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C1 Chapter 1

The ink-colored floor tiles glowed, and the water-green hem of her skirt became more tender as it swept across the floor tiles. Lian Lian's foot moved slightly, stepping on the floor without making any sound. However, the pacing back and forth clearly showed his anxiety.

"Jin, huh? I feel really nervous. I feel like this every time something bad happens!" Today is Grandmother's birthday, but could something have happened? "

Murong Qing was wearing a red blouse with a few blooming orchids embroidered on the hem. There was a belt with silver threads on her waist. The top quality belt with silver threads sparkled in the morning light and looked really pretty.

The edges of the sleeves were dark lines of light. Even though her clothes looked simple and elegant, it didn't lose any of her youth and beauty.

Especially that head of long hair, only used a plain white crescent moon shaped hollow hairpin crown, made the long black hair more attractive.

"Miss, please relax! "Since it's the madame's birthday party today, I doubt that Ning Xiaoyao will be able to pull off any tricks!" Seeing Murong Qing pacing back and forth worriedly, she hurriedly tried to comfort her.

"Exactly! That day half a month ago, when the wedding day arrived, Ning Xuemo had used all sorts of tricks to win everything! In this world, evil cannot be blamed. Demons and monsters, how can they always be so rampant! "

The brocade words of Fang Luo, Fang Mang is currently carrying a bowl of red seed porridge, accept the brocade words of what.

"However, my heart today is finally unable to be at ease …"

"Miss must have been disturbed by Aunt Ning's despicable methods recently. If this madame's birthday is going to come, then Aunt Ning must have eaten her heart and courage to make a move on this madame's birthday!" Yu Er took the red seed porridge and served the breakfast to Murong Qing.

Mu Jin and Yu'er comforted Mu Rong Qing gently, but the uneasiness in her heart didn't subside. She thought that even if Ning Xuemo wanted to harm her, she wouldn't choose this day! This was a huge disrespect to his grandmother!

Currently, the house was controlled by her grandmother. No matter what her aunt did, she had to worry about her grandmother, which was why she secretly tried to play tricks on her. It just so happened that she was extremely shrewd and didn't want to leave behind any evidence.

He uneasily drank half a bowl of porridge, but could not drink anymore. Looking at the color of the sky, he got up and prepared to leave.

Today was the birthday of Guang Lu's old mistress, Murong Qing's grandmother!

"Zi'er, you said that you were going to get the Apricot Sesame to cook porridge for little miss. In the end, you've already been gone for more than an hour and you still haven't returned!" Yu'er followed behind, whispering to him.

"That girl is gluttonous. She might be able to come back with a warm Apricot Sesame if we go to Grandmother's place and invite her back!" Yu Er's voice was very soft. Murong Qing, who had already stepped out of the room, slightly curled her lips as she spoke softly.

"Miss is too indulgent towards that little girl. Look, she doesn't even know how to behave!" Hearing Mu Rong Qing's words, he couldn't help reminding her again, "First young mistress shouldn't let these girls do as they please. Sooner or later, they will cause trouble!"

Mu Rong Qing treated her own people very well! Was this also the reason why he stayed behind to take care of Mu Rong Qing after his wife passed away?

When he thought of his mistress, Fang Yi's eyes felt sour.

"Even if she was greedy, she would always go to the kitchen to steal my skills. After coming back, who knows what new tricks she would give me!" As he spoke, he had already left the courtyard.

The morning breeze was slightly chilly; the dew was still rather heavy. Tightening his grip on the door, the brocade cloth wrapped around his thin cloak, he raised his eyes to look at the first rays of the morning sun on the way over.

"Elder sister got up really early!"

Mu Rong Qing and Yu Er followed behind him as they walked ahead of him. When they reached the fork in the road, a gentle voice was heard.

Looking up, he saw Murong Yu dressed in a soft colored robe. The inner layer of the shirt was embroidered with budding lilac threads, the lilac was wrapped in silver and dyed in a light purple color. The shirt full of lilacs naturally exuded an endless amount of vitality; especially when the silver threads flashed, it looked extremely dazzling.

The outer layer of the cloud robe was made from the finest Su Hua. It was as light as a pair of wings, and as it was wrapped around the robe, it looked like a spirit when the breeze blew.

She wore a white jade bracelet on her wrist. The moment she saw the jade, she knew that it was a treasure that Ning Xuemo had found! The jade color was clear and uniform. Wearing it on her slender wrist, it was unknown if it was because her skin was whiter than the jade? Or was the skin that matched the jade more dazzling?

Seeing Murong Qing look at her, Murong Yu gave a faint smile, his red lips curled up slightly, giving him the appearance of a lady from a noble family. Murong Yu gave a slight smile, his red lips curled up slightly, giving him the appearance of a lady from a noble family.

As she walked over, the purple and gold tassels on Chang Yun's bun started to move. Under the morning light, the purple and gold tassels were blooming, and the beauty made Murong Qing praise her in her heart.

This outfit made the already beautiful Murong Yu even more beautiful.

"Sister, we have always been this tacit understanding! He would eventually meet someone who went to pay respects to his grandmother! As she spoke, she intimately held onto Murong Qing's arm. As her body swayed, the tassels on her head swayed gently. It was truly a forceful source of spirit energy!

"That's right!" It's always like this! " Murong Qing replied with a slight smile on her face as she let Murong Yu hold her arm. The two of them walked towards the old mistress' courtyard at a moderate pace.

The two of them would occasionally whisper to each other as they walked, faking a glance. It was as if they were deeply in love with each other, causing others to be surprised.

However, Murong Qing's smile was not there yet, and the sighs in her heart made her think that if it wasn't for Aunt Ning who had plotted against her time and time again, if her little sister had not harbored his feelings, she would be willing to have a deep relationship with her little sister! After all, she only had this kind of sister!

"Elder sister, today is Grandmother's birthday. Why are you wearing such clean clothes? Aren't you afraid that Grandmother might be unhappy? "

As soon as Murong Yu finished speaking, Murong Qing's expression changed slightly. Fang'er, who was by Murong Yu's side, hurriedly said, "Second Miss, the Madam's period of filial piety is not yet up. Eldest Miss should not wear it!"

"Oh?" As if she had suddenly awoken from her stupor, Murong Yu dragged out his last few words, "Aiya, how could I have forgotten! Elder sister, don't blame me. I will go back and change my clothes now! "

After saying that, he hurriedly let go of Murong Qing's arm and turned around, heading back the way he came. He didn't even give Murong Qing a chance to say anything!

"Humph!" How could he not know! It was obviously meant to make the young mistress sad! "She usually dresses beautifully, but I didn't see her remember the filial term!" Fang Mu gritted his teeth as he looked in the direction Murong Yu left in and gave a cold snort.

"What is this Second Miss up to today? Why do I feel like she's a bit weird today? " Seeing Murong Qing stop, Yu'er asked cautiously, "You knew that ten days would pass before the full mourning period!?" This was something he had said before he was old enough to go to the bathroom. "However, this young miss purposefully did not do as she normally did!

"Even Yu'er could see it!" Yu Er's words made Murong Qing even more worried.

This morning, he felt uneasy, as if something was about to happen!

He shook his head, hoping that he had worried too much! He turned around and continued walking forward.

"Big Sis is here!" "Please come inside!"

The maid beside the madame, Liu Qing, greeted Mu Rong Qing with a gentle voice when she saw her.

"Sorry for the trouble, Sister Liu!" He nodded to Liu Qing and entered the house.

Today was not too early, and it was about the same as usual.

"Qing Er is here!" Come, sit! " The madame was wearing a bright red dress with flowers blooming on it. It looked extremely festive.

After seeing Murong Qing enter the room, he waved his hand at her kindly, asking her to come closer.

"Qing'er greets Grandmother. Grandmother, I hope you will enjoy your blessings like the endless waters of the East Sea, and live longer than Nanshan!" Ye Zichen bowed politely and spoke the auspicious words.

"Good!" Good! Good! Get up and sit down! " After saying three good words in a row, he let Yu Er help Murong Qing to sit by the side.

"Qing Er doesn't have any valuable gifts, so I can only personally embroider this unripe pine. I hope Grandmother doesn't mind!" As he spoke, he took a pair of embroidery from Yu'er's hands.

Seeing the situation, Liu Qing rushed forward to receive the letter; he then opened it in front of the madame.

On the screen, it was a scene of a fairyland. Within the layers of immortal clouds, pine trees could be seen standing upright in the mountains. Nine cranes could be seen moving around, looking extremely lively and lifelike. There was a poem embroidered on the side of the canvas.

"Ten thousand rays of light appeared in the sky, and the colorful mist floated above the light. The Ouroboros Pill Flower is also even fresher, blessed as the unending waters of the East Sea, longer than the Southern Mountain! "

The old mistress finished her sentence softly, smiling until both her eyes were like crescent moons.

"Madame, please look at the other side!"

The madame looked at the face and could not hide her grin. Liu Qing, who had raised his hand to show the madame but had not seen the face, was so shocked that he could not close his mouth when he saw the opposite.

"The other way?" The old mistress' eyes widened in confusion as Liu Qing made her move.

Originally, this embroidery is the world's rare double-sided embroidery! There were different patterns embroidered on both sides!

The previous side was embroidered with Cloud Pine Immortal Cranes, but this side was embroidered with a benevolent Maitreya Buddha.

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