Marry A Naive Husband/C13 Chapter 13
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Marry A Naive Husband/C13 Chapter 13
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C13 Chapter 13

"No comment!"

Facing Mu Rong Hao's confusion, Murong Qing coldly said, and at the same time, she used 100% of her strength to viciously punch at Mu Rong Hao.


With a groan, Mu Rong Hao was pushed back a few steps. Seeing Murong Qing closing in again, he made a feint and ran away.

After Murong Hao had run away, Murong Qing's fists tightened and loosened. His chest rose and fell violently, although he was extremely angered.

"Dirty!" Dirty! "

After a few more dirty sounds, Murong Qing ran out of the room, jumped off the wall with ease, and ran towards the study room.

Since her internal force was strong, she had to clear up the doubts in her heart! At this moment, her father and the madame were in the study room. Perhaps she could hear something from there!

Murong Hao did not lie! At this moment, Murong Hao was in the study, and in the study, there were only two people: Mu Rong Hong and the old mistress!

"Mother, you should consider this matter again! All these years, I have relied on Rong'er's family's support to allow a third rank official like me to live a first rank official's life! "Now, the family can only let my son live. If I don't take care of her, how can I marry Qing Er into the Shen family?"

When Murong Qing landed by the window, she heard the sound of Murong Shi's voice coming from inside the house.

"That bitch!" [You actually protected Qing'Er like this even after doing such a thing to her! If it wasn't for her today. How could my birthday be the laughing stock of the capital! "

The old mistress' voice was filled with anger. After she finished speaking, she began to cough heavily. Clearly, she was rather angry.

"Mother, today's glorious birthday are all made of silver from Rong'er!" Murong He, who had always been a filial son, was now speaking with an uncompromising tone.

"Then you want to watch Qing Er being plotted against by that slut?" The old mistress coughed heavily again, while Murong Qing, who was standing outside the window, felt touched.

The old mistress had returned to her side, but it looked like she was the one being held in her heart!

"Mother, that year you forced Su Qingya to death. If Qing'er knew about this, would she be grateful to you?" With her cold personality, Yi Qing'er will do everything she can to get revenge for her mother! "

"What do you mean I forced her to death?" "If you didn't intentionally bring that bitch Ning Qianrong into the sect, where did all these things come from?"

"Yes!" Rong'er had done something with Su Qingya's medicine! But don't you know that? If you hadn't acquiesced, then how could Su Qingya have sunk into the ground so quickly? "How could he have closed his eyes before Xiu'er returned?"

Rong'er! Rong'er! You were bewitched by that slut and lost in her thoughts! I will marry you even if I have to break off the connection with my family! And you? "In less than a year, that bitch Ning Qianrong was brought in!"

"When you first married Su Qingya, you said that you were marrying her for her identity!" She has no connection with her family, so she can't help me along my career path! What value is there to me? "

"You! You! Good! Good! Are you blaming me? Didn't you happily do it when you planned for Qingya to marry you? And now you blame me? "

The old mistress was obviously infuriated. She left him with a final sentence, "Whatever you say. I'm too old to say anything else." Then she left the study.

In the study room, Murong He sat there quietly. Who knew what he was thinking? Outside the window, Mu Rong Qing's body and mind were filled with chills. Today, her heart was filled with chilliness again and again!

What did she just hear? His mother's death had been caused by Ning Xuemo, but his father was an insider! Even the madame allowed it!

Why was that? Why? Who could tell her why all of this was happening?

Just as Murong Qing was feeling dejected, she heard the study door open once again. Aunt Ning's pretentious voice came from the study, "Master, you're so late. Why aren't you resting yet?"

"Ai …" Just now, I told Mother that I'll take care of you after three days! " As Murong He spoke, he heaved a heavy sigh. He looked at Yu'er who was following by Aunt Ning's side, and his eyes sparkled. "Ah, Yu'er, once you're at the Shen Mansion, you have to pay more attention to that rascal! Don't let those people plot against you! "

"Master, don't worry. This servant will get it!" Yu'er's voice wasn't as calm as it sounded in front of Ning Xuemo, but it had turned into a gentle tone.

"Rong'er, it's late at night, you should go back and rest. Yu'er, stay here, I have some more orders for her!" Murong He looked at her with a deadpan expression as he spoke in a very grand tone.

"Yes!" Today, I am also tired and will be returning to my room to rest! " Saying that, he saluted to Mu Rong and left the study.

After Aunt Ning had left the room, Yu'er was pulled into Murong He's embrace. "Master, how was Yu'er today?"

Yu'er, who was in Murong Xiang's embrace, asked.

"Mm, excellent! Lady Shen has already promised that she will get married the next day, and that she will get married in seven days! " While he was speaking, Murong Xiang's hand had already reached into Yu'er's clothes.

"Mmm! Master has to appreciate Yu'er!" Yu'er giggled in Murong He's embrace as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The look of happiness in her eyes made Murong Hong's eyes flicker.

"Hm!" Reward! "Of course!" Yu'er bit her lips before continuing, "It will be Aunt Ning's turn to take charge in three days. For the next few days, it's best not to let Qing'Er out of the courtyard!" On the day of her wedding, the amount of medicine she was given increased! You know your purpose for marrying Qing Er! "When this matter is successful, I will promote you to an equal wife!"

"Old master is right!" Murong He had already untied Yu'er's clothes and started to gnaw on them. Yu'er said, "I heard that master can enter the Moon Palace for the chrysanthemum viewing feast next month!"

"That's right!" The case this time was handled beautifully. Long Xin was overjoyed, and gave the old master a spot! What is it? "Yu'er wants to enter the palace to take a look as well?"

"Un, Yu'er has never been to the royal palace in her life and would like to experience it!"

"After Yu'er becomes the Crown Prince's consort, you will have plenty of chances to enter the palace in the future!"

It was obvious that Murong He didn't want to talk anymore, so a voice came from the study room …

Murong Qing didn't know how she got back to her room. She only knew that her heart was cold. Even if she put it on the fire, it wouldn't be able to warm it up!

Once, she thought that her father and mother had a deep relationship with a couple! Once, she had thought that her father had truly treated her with sincerity!

Only now did she know that her mother was just a paving stone for her father! Without value, he sent his mother straight to hell! And she, who seemed to have a noble status, was in the end just a pawn of her father!

No! She didn't believe it! She didn't believe it!

Annoyed, he broke out of his room again and flew towards Ning Xuemo's courtyard.

Since the heavens had given her the chance to know the truth, she wanted to know everything! He would do his best to know of their plans!

"Aunt, it will take at least three months for Murong Xiu to come back after receiving the message. Wouldn't it be too late if you sent someone to deliver the message?"

Inside the room, there was a dim light. The voice of Li Jun, who was standing beside Aunt Ning, could be heard, causing Murong Qing to hold her breath in shock.

"From the border to the capital will take at least three months, but he came back via Liangzhou!" Aunt Ning's voice was a bit lazy. But his words were filled with ridicule, "From the border to Liangzhou, a month and a half is enough! His cousin was in Liangzhou, a figure who could shake with a stomp of his feet! So what if he was a Grade 5 Martial Officer? Even a strong dragon couldn't defeat a local snake! "Cousin, if you want to kill that Mu Rong Xiu, it won't be as easy as crushing an ant to death!

"Aunt is right!" When Murong Xiu dies, Murong Qing will collapse! " Mummy Li immediately agreed, "Think about how bad Murong Qing looks when she breaks down. Second Miss must be very happy when she sees that!"

"Ai, to make that girl, Yu'er, happy!" "So what if I let Murong Xiu die?" As she finished, Ning Xiaoyao's words were a bit dazed, as if she was sleeping.

Mu Rong Qing stood guard outside the window for a long time. It was only when the two of them were breathing steadily did she quietly return to her own courtyard.

Aunt Ning had designed for her to marry into the Shen family while at the same time planning to kill Big Brother. The Shen family was an imperial merchant, so Aunt Shen wanted her dowry to be reclaimed twice over!

Her father and Aunt Ning were both thinking of marrying Murong Yu to the crown prince. Judging from their tone, they seemed certain that the position of crown prince's consort was in their pockets!

When all these were linked together, Murong Qing felt like an invisible net was laid out in front of her eyes. She only needed to lead the way and she would be able to understand the connection between these things!

Lying on the bed, Murong Qing's thoughts returned to Yu Er! Yu Er actually had that kind of relationship with her father! His father had even promised to take Yu'er as his wife!

Yu'er was personally trained by his mother, and his mother trusted Yu'er very much! From what he had heard tonight, he realized that Yu'er had not been with his father in recent years! Murong Qing speculated boldly that Yu Er might have colluded with her father and Aunt Ning when her mother was still alive!

Yu'er had betrayed her mother, and had even participated in her mother's death!

This speculation shocked Murong Qing!

At that time, Yu'er was only about twelve years old, but her father had used her as a wife to make her lose her heart and act as if she was going to devour her master!

His heart turned cold! Heartache!

Back then, when his father used his mother, when her mother was useless, his father mercilessly killed her! Now it was her turn! Even his big brother, his father, would not let him off!

The tiger was venomous, but he was not! And her father, for the sake of his career, for the sake of wealth and prosperity, had even schemed against her, and had even hardened his heart to kill her elder brother!

How could this not make her heart tremble!

He hadn't slept for the entire night, and his head was aching uncontrollably.

It was just before dawn when they heard someone enter the room.

"Master, how could you marry Eldest Miss to that fool! Didn't you say yesterday that you would suppress the matter? "

Yu'er's voice turned indignant once again. That choked voice clearly showed her loyalty.

"Sigh, lower your voice …" The lady in brocade heavily sighed, but didn't say anything more.

"Yesterday, it was all thanks to Yu'er. Otherwise, I'm afraid that young miss would have already …" Remembering the viciousness of that fool, he felt a lingering fear.

"That's right!" If not for Yu'er's timely arrival, I'm afraid that Miss would have been beaten to death! " Her voice sounded haggard and haggard. It was obvious that her injuries had taken effect. However, she couldn't stop worrying about Mu Rong Qing, so she came to serve her with her injuries.

Hearing the conversation between Yu Er and the two of them, Murong Qing sneered in her heart.

Yu'er, ah, Yu'er, you are so good! What on earth are you trying to do? He could actually change the memories of the two of them?

Murong Qing couldn't be sure that Yu Er wouldn't lose control when she saw her current attitude. So he continued to lie on the bed and pretend to be asleep.

Seeing that Murong Qing still hadn't woken up, Yu'er whispered to Fang Yi, "Do you want me to give young lady some more soul calming soup today? I can see that the effects of the Soothing Spirit Soup were not bad yesterday, just look at how deep Young Miss's slumber is! "

[What a difficult situation. Drink it. I am afraid it will be bad for my lady's health. I will not drink it, but I am afraid my lady will not be able to take it if she knows the truth!]

"I heard that the old master had a good temper before he left. I heard that he blamed the eldest miss for not restraining herself and thus had no choice but to marry that fool and lose face. When he goes to court today, he might be laughed at!" Lady Jin looked pitifully at Murong Qing who was on the bed, her expression was filled with worry. "If the First Miss finds out the truth, she will definitely go and find Master! The old master is currently furious. If Eldest Miss were to go, I'm afraid … "

"Drink it!" "In the next few days, I'll let the young miss drink some Soothing Elixir. When the young concubine recovers and marries off to the Shen Mansion, I'll break the Soothing Elixir!" Fang Yi no longer hesitated and made up her mind.

"That's true! I can't let xiaojie offend the old master at this critical moment! The fact that she married into the Shen Mansion could not be changed! Rather than letting xiaojie suffer so much before she marries, it's better to let xiaojie marry into the Shen Mansion without realizing it! At that time, everything will be settled. The young miss is intelligent and will not do anything rash! " Then he turned to Yu'er and said, "Go prepare the Soup of Tranquility. When Miss wakes up and eats her breakfast, give it to her!"

"Yes sir!"

Hearing that Yu Er had left the room, Murong Qing only sneered!

She really had a good father! What a good Yu'er! Last night, they had discussed to drug her, but now they brought up such a grand excuse that no one would be able to find the wrong one! Even the usually suspicious Fang Mu had been fooled by Yu'er's appearance!

It seemed like she had to spend the past few days in a 'drowsy' state!

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