Marry A Naive Husband/C10 Chapter 10
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Marry A Naive Husband/C10 Chapter 10
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C10 Chapter 10

Yu Er's scream meant that someone would be coming soon. Today was a lively day! These ugly things had happened to her, Murong Qing, one after another!

"Yu'er, help this young master up!" The rage in her heart was suppressed as she commanded Yu'er.

Yu'er seemed to be scared silly. She stood blankly by the side with fear in her eyes.

"Please help the second young master up!" Yu Er stood aside and didn't dare to step forward. Murong Qing had no choice but to turn her gaze to Zhao Zixin.

Before Zhao Zixin could step forward, Shen Tianyu got on top of Mu Rong Qing and sniffed, "Eh, your body is so fragrant. I really like this smell!"

As he said that, he buried his head in Murong Qing's neck and took a sniff.

"Mmm mmm, this is the smell!" My favorite taste! "Zhao Zixin, you smell the same as those fruits, I really want to eat them!"

While speaking, Shen Tian Yu raised her head and looked at Zhao Zixin. Seeing Zhao Zixin reaching out to pull him, his eyes flashed with a fierce light: "Scram! "I want to eat some fruits, scram!"

At this moment, Shen Tianyu was like a child whose candy had been snatched away. She glared at Zhao Zixin and grabbed Murong Qing by the neck, "You're not allowed to come and snatch my fruit! If you dare to come over, I'll crush this fruit! I won't let you eat it even if it's crushed! "

Shen Tian Yu's hand that was on Mu Rong Qing's neck instantly tightened. Mu Rong Qing's breath immediately stopped as she looked at Zhao Zi Xin in panic.

This Shen Tianyu was the second son of Shen family, a wealthy merchant from the capital. For some unknown reason, he had gone insane three years ago! As for the Shen family, they were the emperor's merchants and had always been doing business in the imperial palace. They had a lot of prestige in the capital as well.

But, why did Madam Shen bring this foolish son of hers here?

"Such fragrant fruits, I like them!" I like it! " Zhao Zi welcomed the news that Shen Tianyu was about to go crazy and quickly retreated, "Second Young Master, don't worry. That fruit isn't completely ripe yet. If Second Young Master were to crush it, wouldn't it be a pity? "

"What a pity!" Heh heh … "What a pity …"

Zhao Zixin retreated far away as Shen Tianyu relaxed her grip on Mu Rong Qing. She kept saying, "What a fragrant fruit!"

Finally able to breathe, Mu Rong Qing coughed weakly. At this moment, her cartilage was released and she didn't have the strength to push Shen Tianyu away. At this moment, Shen Tianyu was still lying on top of her with his head lowered and sniffing the air heavily: "Smells good, I like it!"

Fragrance? She did not like incense. There was no fragrance to her clothes at all! If one were to talk about fragrance, it would be the use of head oil when removing the cloud bun today! The fragrance of the oil was extremely fragrant, as if it was some kind of fruit.

In the past, her bun was only a simple one. Naturally, she didn't need any hair oil. Today, her bun was like a brocade! That oil, was it also brocade, and half a month ago, when Yu'er went out shopping, she happened to see it …

Yu'er … Yu'er … You actually paved the way for today half a month ago!

No! Including the jade pendant that was lost a few months ago, Yu'er had paved the way for today!

"I really like it! Delicious! I want to eat some fruits! I want to eat the fruit! "

At this moment, Shen Tianyu was like a child who had found a treasure. His joyful appearance added a bit of innocence to his handsome face. However, Murong Qing's heart sank to the bottom.

Under her terrified gaze, Shen Tian Yu lowered her head, stuck out her tongue, and licked the corner of Mu Rong Qing's lips, "Hmm? It's not sweet! "

Mu Rong Qing felt a loud bang in her head when she saw Shen Tian Yu's actions. She didn't react immediately and instead scolded her, "Tian Yu, what are you doing?"

The sounds of breathing, surprise and sighing that followed made Murong Qing feel as if there were dark clouds pressing down on her, making her unable to breathe properly.

With that reprimand, Shen Tianyu raised his eyes and pursed his lips: "Mother, she smells good! But she's not sweet! "

When Shen Tianyu said this, she didn't get up from Mu Rong Qing's body. In front of everyone, she rubbed her neck as if she was talking to herself, "Why isn't it sweet?"

"Bastard!" "Zhao Zixin, hurry up and drag this bastard away!" Madam Shen was so angry that her hands trembled. She pointed at Zhao Zixin and scolded again.

"Yes!" "Madam!" Zhao Zixin hurried forward and extended his hand to pull Shen Tianyu away. This time, Shen Tianyu was against Mu Rong Qing for being sweet, so she stood up from Mu Rong Qing's body. She walked up to Madam Shen innocently and said with a depressed expression, "Mother, I want to eat some fruits! I want to eat the fruit! She doesn't taste good! She doesn't taste good! "

Not tasty?

"My poor sister, how was she humiliated like this?" Just when the crowd was looking at Murong Qing, who was lying on the ground and unable to get up, Murong Yu cried in grief. He walked up to her in a few steps and helped her up with a look of sisterly love.

"Elder sister, don't cry, don't cry. Grandmother and father will seek justice for elder sister!"

Cry? Murong Qing looked at Murong Yu with a cold gaze. At this moment, Murong Yu stuck the handkerchief in his hand close to Murong Qing's eyes, as if he was going to shed tears for her.

The moment that Juan Pa approached, Murong Qing felt her eyes being stung by the spiciness on her face. Tears instantly flowed from her eyes.

"Elder sister, don't cry anymore. Grandmother and Father will ask for an explanation for you!" His tears became even more violent, but because of the effects of the cartilage powder, they powerlessly leaned onto Murong Yu. At this moment, Mu Rong Qing was acting like she was bullied.

"Old madam, I, He Jin, have been beaten senseless!"

Coincidentally, Liu Qing, who was standing next to the madame, said.

"Hiss entered the room and committed murder …" This second young master Shen is getting more and more lawless! "

"He's a fool anyway!" And you even brought it with you! "

"Hey, didn't we not see Second Young Master Shen when we took our seats earlier? Why would he appear here at this time? "

"Could it be that even a fool knows that Miss Mu Rong is a beauty, which is why she came to kill us?"

The more unpleasant the words became, the uglier the complexions of the madame, Mu Rong Hong, and Lady Shen became.

"Madam Shen! "How do you explain this?" The old mistress humphed heavily and suppressed the chattering among the crowd. In the blink of an eye, she turned to look coldly at Lady Shen.

Madam Shen was also panicking inwardly. She had no idea when Shen Tianyu had arrived. He had obviously gone outside the city. Why did he come to Miss Mu Rong's room to commit murder?

"Grandmother, I …" Mu Rong Qing hurriedly said, but Murong Yu interrupted her, "Elder sister, don't be anxious! Don't worry! Now that your innocence has been destroyed, Grandmother will definitely seek justice for you! "

His innocence had been destroyed! If the news of a fool committing murder were to spread out, then even though Murong Qing was a victim, she wouldn't be laughed at so much! However, Murong Yu's words twisted the meaning behind it all. It made everyone think that Murong Yu's innocence had been destroyed by Shen Tian Yu in his room. After that, he wanted to escape, but he was captured by Shen Tian Yu.

"You stay …"

"Elder sister!" Don't worry! Since Second Young Master Shen has destroyed your innocence, he will definitely marry you! It was Second Young Master Shen who was at fault. He must give you the position of wife, and he must not let you be a concubine just because you lost your virginity before your marriage! "

Murong Yu's words made Murong Qing feel depressed. She almost fainted after hearing what Murong Yu said.

Lady Chen who was still thinking of a way, upon hearing Murong Yu's words, her eyes lit up, "Old madam, today's matter has already been settled. The Shen Mansion will definitely marry the Eldest Miss!"

What's done?

Murong Qing was so desperate that she used all her strength to push Murong Yu away. With Murong Qing's strength, how could she push Murong Yu away? However, at this moment, Murong Yu released her and retreated a few steps as if Murong Qing had pushed him away. "Elder sister, Yu'er knows that you're suffering …"

Without Murong Yu's support, Murong Qing immediately fell to the ground. The tears that were not hurriedly wiped away surged down. However, it was because his eyes had become blurry because of that unknown thing that caused his eyes to become blurry, causing his tears to flow even more profusely.

Murong Qing's appearance really made people feel pity!

Mu Rong Qing fell down, but Shen Tian Yu walked over curiously and squatted in front of Mu Rong Qing. Without any warning, she extended her hand to wipe away the tears before her eyes and placed them in her mouth. Then he said with a look of disdain, "This water is not sweet! It's spicy! "

Hot? Everyone knows that tears are astringent, how can they be spicy? Hearing Shen Tianyu's words, everyone felt that this Second Young Master Shen is getting more and more foolish!

Only Zhao Zixin, who was standing to the side, looked at her with a glint in his eyes. He hurried forward and looked like he was about to help Shen Tianyu up, "Second Young Master, your subordinate has something to eat!"

As she spoke, she reached into her arms and took out a half fist-sized fruit. The round, red skin indicated that the fruit was fully ripe. Murong Qing could smell the faint fragrance emitted from the fruit even though she was close to it.

This was the taste! This was the smell of her hair oil!

"Aiya, it fell!" The fruit fell to the ground, and Shen Tianyu and Zhao Zixin both bent down to pick it up. At the same time, at an angle that no one could see, Zhao Zixin quickly shoved an item into Murong Qing's hands, and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Within forty-two hours, you will be able to cure the poison!"

After which, she picked up the fruit and pulled Shen Tianyu over to Lady Shen's side.

Murong Qing didn't understand what Zhao Zixin meant, but she lowered her head and put it in her mouth when she got up.

The current her had no way out! He couldn't care about whether that Zhao Zixin had a letter or not, nor did he care if what he said was true or false. All he wanted to do was to remove the cartilage powder as soon as possible!

"Does second young master Shen really want to marry Miss Mu Rong?" It was at this moment that Ning Shui Ruo's gentle voice broke the oppressive atmosphere: "Is the scent of the Mu Rong family's Eldest Miss really sweet?"

After saying that, Ning Shui Ruo smiled. The way she looked at Murong Qing was full of mockery.

"Marry! Mother, I want to marry her! She smells good! "She smells good!" After hearing what Ning Shui Ruo said, Shen Tian Yu bit onto the fruit and shouted excitedly: "I want her! I want her by my side all the time! "She smells good!"

"Hehe …" Second Young Master Shen must not be joking, Miss Mu Rong knows some martial arts! Aren't you afraid that she will attack you? " At this time, someone laughed in the dark.

"She can't beat him! I just fought with her, and she can't beat me! " Under Madam Shen's frantic gaze, Shen Ziyu said something that made her anxious, "I can lick the incense on her body, but she isn't sweet. If I marry her and plant her, she'll be sweet!"

Boom …

When Mu Rong Qing, who was supported by Yu'er, heard Shen Tianyu's words, her vision turned dark and she collapsed limply to the ground. Shen Tianyu's words' mine! 'echoed in his ears. "Mine!"

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