered his mouth with his two hands when he saw me. Daddy smiled at me too.

"You are so beautiful, Son."

"She looks like a Goddess, Lady." Aunt Havey added.

"Of course who else will inherit." Mommy answered and then she moved to hug me.

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