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I walk into my study room with my laptop in hand. I grabbed my laptop, shifting the computer on my study table to the back, so my laptop can sit properly on the table.

I checked out a few reminders from work before checking the time. It's past six already. We should be having dinner by now. I shut down the laptop and was about to stand up from my seat when an image flashed in front of my eyes.

The image of when Adele had held onto her suitcase and I had reached out to take the suitcase as well, only for our hands to touch. The way she had removed her hand from mine was like I was a bad allergy or something.

I understand that she is getting used to this strange and sudden arrangement but the least we can do for each other and better growth is to treat each other with care and respect and not like dirt. I sighed before getting up from my seat and going out of the study room. I walked quickly to the bedroom and pushed one of the doors open.

There she is, lying down at the foot of the bed. I walked in and closer to her. She is asleep. She has not even changed out of her clothes and she has only folded about five clothes out of all the clothes on the bed. Wow, really hardworking.

I tapped her arm but she moved all of a sudden, making me freeze. I closed my eyes and waited to hear the sounds of her cold tone but all I heard was someone breathing out.

I opened my right eye first before opening the other one and there she is, still sleeping. She must be really tired.

I hooked my index finger and middle finger together for good luck before making my attempt. I placed my left hand underneath her back and the right one underneath the back of her knees before lifting her quickly.

I had not walked to the side of the bed when she turned continuously in my arms, trying to find a comfortable way to continue her sleep. I smiled at that.

She is impatient when she is asleep too. Just cute.


I placed her down on the bed immediately with a frown. Why would I think about such a thing?

I kept a frown on my face as I reached down to take the duvet. I can't really help the frown anyways. What was I thinking when I thought about her like that anyways?

I pulled the duvet from underneath her feet with force, not caring if she woke up or not. She still did not wake up anyways.

I placed the duvet properly on her body and pulled it up to her chin. I was about to take my hand off the duvet when she suddenly grabbed onto it, startling me. I did not see her moving her arm earlier. Oh no!

Her breathing went ragged and back to normal almost at the same time. I let her hold me but when her to hold on me went loose, I pried my hand out of hers quickly.

I looked down at her calm and gentle face as she turned on the bed so that she is facing the window. If only she could be that calm when she is awake.

I was about to walk away from the bed when my eyes caught the glimpse of what is still staying on the bed. Mm. Come to think of it, I am less busy right now.


"Adele?", someone called out to me but it sounds so faint that I ignored it. Everything is dark too.

"Adele", this call is more eager.

I opened my eyes and closed them back sharply when a bright light shone into my eyes. I guess it was dark before because I was asleep.

"Adele, wake up. Let's eat dinner", the same person said and I find the voice very familiar.

I finally opened my eyes more slowly this time and my gaze landed on a black curtain. Where am I? For one, I know the curtain of my room isn't black but white and nobody calls me like this just for dinner.

I let my gaze trail upwards and there he was, standing beside me- besides the bed. What was his name again?

"Chris?", I finally replied in a hoarse voice and the person in front of me smiled.

"You've finally decided to just listen to me and call Chris", he replied and I rolled my eyes before shooting up from the bed.

I soon regretted standing up like that immediately when I felt that headache. Oh my... I just want to sleep!

"Adele?", he called out to me and I turned my head slowly to look at him this time around. He has that concerned expression on his face.

"Give me a minute, I will be down shortly", I finally replied as I looked around the strange bed.

"Okay", Chris finally replied, followed by his footsteps.

The moment the door closed, my hands were against my head as I draw in a sharp breath. I loosened my hair from the bun I had packed it in this morning before getting out of bed slowly.

I pushed myself groggily to where Chris had called the bathroom earlier and escaped into it.

~ ~

I got into the kitchen and Chris is standing in front of the gas cooker, cooking something. He turned back slowly when I think he noticed my presence and his eyes widened in amusement but he wasn't smiling.

"You are here, take a seat", he said to me calmly as he gestured towards the seats at the kitchen island table.

I glared at him at first before finally complying with what he just told me to do. I took my seat and rested my chin on the palms of both hands as I watched him work.

He added bell pepper, carrots, onions, garlic, chicken, and the other ingredients to the sauce that was already on fire in the cooking pot before. When he added the noodles, I quickly realized what he was cooking. Even though it had been a long time since I cooked or even ate that meal.

Within five minutes or a little bit more than that, the food was ready. Chris brought the pot containing Lo Mein noodles to the middle of the island table before grabbing two bowls for the both of us.

He served me an adequate quantity before serving himself as well. He picked up two cups again and poured us both some juice before sitting down at the side of the island table as well.


At the bureau, I had frowned when I saw Adele's face and I had not known why but I do now. Even though I hate to admit it or even think about it, I don't like it when Adele pulls her hair into a bun. I like it how it is now, down.

"You changed your clothes", I finally spoke up as I turned my head up to look at her. I know I am just stating the obvious but I am trying to at least have a conversation with her again.

If we are going to keep on ignoring each other, then the marriage won't last long and that's exactly what I cannot afford. It must last long, long enough to get my CEO title.

"You arranged my clothes for me", she suddenly said in a very stern voice, getting my attention to her.

"Why?", she added again in that scary tone that I gulped before replying. I rubbed the back of my neck with my hand as I thought of what to reply with.

Why did I arrange her clothes in the closet for her?

"I- I was less busy", I said sincerely and she looked up at me.

She raised her right eyebrow at me, telling me that she does not believe me one bit and I quickly took my gaze away from her.

"I saw it there and I thought I should arrange it since I was less busy", I replied again with a shrug, still not wanting to meet that gaze of hers.

"Mm", she hummed at me and I took a quick glance at her before looking down at my bowl filled with lo Mein noddles.

Too feisty, if you would ask me.

She picked up her fork, scooped a lot of noodles with it, and brought the food into her mouth. I have been waiting for her to taste it all along. I stared at her, hoping she would compliment my cooking or something but instead, she somehow managed to notice my gaze on her.

"What?", she asked sharply.

"How is it?", I asked back eagerly. I can't wait for her to compliment it herself any longer when I can just ask her about it myself.

"It's a bit spicy. Didn't know the lo Mein noodles is supposed to be spicy- at all", she answered emotionlessly and my heart sank.

Does she hate spicy foods? I thought it would be a good idea to at least taste a little bit of pepper in it.

"I know but it still tastes good, right?", I asked her again and she nodded as she looked down at the food.

"It is not bad", she finally replied and a smile appeared on my face.

She does not hate it then.

We finally finished having dinner and I was really glad to see not even a single strand of noodles on Adele's plate. She was drinking her juice when I carried the plate she used from her front and took it to the sink.

I switched on the tap on the plates in the sink and was about to grab the sponge when a hand grabbed it. My hand landed lightly on hers and I quickly took it off her before any incident would happen between us, for the second time today.

"Let me", she said to me softly for once and I looked to and fro between her and the dirty dishes in the sink.

"You-", I started before clearing my throat again.

Her face is so close to mine, I can't help the rush of adrenaline that I am feeling inside me right now. Why does she have to stand so close?

I took a deep breath before trying again.

"You want to do the dishes?", I asked her and she nodded with wide eyes like it is nothing special.

"Yeah, sure", she finally spoke up and I moved my head slowly backward before nodding once to her.

"Okay", I said before moving my body away from the sink.

I walked towards the door of the kitchen and when I got to the doorway, I looked back at her. She is now standing in front of the sink, as she washed the plates.

Call me weird but the view is-


* * *

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