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C8 Chapter 7

When I went down into the water, my body immediately relaxed because of the warm water on the bathtub and then I put my knees together and hugged them, then put my chin on it.

"Doesn't anyone even know that it's my birthday today..." I said to the air and before my tears started to fall, I closed my eyes tightly.

After taking a bath, I am feeling too lazy to take care of myself so I ended up lying in bed naked and hair is still wet from the bath. I didn't even notice that I fell asleep completely. It's just that I fell asleep a bit quickly because I heard noises outside.

It looks like their fun outside is in full blast. So, I got up from my bed and went straight to the walk in closet to get my clothes on and then I decided to go out to see what was going on outside but I won't let them see me.

I just want to see what's going on because I can't see anything from here in my room except the roof of the tent they built.

I'm even a little weirded out by myself because, I went out the back door of the mansion and I landed at the end of the patio. Far from people who enjoy themselves. It looks like a party and not a feeding program like Aling Saling said.

Well, I see Doctors and Nurses checking on pregnant women, children and a few men who look like I'm complaining of body pain.

On the other hand, there are children standing in line for food. I didn't see the Mommy and Daddy bringing food to the children. It was fun to watch them while doing that, they were even talking to the child and then Daddy would pat the child's head. It was as if my feet were my own mind and I walked closer to them.

"Be careful, son." Mommy said to a girl.

"Thank you." The boy said happily and then he walked away from Mom and Dad.

"You are a beautiful child." And then Mommy touched the cheek of another girl who followed the line.

"Study hard, Son." Daddy is on the other line. Until my one child girl who suddenly tripped.

"Oh my God!" Mommy panicked and then quickly approached the boy who had tripped.

"Are you okay Hija?" And then he gently held the crying child. I also looked at the child's wound and his knee was bleeding from being on all fours.

"Oh my, it's bleeding." Mommy said again. Fortunately, a nurse came to me with a first aid kit, I thought that Mommy would let him go and let the nurse take care of the child, but that didn't happen.

The Daddy picked up the girl and the Mommy followed them, brought the girl to a table where no one was sitting and then they and the Mommy treated the child's wound while making her cry at the same time.

I bit my lower lip because I suddenly remembered that it only made me feel worse. No one will even remember it's my birthday and then I'll see this! And because I couldn't control my feelings anymore, I walked closer to Mommy and Daddy.

"It's okay Hija, your pain will go away too." Mommy said softly while stroking the child's head.

"You're still someone else's child, what? You can take care of it." Mommy and Daddy looked up at the same time after saying that, maybe Mommy was even surprised to see me in front of them.

"Selena..." He said.

"Son... it's good that you're here." It's Daddy.

"Did you see everyone who attended the program? They are all happy with the help we provide." Mommy said, I nodded one after the other.

"You other people are good, I care about you and want to help you." I said cold to Mommy and Daddy.

"Selena what's wrong?" Mommy asked me a question.

"There is nothing wrong except for the part where, other children and people you help are more important than your own child..."

"Daughter -" And then the Mommy stood up to approach me but I backed away from where I was standing and shook my head again.

"It seems that one of the reasons why it took you so long to find me is because you were busy taking care of other people's children."

"Selena what's happening? Are you okay?" Daddy asked me questions one after the other and just like Mommy did, he also tried to come closer to me so I once again backed away from where I was standing.

If you don't want me to cause a scene here, don't come near me." He told Mommy and Daddy so emphatically that they also stopped where they were standing. I smiled sadly.

"D amn! This really hurts!" I added as my voice became hoarse.

"It's really more important to you what other people will say or what will be the reaction than me, what. Is that why there is still no solution to the death of my Mom and Dad?" I've noticed a little bit that people are looking at me and Mommy and Daddy, but I don't care about them, I feel so bad for them that I just want to let everyone out. Maybe it will make me feel better.

"Why are you like that? You're just the same... I really do have a family!" I screamed and my tears kept falling.

"You raised me, made me believe in things that are not permanent! We were okay at first, Mom, Dad. Right? Do you remember when I just came back to you? You are always my time with me, you go shopping with me, go to church let's eat at the same time. It was fun, if only I could go back to that time." I said while looking at Mommy and Daddy.

"You managed to make me feel that you are really my real parents, I can feel your love. Your concern for me and I also appreciate the part that you are really trying to make it up to me, but why is that? Why in the world? That's just the beginning..." I stopped because Mommy started crying too, she covered her mouth with both of her hands. Daddy immediately came to her and then put his arms around Mommy.

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