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C3 He's Mine

A large, muscular tall man, wearing a full suit, nervously follows Elena's footsteps; Justin, hers personal bodyguard. The man, unlike his violent appearance, seemed to have the guts to shrink when faced with his unhappy boss.

Elena refrains from swearing at her current assistant.

Hold elena! You're still in the lobby. A lot of reporters are ready to steal your bad scandal. Hold on, be patient. Elena muttered to herself to calm down along the way to the outside of the media entertainment company's building.

Just watch out! The woman's inner jaw hardened angrily.

A limousine was parked in front of the building where Elena did the interview. Ready to take that the woman anywhere.

The woman impatiently opened the car door. Then sit herself in a soft leather chair. Cars drove through the capital's streets. Her business is done, and Elena has to go home. She needed calm and only one person was able to help her.

While on the way, Elena picks up her cell phone, then make a quick call on her assistant's number.

One call and the women at the other end got a call.

'Hello Miss Elena, there's a need....'

Elena doesn't wait for her assistant to finish talking when her roar sounds loud, scolding, "LESLEY, I FIRED YOU! DON'T LET ME SEE YOUR ASS RUNNING AROUND IN MY COMPANY TOMORROW MORNING. FUCK YOU!"

Not only did Elena's angry scream startle the woman Lesley called, even the female bodyguard jumped in surprise at the roar that came from her boss.

'W-what... What's wrong with me Miss?' asked Lesley with a stuttering voice.

Elena closed her eyes, her breath sounded rushed, and her heart keeps continued to beat loudly, "How dare you!" she said through gritted teeth.

'Y-you know... I am...? Sorry... I'm sorry Miss. I'm not going to talk about you indiscriminately anymore. I beg you... I'm not going to repeat it...'

Elena immediately slammed her cellphone to pieces. She was too disgusted to listen to any further to the excuses from her self-conscious assistant who don't know themselves. How dare hers assistant reveal hers personal secret to others.

If only it weren't for Lesley's carelessness to talk about Elena's perfectionism and the woman's misfortune in terms of romance to her roommate. Surely the news about Elena being left married by the ex-boyfriend in the past will not circulate this hot.

Five years have passed! Elena's inner is angry. Hers heart was beating violently because of the emotion. While normalizing her chaotic breath, the woman directs her gaze out the window. Elena's anger at hers reminding of her ex-boyfriend makes her always lose her composure.

The lights on the side of the road passed by the Limousine cast a shadow on Elena's cold, heartbroken face.

Her eyes that used to radiate toughness had now turned filled with pain and humiliation.

Elena will never forget. Those dark days. The feeling of humiliation that the man she loves prefers side by side with women who are richer than hers makes her realize that the love they are sowing so lovingly, is just a joke to the man himelf.

'Elena, I'm sorry. Let's break up.'

Elena blinked, has'nt be able to process the words of the man who had been her lover for so long.

'Farrel, what did you just say?' she asked in a quivering voice.

Farrel looked away, couldn't bear to see a hurt Elena, 'I'm getting married. So, Elena, I'm sorry, let's just end this relationship.'

Elena shook her head in despair, reached for the man's arm tightly, not letting the man go, 'No. You must be kidding me, right? You're not serious, are you?'

The man takes Elena's grip off her arm, 'I'm sorry.'

Crystal-like clear tears fell on Elena's cheeks. She still can't believe the breakup request was actually, 'Why?' she asked confusedly while crying. Obviously their relationship is fine. Then why all of a sudden this guy asked to break up with her. Elena can't take it for granted. She loves this man very much. And separated from the man she loved, she never thought it would happen.

'Cause she's richer than you.'

Elena took a step back at the absurd excuse from Farrell's lips. She could feel chills enveloping herself and hers heart ... hers heart seemed to freeze, crack, and then shatter to pieces without being able to save it.

Richer than you.

Those words kept buzzing in Elena's ears, hurting her feelings, then until now.

In five years in fact, she can't afford to let the shadow of an ex be erased from Elena's mind. Poisoned the woman's feelings every second, every minute. But that's where the strong will rests on hers chest. And she did it. Successfully proved to the world, that any woman can rule a business dominated by men.

But even so ... The fame she possessed could not actually heal the wounds in hers heart that had rotted for years.

Elena chose to close her heart tightly to anyone. Not allowing herself to be fooled by the name of love as in hers past. Except for one person...

"Ma'am, we're arrived." Said the private driver behind the wheelchair, his voice that suddenly managed to disperse Elena's reverie that was just reminiscing about her past.

"Humm." She muttered with a low voice.

Elena had just come out of limousine, when a man in high manned welcomed her.

The man is amazingly handsome, his jaw is perfectly sculpted, his nose was sharp gouged in the style of an ethnic French nobleman, his pair of eyes are cerualine blue, and his lips are very sexy - a favorite of Elena's so far - and that man.... Hers.


The olace from his broken heart. To be precise, the toys. Meeting Damian was a godsend for Elena and a disaster for the man himself.

"Elena..." Call Damian with a forced smile on his lips.

Elena walks closer, standing in front of Damian towering in front of her.

"I told you, that's not how I greet you, Darling," She rebuked as angrily.

Damian knew what Elena meant, so he moved closer, then gently embraced the woman's waist - who was the boss at work - gently. It's like the guy's in love with Elena when it's not at all, "I'm sorry... I'm not used to it."

Elena grunts, but doesn't protest Damian any further. Hers hand then extended around the man's neck, pulling Damian's head down.

"You have to learn to get used to being with me."

Damian lands a kiss on Elena's temple, hiding his pained eyes from being seen by the woman.

"Okay," he replied briefly.

Elena smiled, feeling warm with the obedience Damian showed. Even though she knew he was acting and pretending to love her so much, Elena didn't care. As long as she can keep this perfect man by hers side, she'll never let Damian escape hers death snare.

"You haven't kissed my mouth today," She said, which made Damian freeze stiffly.

New chapter is coming soon
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