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I walked into the house after the scene with Christopher and was quickly pulled aside by my mother.

"What did he say? What did he say?", she asked eagerly and I sighed before looking up at her again.

"He only apologized for how he acted during dinner with his parents", I told her and she left my arm to hold her cheeks with both hands.

"What a gentleman", she replied softly with dreamy eyes and I scoffed.

I know what mother is trying to do. She is only trying to implant in me that Christopher- or Chris- whatever, is a nice and good person.

"What else did he say?", she asked me again and I slanted my lips at her.

"That was all", I told her and she frowned before her face lit up again. Oh lord.

"I saw him talking to you outside, what did he say then?", mother asked again and I frowned as I thought of what to say.

I can't tell Mom Christopher wants the marriage to happen. She would be too overjoyed. I prefer leaving it as both parties do not want the marriage to take place.

"Uh, he sent his regards to you and Dad", I told her. It is not totally a lie if you think about it.


"How about you sit down and tell me in detail how your lunch went?", Mother asked again with hopeful eyes but sorry to burst her bubble, I don't feel like talking about it.

"I am tired, Mom. I just want to rest upstairs", I replied and she gave me a disappointed look.

"Okay then. You can just tell me later", she replied and I hummed with a nod before walking towards the stairs.

I am never telling her about it.


I sat on the bed and picked up my drawing book and drawing pencil, ready to try something out. I am suddenly reminded of his words and my lips twitched as I stared at the wall instead.

"I am sure you would gain something as well if the union falls through"

That's the thing. I would not be getting anything out of the married. And if I do not agree to the wedding, I have nothing to lose as well.

If he mentioned that though, then he is gaining from this. For Christopher Marvin to accept to marry someone willingly, what he is getting out of it must be huge. I wonder what it is.

I sighed loudly as I shifted on the bed until I was on my back. I placed my drawing book and pencil aside on the bed as I stared at the white ceiling above me. Mother's words from that day suddenly echoed in my ears.

"Your younger sister, Veronica is pregnant, Adele! She is!"

Ugh! I don't want to think about that right now. I groaned as I pulled one of my pillows and covered my head with it instead.

When I had calmed down, I remembered how Christopher would look at me with a smile on his face and when he refilled my glass of wine for me-

Ugh! Seriously?

I got up from my bed instead and picked up my drawing book and pencil. I should just draw.

~ ~

Today is Friday, a day before the wedding and I am in the kitchen with Veronica. She arrived this afternoon. She is cooking dinner because mother is tired and I am bored just staying in my room too. So, I thought I should help her out. I am sitting down at the island table while she is standing in front of the cooker.

"I am glad you agreed to marry Christopher, sis", Veronica said all of a sudden as she stirred the soup in the pot on the fire.

I should have known this would happen.

"I am happy too", I replied to her with a forced smile and she smiled back at me before turning to look at her soup.

"I am serious though", she said again with a chuckle and I rolled my eyes at her.

"So am I", I replied nonchalantly and she continued cooking.

"How is Brandon?", I asked her.

The room is too silent. I am even more bored here than I was in my room.

"He is fine. He sent his regards", she replied, taking a quick glance at me behind her before facing what's she cooking again.

"And how is the baby?", I asked softly and she placed her left hand on her baby bump immediately after I finished talking.

"He is fine. Brandon and I went for a check-up before I came here", she replied and I nodded.

Veronica turned off the cooker and appeared in front of me.

"Are you okay?", she asked and I chuckled.

"Why wouldn't I be?", I asked her back and she stared at me for a while before giving me a small smile.

"Glad to hear that", she said and I chuckled again as I played with my fingers.

~ ~

I walked out of the bathroom and head towards the closet. I rummaged through the clothes in there and I frowned when I could not find something to wear.

"Oh God, fuck it", I cursed as I pulled out a top.


I walked downstairs and mother, father, and Veronica are already waiting for me down the stairs.

Mother's mouth went agape when she saw me and I already know what it is about.

"What are you putting on?", she asked immediately after I stopped in front of them. I sighed as I looked down at my clothes and replied;

"Uh, a white off-shoulder chiffon cape top and jeans trousers", I replied to her before slanting my lips to the side.

"And the jeans are even ripped at the knees", mother added, more like shrieked and I smiled at her sweetly.

"Let it be, mother. They are only getting their wedding certificates after all", Veronica said calmly to her, and mother's hand immediately went to her head.

"Oh my! I can't deal with this right now", mother groaned before walking towards the kitchen and I smirked.

We ate breakfast and after we were done, I did the dishes and we left for the marriage bureau immediately.


"You behave yourself when they arrive", mother warned as she pointed a finger at me.

We are waiting in the registrar's secretary's office. Christopher and his parents are yet to arrive.

"When to have I never behaved myself?", I asked mother before rolling my eyes.

"During dinner at their house! And stop rolling your eyes like that", mother replied and I sighed before walking away from her.

I took my seat on the waiting bench and Veronica came to join me after. It can not be more than a few minutes after I sat down that the door to the secretary's office flew open.

"We apologize for the lateness. My wife could not find her favorite lip gloss", I heard Mr. Marvin say and I quickly stood up from my seat. Veronica mirrored my action as well.

"Oh, it is nothing. How have you been?", Father asked and I walked towards them.

"We are fine"

"Oh! Adele honey", Christopher's mother said loudly immediately after she saw me.

She pulled me into a tight hug and only when she was satisfied, did she unhook her arms from my body.

"Good morning, ma'am", I greeted her politely with a calm face and she smiled in satisfaction.

"I can't wait for you to start calling me mother, dear", she replied with a grin and I gave her a short laugh.

"You look pretty by the way", she told me in an angelic voice and I smiled again.

"You flatter me", I told her with a chuckle and she laughed hysterically.

"And you must be Veronica. I have heard so much about you from your mother", she said as she turned to Veronica and I took that chance to get away from them.

"Good morning Sir", I greeted again when I got in front of Christopher's father.

"Oh, good morning dear. How are you doing?"

"I am fine, what about you?", I asked back with the best smile I could muster.

"I am fine as well"

"Wait a minute, where is that boy?", Christopher's father questioned loudly all of a sudden with wide eyes as he searched around the room.


"Honey, where is your son?", he asked again, facing his wife and she looked around as well.

"I don't know. I thought he was behind us", she replied before looking towards the door.

"Christopher!", Mr. Marvin cried out all of a sudden and I swear, I almost fell to the ground.


* * *

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