Marry A Naive Husband/C11 Chapter 11
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Marry A Naive Husband/C11 Chapter 11
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C11 Chapter 11

Many scenes floated across his mind. His elder brother was dressed in a military uniform, and his childish face was filled with a determination that could not be ignored.

"Mother, I want to enlist in the army. When I succeed, I will establish my own residence, and I will no longer need you to lead a life filled with suffering!"

The scene flashed again, and his mother's beautiful face was filled with sorrow. "Where in this world did the fairy tale of a pair of men for life come from?"

The scene flashed again, and worry was written all over his mother's sickly face. "Qing Er, the one mother can't let go of the most is you! You are wise, but kind! How could he defeat her? "How can we win?"

The scene flashed again, and the handsome man's face displayed the innocence of a child: "I licked the fragrance off her body, but she's not sweet. If I marry her and plant her, she'll be sweet!"

"Ah …"

With a cry of surprise, Murong Qing sat up on the bed and subconsciously wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

"Miss, you're finally awake …"

A muffled voice with a tear-filled tone could be heard; in the blink of an eye, Jin Yi stood in front of the bed with a worried look on his face. "Eldest Miss, this old servant is useless, which is why that fool from the Shen family broke in and ruined Eldest Miss's innocence …"

"Eldest Miss, this old servant is useless! "If this old servant runs any faster, I will definitely notify someone to stop that fool …" The wound on Fang's head was wrapped in a veil, but the blood could still be seen. His injuries were not light!

However, you two shouldn't have been confused, even though your heads were injured! How were they injured by that fool? He was the one who was injured by that Su Mo Han!

"Eldest Miss, this old servant knows that you don't want to marry that fool, but now that the task has been completed, the old mistress and Old Master are currently in the study discussing the marriage with Lady Shen …" Eldest Miss, you should still … "Or …" He couldn't finish his words. His usually strict eyes were now filled with tears of pain.

Murong Qing's eyes widened as she looked at the two of them. "Negotiate on a marriage?"

"Exactly! Old master Shen is here as well. According to our previous agreement, he will definitely bring ten miles of red makeup, eight bridges, and marry Eldest Miss as his official wife … "

"If not for Yu Er returning in a hurry, I'm afraid that the First Miss would have been killed by that fool and now she is married off …" The woman wiped away her tears. "Yu'er is crying so much that she fainted. I don't know if I should listen to Bi'er, but she betrayed me. Now Bi'er is not loyal either …"

After saying that, he pushed Bi'er to the side of the bed. "Kneel down!"

Finished speaking, the two of them knelt down in front of Bi'er.

Murong Qing was in chaos! It was all a mess! What was the situation now? It was only because of Zi'er's antidote that she was able to avoid being killed by him! But why do you say that now?

Looking up at the two of them, their eyes were filled with anger and love, with no other emotions in them.

It was not a play, and he did not give her any hints!

Had the two of you hurt your brains and forgotten about that? However, if he had forgotten about those things, why would he say that it was all Yu'er's effort?

Murong Qing was about to ask when she heard very light footsteps outside the window.

"Resolve the hundred poisons within seventy-two hours!"

Zhao Zixin's words rang in his head.

Murong Qing was surprised at her hearing. Although she had martial arts, her inner strength was still insufficient. If it was in the past, she would not have been able to detect the sound coming from outside the window! But at this moment, she could clearly hear those extremely light footsteps walking towards the window as she listened to the situation inside the room.

Could it be that the medicine given by Zhao Zixin could not only cure the poison, but also improve her internal energy?

Could the person outside the window be Yu'er? You two, what happened to them if they weren't acting? Could it be that he had been set up by Yu'er?

As she was thinking, her gaze landed on Bi Er. However, she saw that Bi Er still had a cold and aloof look on her face. The arrogance in her eyes caused Murong Qing to be shocked.

Although Bi'er served her wholeheartedly, she always felt that Bi'er was cold and quiet. She didn't talk much, and she was usually quiet as well! Seeing Bi'er's cold and detached gaze, Murong Qing's heart was moved.

Now that Zi'er was not by their side, Yu'er was a spy. The two of you, why are you so muddleheaded?! It was only Bi'er. Although she was cold and detached, she seemed to be looking at someone else. For some reason, she wanted to believe Meng Hao.

"Eldest Miss, what are you going to do with this girl who betrayed her master?" Fang Wu looked at Bi'er fiercely, as if she was going to swallow her whole.

"I... "I feel very dizzy. As you've said, I don't have any impression of him …" Mu Rong Qing turned her gaze around, and looked at the two of them tiredly as she said, "I'm very confused about what happened today. I don't know how to make sense of many things. That girl Yu Er was usually careless, but today she saved my life!"

After saying that, Murong Qing looked at the brocade, "Giving Yu Er that jade bracelet to comfort her, now that we're married, who knows if we might have another chance!"

Mu Rong Qing's words contained a deep sense of anticipation, as though she really couldn't remember what happened today. "As for this Bi Er, I really don't want to remember what she did! I'm also hungry, so let her get some food! "

After Murong Qing finished speaking, Bi Er's eyes flashed. She then kowtowed and said, "Your servant will go prepare!"

"Eldest Miss!"

Seeing Bi'er walk out of the room, he showed an expression of disappointment. "You are always so kind!" This Bi Er will take your life! How can you still keep her? "

"Fang? I really can't recall what Bi'er did today. I only remember that fool barging in, and what happened afterwards, I really don't have any impression!" Murong Qing looked at Fang Mu helplessly: "Zi Er is not by my side now. The only ones beside me are Yu Er and Bi Er!" I believe that they will not harm me! "

"Eldest Miss, you …"

"Is Eldest Miss awake?"

Outside the door, Yu Er lifted the curtain and walked in. Her crying red eyes were swollen like walnuts. Murong Qing's eyes narrowed. Yu Er's appearance was truly loyal!

Yu'er went to the bed and sobbed for a while.

If it was before today, Murong Qing would definitely exclaim at Yu'er's loyalty. However, at this moment, Murong Qing only felt a chill in her heart! It was so cold that his four limbs were trembling.

It was really impossible to think of Yu'er as a snake with her current state of mind. Mu Rong Qing felt very dizzy. She laid on the bed and turned her body to the side, no longer looking at them.

She didn't dare to perform too much right now. Before she knew what was going on with the two of them, she couldn't afford to reveal any flaws!

Seeing that Murong Qing had laid down, Yu Er and the two of them left the room with a sorrowful expression. Let Mu Rong Qing rest well.

"Miss, I've brought some porridge!" After about a quarter of an hour, Bi Er had finished setting up the food. She walked to the bed and called out to Mu Rong Qing.

Ever since the three of them left the room, Murong Qing had been lying on the bed pretending to be asleep! She could clearly hear that someone was eavesdropping outside the window!

There was someone outside the window before Yu'er came in; after she came in, there was no one outside. After Yu'er went out, there was someone outside again!

There was no doubt that the person outside the window was Yu'er!

"Un, help me up, I'm too exhausted!" Murong Qing tried her best to make her voice sound haggard. With Bi'er's support, she sat down at the table and slowly drank the porridge.

"Bi'er, what happened today?" Why am I so confused? " After eating half a bowl of porridge, Murong Qing asked Bi'er.

"Eldest Miss really doesn't remember?" Bi'er's cold voice was filled with seriousness!

Bi Er looked at Mu Rong Qing with a serious gaze. The people outside the window also stopped breathing, as though they were waiting for her reply. Mu Rong Qing put down her bowl and chopsticks, sighed, and rubbed her forehead at the same time, "My brain is like a lump of paste. Murong Qing put down her bowl and chopsticks, and sighed, and rubbed her forehead," My brain is like a lump of paste.

With that, Murong Qing said to herself, "It's just that I fought with that fool. Father shouldn't be able to marry me to that fool, right?"

After Murong Qing finished speaking, Bi Er's gaze turned even gloomier. As for the people outside the window, they heaved a sigh of relief.

It was really Yu'er's doing! But how did she do it?

"First Miss, to tell you the truth! Just now when this servant went to the kitchen to get some food, I heard the little girl beside the master gabble with others, saying that the engagement of the young miss was set for seven days later! "

"What?" Murong Qing was shocked and stood up abruptly. "What did you say? I don't believe it! I'm going to find Daddy! I was merely fighting with that fool. If I were to suppress this matter, it is inevitable that I would be able to do so. Why did you marry me to that fool? "

"I want to look for daddy!" I want to find daddy! "

As she spoke, Mu Rong Qing walked out. Coincidentally, Yu Er walked in with the medicine in her hands. She looked at Mu Rong Qing timidly and asked, "Eldest Miss, where are you going?"

"Yu'er, Bi'er said that father will marry me to that fool seven days later? But is that true? " Mu Rong Qing asked Yu Er excitedly as if she was really angry at Bi Er's words.

However, after Yu'er heard these words, she looked at Bi'er in anger and said, "Bi'er, what are you planning? The old master had already discussed the matter with the madame and suppressed the matter! When did you ever say you were going to marry the young miss off to that fool? "

Yu'er's words were filled with anger and a hint of tears, as if she was accusing Bi'er of creating something out of nothing.

Bi Er narrowed her eyes and did not say anything else. She just looked at Mu Rong Qing calmly, "Perhaps, I heard wrong!"

"Hmph!" Yu Er glared at Bi Er and held onto the pill with one hand while supporting Murong Qing with the other. "Eldest Miss, you must be frightened today. Drink this Soup of Tranquility first and get a good night's sleep! I'll look for old master tomorrow morning! "

Murong Qing knew that there must be something else in this medicine! Perhaps, if she were to drink this, she would be able to solve the doubt in her heart tonight!

Zhao Zixin said that the pill could cure a hundred poisons in seventy-two hours. Should she believe it?

Letter! If she took this pill, she would most likely know the answer she wanted tonight!

I don't believe it! If she didn't drink this medicine, then everything would become a mystery!

Forget it! Since she had already taken that pill, she might as well take a gamble. She didn't believe that Yu'er would dare to poison her to death!

As he thought about this, he took the medicine and drank it all.

After Yu Er cleaned herself up and laid on the bed, Mu Rong Qing's breathing became steady.

Mu Rong Qing laid on the bed with her breathing calmed down. She covered her body with a thin blanket and covered her tightly clenched fist.

After about two hours, Mu Rong Qing heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. The footsteps stopped one person at a time! Listening carefully, there were three people!

"Auntie, please!"

Yu Er's voice was not as soft and innocent as it used to be. If Mu Rong Qing wasn't listening every day, it would be hard for her to believe that Yu Er could have such a calm voice.

"Humph!" "How long has your medicine been effective for?" Murong Yu's voice sounded extremely pleased, and Murong Qing heard Murong Yu's cheerful footsteps as he walked towards the bed. Immediately, a shadow fell down. The gnashing voice continued, "I really want to slash her face!"

"Yu'er!" Aunt Ning's voice was filled with indulgence and love. Murong Qing heard her walk to the bed and held Murong Yu's hand as if she was holding it, "So what if she's beautiful? Aren't we still going to marry that fool! "

"Humph!" That's right! I just want to see how she looks like! He was usually cold and aloof, acting like he was nothing. Today, he had truly lost a lot of face! If mother didn't have other motives for marrying her to the Shen Mansion, I really want her to die today! " Murong Yu's voice was filled with arrogance.

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