Married With Mrs. CEO/C2 The Scandal
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Married With Mrs. CEO/C2 The Scandal
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C2 The Scandal

Elena Stephanie Theala, a CEO 28-year-old, has a charming, talented beauty, and most importantly a genius businesswoman in her field. She has worked very hard to achieve success in her career and a life of wealth.

A well-known Asian business magazine has given her the nickname 'Iron Lady' for her achievements in the business world in property, in Indonesia. Where in the field is usually monopolized by men. Unfortunately, this iron lady in the last month was discredited by the mass media because her love problems were exposed to the surface.

A lot of speculation has been rife about this 'Iron Lady', starting with a single woman who is lonely, has no emotions and doesn't even like the opposite sex. The effect on the perfectionist iron lady, the perfunctory news managed to tarnish Elena's good name, which the woman had been guarding carefully.


Embraer Lineage's private jet splits the twilight sky in the afternoon. The cold iron wings tore through the clouds, leaving marks on the back of the plane. The rest of the sunlight on the horizon converges in darkness, obscuring every building under a shadow-like sky.

In the cabin of the plane, a woman sits with a leg and a stiff body. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her beautiful eyebrows scrunched down as a harbinger of nightmares.

Two-hour flight from Soekarno-hatta airport; Jakarta to Ngurah Rai International Airport; Bali didn't actually go as well as she thought.

Elena; The woman immediately opened her eyes as the shock from the plane woke her up. Then the captain's voice was heard from the speaker, telling her there was a slight disturbance but could soon be overcome.

Elena fully wakes up from sleep her drowe. But the look on his dazed face is still there and she is still immersed in nightmares from years past that haunt hers.

"Director, are you okay?" A well-dressed female secretary came up to Elena, asking worriedly.

Elena snapped a little, her pliable fingers raised to massage the base of the nose, "I'm fine, Megan. Go back to your seats," she said without intonation.

Megan; Elena's secretary nodded dutifully, "If you need anything, just call me, Director." and then Elena replied with a low murmur from her beautiful lips.

Elena propping up a hand on the chin, her pair of eyes had deep black irises, staring out the window. From the window of the plane, it just seemed that the sky was dark there, empty, cold, just like her.

Elena doesn't realize how easily she is willing - in bother - just to go far to Jakarta. Received an invitation for an exclusive interview from a television station that mostly broadcasts gossip rather than talking about business news, as is not its nature at all. Maybe that time, when she agreed to come here, her spirit was possessed. Therefore, her usual clear mind turned to blunt as a result of being crammed with rumors about her about hers ex-boyfriend.

__ An hour ago, at the Television Studio, Jakarta.

"How can you do that?"

The beautiful parased woman smiled, she said, "I believe in destiny and effort. Hard work got me all this."

"Too clichéd - but well I believe in you, Miss Elena. Being a wealthy young CEO definitely takes a long journey. As a woman, honestly, I admire you so much."

"You're too praising. If I can get to this position, then anyone can do the same," She said sweetly. No one knows how hard Elena's efforts to get to her position. She worked hard to squeeze sweat and blood, sacrificing the pleasures of hers youth with piles of work every day. And even sacrificed the only love she ever had.

Ah, never mind. Besides her and hers family, no one needs to know about it.

"You are too humble. How can God create a creature as perfect as you?" at the end of the sentence is uttered by the MC with a low voice, except herself, no one can hear.

"For the last time, I want to ask you about your personal life."

Elena's face changed. Don't tell me she'll also be asked about her failed romance? I'm sure I am, there's no way. That's why she's coming to this show.

"Please ask." In the end Elena had no choice but to accept the interviewer's every wish. Even if that request involves hers past life.

"Recently it is widely heard that you've been left by a married boyfriend? And there's even a mention that you're the third person in someone's relationship, is that true?"

"Oops... Sorry, this may be the most sassy question, but that's what it says here, it's my job to know more details about it. You don't mind, do you?"

I really mind! The woman's growl was overwhelmingly emotional. But Elena's beautiful face displays a brilliant smile as if her relationship used to be nothing. And the third person's rotten embed is not herself.

Elena waved her thin, pale arms in the air, "No problem. It happened a few years ago," She said.

"So the news is true?"

"No, I'm not. Listen, I'm not done talking."

The MC was silent with a blushing face of shame. Elena doesn't care.

"I came here to make it all clear. I need to correct the bad news out there that threatens my good name with this ex-boyfriend's marriage," Elena said with a smudge. The laughter was too fake, but no one could notice.

Elena turns away, staring into the camera lens closest, with her sharp, alluring gaze. Her pair of eyes flashed firmly, telling the people who hated her, who were trying to bring her down, that she was a strong woman. There's no problem whatsoever in this world that can subvert her.

"The failure of my relationship in the past is not like the nonsense that the media reported. I was never left behind by a married ex-lover. My ex-lover and I decided to part ways nicely. My presence on this show at the same time wanted to clarify the unsavoury gossip that almost made my company tarnished its name. I already have a lover. By the way, I'm also not the third person to ruin another couple's relationship!" Elena clenched her fists firmly until her fingers whitened. Hers lies have hurt hers self-confidence.

The whole audience in the studio held their breath. They can feel the threat and anger of every implied word Elena utters.

"So from tonight I warn anyone, I will not stay silent if the bad news about me spreads this dirty just because I want to bring me down. Don't mess around, I'm the unforgiving type!"

The MC also goosebumps her skin seeing a sharp stare from Elena beside her. It almost freaked her out, "Wow..." hers comments were amazed.

Elena pulls her gaze from the camera, her curved fingers tucked her hair behind her ears, her face shy.

But everyone in the studio knows that the women who are very good at changing her facial expressions - like chameleons - can't be underestimated indiscriminately.

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