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C1 Prolog

Elena Stephanie Theala is a business woman from the Billionaire family, Theala Group. The company is a large company engaged in the real estate and banking sector whose main center is in Switzerland, on the European continent.

One day, the grandfather; Adam Thompson Theala, gathered the entire extended family to the main residence which was in Zurich.

Elena came accompanied by her father; Hubert Thompson Theala and also hers stepmother; Aril Damangus to hers grandfather's house. There, her siblings were gathered, which Elena rarely saw due to busy business in their respective families.

Adam's grandfather was nearly seventy years old, and that night, the middle-aged man gathered his children and also his grandchildren to announce the heirs of the Theala Group business. Which means Adam will begin his retirement and hand over his post to one of them.

Elena is very excited to hear the exciting news. Perhaps it was not only that woman who was enthusiastic, even some of her relatives had eyes that were very hungry, thristy for power.

As the only child on her father's side, Elena has been educated by her father to be a strong woman and unlike most women in general who like to spend money. Elena is different, she's the opposite of the women in this world. Elena is very fond of money and is infatuated about being a successful woman.

She was educated to be the rightful heir by her father in place of her grandfather in order to occupy the post of head of the family even though she was a woman.

Unfortunately, although Elena is known as a very perfectionist woman, she has a black stain in the course of her life. Love.

She's not as successful as her career when it comes to relationships. Not only was she betrayed by her lover who was married to another woman, she was also discredited by the mass media for her publicly exposed romantic relationship.

"Elena... Have you found the man you're going to marry?" Hubert asked his eldest daughter in a flat expression as usual. When he talks to Elena, no father's tenderness is seen in his.

Elena, on the other hand, also displays the same facial expression. Flat and cold. "I'll tell Daddy my choice later."

"This problem, I want it resolved soon, Elena! If you haven't become what I want to be, never embarrass me. Do you understand, Elena?"

"Yes, I understand." Answer the woman it with a face filled with hate.


At the Kyle Family residence which is one of the noble families in England. Noah; the head of the family stared astonished at the document in his hand.

"Theodor, is this news true?" asked the man in a quivering voice.

The man called Theodor nodded. "Your younger brother has not died, young master. The inspector who worked with me twenty years ago, still hasn't given up on finding your family who disappeared that year. Although the plane crash happened twenty years ago, we haven't found the bodies of the Mr. Kyle and Miss Serafin to date. That's why, I didn't give up on discovering the truth that happened in the accident. And my patience ultimately paid off. I managed to find your younger brother."

Noah strokes longingly at the photo in his hand, "Damian... My younger brother."

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