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C1 Hunting Week

Sapphire's POV.

I stared at the bright sky and smiled, it was going to be lovely today, I already had my hunting outfit prepared.

I had a great week with the harvest and father was very happy, every citizen of Koutish were celebrating, it was our harvest time and this week was the hunting week.

I fixed my bow and set my arrow and aimed, the shot ran straight to the board, it was a bullseye.

"You still have great aim princess." I smiled when I heard Nana's voice.

I set my bow down and faced her.

"Well of course I do" I replied smugly and she chuckled.

"The king request your presence." she said.

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute." I replied taking my bow to the store room.

I washed my face quickly and ran to the throne room. I saw my siblings seated already and the advisers seated there. I was the only girl in the family of four, I had three elder brothers.

I bowed slightly and sat down too.

Father started the meeting immediately I sat down, "The Dragon is coming for our Kingdom soon." Father gripped his hands tight and his knuckles got redder.

Everyone's reaction in the room turned sour, my brothers widened their eyes and paled, I kept a blank expression but I was visibly shaking, my insides were in turmoil, the elders of our Kingdom and advisers were already trembling in fear too.

Anyone who heard about The Dragon will be scared, that was one of his many nicknames, The Dragon was his most popular one because it was his first nickname when he slayed a Dragon at the age of six, he already joined his father the late king to various battles at the age of three.

He led his first battle at the age of twelve when his father died and came back victorious with the head of the King of Crestia who was a very powerful, he had his nickname "The warrior King" after that battle, he became the ruler of Vremin.

He had many nicknames like "the swift striker," " the blood bolt," "the war paragon,"etc. I never believed some of the tales about him, till I saw mother's kingdom Amata destroyed by him which caused her death when I was fifteen, he was age Twenty when he destroyed her kingdom.

I was till scared by mother's death, we all were apart from my stepmother who benefited from her death, by becoming my father's wife when she was just his mistress before.

My hate for him grew on that day, I still remembered how my happiness of meeting my mom got destroyed when I saw her lying dead and the kingdom completely destroyed. The kingdom was rebuilt and they were under the rulership of The Vremins but I lost my maternal family that day because of him.

His tale was sometimes told to kingdoms and small towns in whisper, he ruled every Kingdom that existed, he was known as the "King Of Kings", because he had an Empire and not a Kingdom, and this empire which was called Vremin ruled over and took over many kingdoms, and he was coming for our Kingdom next.

"Are you sure?" My eldest brother asked with visible fear shown in his eyes.

"Yes, I am." My father replied, "we got information from a Koutish who came back from Naran immediately after The Dragon destroyed the Kingdom, "I know we the Koutishs have been strong lately, but there's no way we'll defeat him, not to talk of his army" Father said dejectedly.

I gribbed my gown, rumpling the knee area immediately.

"Stop doing that." I turned when I heard my father's voice.

"I'm sorry father," I apologized immediately "I'm just nervous." I added.

"We all are." He took a deep breath.

"Do you know any solution we can think of?" My father turned his attention to the everyone in the room.

They all shook their heads, making everyone sigh in disturbance. We were all scared, we knew what he could do if he came here, our warriors were trained, but we were no match for him, not to talk of the Vremin army.

"I think I have an idea." The eldest adviser in our council said.

"Go on." My eldest brother urged him.

"What if we ask for what he wants in return he shouldn't go to war with us" He said softly.

"That's a nice idea, but he normally asks for things no one can pay." My brother shook his head.

"Well, it depends on how we'll convince him." The elder said.

"So what if he asks for what we can't give?", I stared at him.

"That's a good question, because we have riches, but we are not as rich as them, and they have everything they want, what more can he ask for?" My twin brother asked.

We were born on the same day, but he came out first making him the senior, we had different characters, the only thing we did alike was our mischievousness and we had different eyes, I had sapphire eyes and had brown eyes, we looked facially similar a little, but I looked more like my father and he looked like my mother.

"Why don't we send a messenger to ask him what he needs in return for ending the war he plans on starting with us. My father said finally and we all agreed.

"Rathan." My father hollered. And our messenger ran in breathing hard.

"Send a message to the emperor and ask him for this." My father handed over a file to him.

"Yes my King." He replied rushing out immediately.

"We'll end the meeting for today." My father stood up and left the room, we all bowed.

"Aren't you embarrassed about the fact of being the only woman here." One Adviser asked with a frown.

"No I'm not." I replied.

"You should be, you're a woman, I don't know why the king let you in here, even if you're his daughter." He said venomously, my twin stood up to retaliate and I stopped him, he glared at the adviser.

"Aren't you embarrassed to be here without having anything credible to add every time there's a meeting, you just enjoy the title you get, don't you?" I smirked at him and he left the room in anger.

I rolled my eyes and left the room.

"Sapphire." I smiled when I heard my twin's voice.

"What is it Alec?" I asked smiling.

"You shouldn't annoy those advisers or elders." He warned.

"And they should annoy me?" I raised my brows at him

"Okay, let's say he deserved that." He rubbed his chin gently.

"He did, we don't have to point it out." I said.

"Okay , he did, I won't lie." He hung his hands on my shoulders and we moved to the training room.

"He'll soon say I shouldn't be here and also train." I changed into my training outfit, it was a flannel jumpsuit and I felt comfortable using it always.

I liked sparing with my brother, he won sometimes and I won sometimes too.

"Let's start." I adjusted my stance and he smiled.

We always made stupid bets, but we didn't make one today, we wanted to rid ourselves of the anger we had in us.

I know how he felt about the Warrior King and he knew how I felt too, we loved our mother enerstly and wee were shattered when she died.

"Let's do this." He said impatiently.

"Someone is pissed." I teased.

He swung at me and I avoided immediately, he kept swinging and missed all his attacks, I was getting better in controling my emotions like my dad always taught me, he on the other was really angry today, I was angry but I wanted to channel my energy elsewhere and I don't think well when my mind is red with anger, so I refrain from getting angry at all.

I circled him and used my knee to hit his legs, I clinged him to the floor immediately, he stood up and breathe hard at me.

He stretched his hands and I took them immediately, we kept going at it for an hour, we fell down breathing hard, I won the match today.

I left the training room bidding him farewell.

"Nana, please run me a bath please." I called out to my personal maid, I was really exhausted.

My bones were like I had been beaten up by goons for days.

"I'm done princess." She replied and took my hands to.tjr washroom.

"Thanks a lot." I smiled and moaned as I entered the water after undressing.

"It's my duty." She smiled.

"Thank you still." I pressed on.

"You're welcome." She applied my bathing oil and I closed my eyes soaking myself in the water till it turned cold. Nana brought a towel and massaged me, bringing me back to life, I felt like a dead person after the training.

I drifted to sleep immediately I closed.my eyes, I dreamt about our Kingdom destroying and the warrior King sitting in middle of the dead bodies and laughing.

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