Marry A Naive Husband/C14 Chapter 14
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Marry A Naive Husband/C14 Chapter 14
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C14 Chapter 14

Three days passed in an instant!

Hearing the firecrackers in the front yard, Mu Rong Qing stood by the window and looked at the cold and quiet yard with eyes full of hatred.

Today, Ning Xiaoyao had sent all her servants into the front yard to wait on her. Even the brocades and prescriptions had been moved to the front yard for all sorts of reasons. There wasn't a single servant in her yard!

Heh! Was this Aunt Ning's mockery? Right now, Ning Xiaoyao was probably feeling very proud, wasn't she?

He held his hands tightly, but no longer had the strength he had had for the past few days.

She thought that she would be able to have that inner strength forever, but she didn't expect that after the medicinal effect disappeared, that deep and profound inner strength would also disappear!

Heh, that's right, how could such a thing be so easily obtained in this world? That much inner strength must have come from the medicine!

"Miss Mu Rong!"

A cold voice came from behind. Murong Qing was shocked. She turned around and saw Zhao Zixin standing behind her with a sword in his hand.

When did he come in? She couldn't detect anything!

"I wonder if Miss Mu Rong has an answer?" Zhao Zixin got straight to the point.

"Do you know of any medicine that can make people forget about a specific time? Or some part of the memory? " Murong Qing asked instead of answering. She needed to know the answer right now!

"This... When Young Miss marries into the Shen Residence, your subordinate will definitely find out the truth! "

So he didn't know either! Murong Qing couldn't help but be disappointed.

"I wonder if young miss of the Hundred Solution Pill is useful?" Zhao Zixin replied with another question, "I assume the young miss has solved the confusion in her heart!"

"What do you mean?" Zhao Zixin's words made Murong Qing look at him vigilantly.

"That 'Hundred Melting Pill' is only used once a year. If it is used more than once, one's heart will be shattered by the deep inner strength emitted by that medicinal pill!"

After Zhao Zixin finished talking, Murong Qing understood. So that's how it was! No wonder his internal energy was so deep after taking that medicine!

Advantages had their drawbacks!

On his cold face, there was a look of gratitude, "Thank you for your medicine, I've already answered it!"

"That's good! These days, Eldest Miss had to be extra careful! The young miss who marries into the Shen Mansion is Zhao Zixin's master! "Zhao Zixin will definitely protect Eldest Miss well!" After saying this, Zhao Zixin did not give Murong Qing another chance to speak and cupped his fist, "Zhao Zixin needs to go back to the front yard and tell Madam that the young miss is fine!"

With that, he left the room in a flash.

Mu Rong Qing was surprised. Madam Shen cared about her? Or could it be that Madam Shen only sent Zhao Zixin to test her?

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye. Without that Hundred Melting Pill, he naturally wouldn't be able to dissolve Yu'er's medicine! During this period of time, thanks to Yu Er's medicine, Murong Qing was always in a daze. Even Murong Yu, who had become the direct daughter of the family, repeatedly came to provoke her, but it was all for nothing!

Murong Qing was still worried that Mu Rong Hao would take advantage of her while she was in this condition, but these few days, Mu Rong Hao was afraid that she might be lying to him, so he didn't come back!

After seven days of drowsiness, on the day of the wedding, Murong Qing was also half asleep as she waited for the girls to dress up.

As the nanny sang, Mu Rong Qing, who had no strength in her limbs, was carried to the bridal bridge by Mu Rong Hao.

The distance between the room and the door was extremely slow for Murong Hao. It was as if the distance was lengthened by the passage of time. Murong Qing thought to herself, "Aunt Ning's family is not normal!"

When they arrived at the gate, they heard the sound of clapping hands and laughing.

"Oh, my wife is out! My wife is out! I want my wife! I want my wife! "

Shen Tianyu's actions caused the spectators to burst into laughter.

"Second Young Master Shen, do you know how to enter the bridal room?"

"Second Young Master Shen, to marry the number three beauty in the capital, you must know how to enjoy life!"

Chuckling one after another, Shen Tianyu nodded his head happily. "I will dig a hole and insert her in! Then she'll be sweet! "

When Murong Qing was carried by Mu Rong Hao, Mu Rong Qing noticed that Mu Rong Hao seemed to want to lift her bridal veil. In the end, Mu Rong Hao took a deep breath and left the sedan.

"Get up the palanquin!"

With a shout, the sedan left the Mansion of the Light Monastery and headed towards the Shen Mansion.

All along the way, Murong Qing was in a daze. Even when someone helped her down from the palanquin and walked in, she was still unconscious.

Mu Rong Qing was even supported by the little girl when they were at the main hall.

Only when they were sent to the bridal chamber did the noise leave them. Only then did his dazed head become clearer.

"Look at my wife!" I want to see my wife! I want to see my wife! "

Her joyous voice was accompanied by the sound of clapping hands, as she followed Shen Tian Yu into the bridal chamber.

"Sigh, you can't …"

Under the Xi Niang's cry of surprise, Shen Tianyu used his hand to pick up Mu Rong Qing's bridal veil. He then threw it on the ground, "My wife, it smells good!" "The wife smells good!"

As she spoke, she hugged Murong Qing and sniffed.

Accompanying her was Madam Shen. When she saw Mu Rong Qing sniffing in Shen Tianyu's embrace, she sighed helplessly, "Tianyu, let go of the bride! Your strength is not light! "

Madam Shen's words were exactly what Murong Qing wanted to say!

Shen Tian Yu's grip was too tight, so tight that she could barely breathe!

With Lady Shen's scolding, Shen Tianyu let go of Mu Rong Qing happily, "Mother, she's good! "She smells good!"

What was the use of hair salve today? That was the reason why Shen Tian Yu was so happy!

"Hm!" Delicious! Delicious! Come on, don't scare the bride! " As she spoke, Madam Shen walked over to Mu Rong Qing's side. When she saw that Mu Rong Qing's complexion wasn't good, she sighed in her heart: "Ai … …"

"Mother, she smells good, but she's not sweet! I want to plant her! The holes have been dug! " Shen Tian Yu excitedly said to Madam Shen. As she spoke, she grabbed onto Mu Rong Qing's wrist, "I want to plant her! Plant it! "

"Nonsense!" Who said anything about growing it? Which brainless person would spout nonsense in front of Second Young Master?! " The madame, who hadn't said anything, scolded loudly when she saw Shen Tianyu dragging Mu Rong Qing away after saying that wind was rain. She then signaled Zhao Zixin to stop Shen Tianyu.

Old Mistress Shen's rebuke caused the servants to kneel down immediately. "Old Mistress, please calm your anger! "Even if the servants were to eat this bear heart leopard, they would not dare to spout such nonsense!"

"The madame is vicious again!" Seeing that the old mistress had forgiven him, Shen Tianyu went close to the pale-faced Murong Qing and whispered to her, "The old mistress is truly fierce! We ignore her! "Today, those people on the street said that I have to plant you first. After a few days, you will become sweeter and more fragrant!"

On the street?

Mu Rong Qing looked helplessly at Zhao Zixin, who was standing to the right of Shen Tianyu. This fool must have been provoked! If he were to plant her today, she would definitely become a pile of bones in the future! Unless he used her as fertilizer! Otherwise, how could it be sweet!

"Nonsense, those people are lying to you!" When Madam Shen saw how pale Mu Rong Qing's face was, she hurried over and pulled Shen Tianyu away in an attempt to make him let go of her hand. "You have been deceived by someone!"

Upon hearing Madam Shen's words, Shen Tianyu, who was originally smiling happily, changed her expression immediately. A bone-piercing chill shot out from her eyes, with him at the center, causing the surrounding air to turn icy cold.

Mu Rong Qing, who was the closest to Shen Tianyu, was the first to notice Shen Tianyu's transformation. Before she could react, her wrist felt as though it was about to be snapped by him. She gasped in pain, "Second Young Master Shen, it hurts …"

"Call me Darling!" You called me husband! They said that you are my wife! You have to call me husband! "

Shen Tianyu's words were no longer as silly as they were before, but they were filled with madness. His eyes, in particular, were like a pair of thousand-year snowy peaks, intimidating the onlookers at first glance.

"Husband …" "You should be more gentle …"

"I'm going to plant you! In a few days there will be many sweet and fragrant wives! "

As she said that, Shen Tianyu pulled Mu Rong Qing out of the bridal chamber and headed towards the courtyard.

When Lady Shen, the Countess, and Zhao Zixin, who were in the way before, saw Shen Tian Yu's crazed look, they had long since retreated, let alone come to save Mu Rong Qing!

Mu Rong Qing suddenly remembered that day in her courtyard, Shen Tianyu had also suddenly gone crazy. At that time, Madam Shen did not dare to say a word and just retreated. Zhao Zixin also carefully took a fruit to fawn on Shen Tianyu …

They say that Shen Tianyu isn't stupid, but when she's dumb, she's happy. Whatever others say, he'll believe it! However, when she went crazy, Shen Tianyu would become that Yama, someone who had come from hell. Anyone would be able to avoid her …

Shen Tianyu dragged him into the courtyard, and a huge crater appeared before his eyes.

This pit had obviously just been dug. The smell of the earth was so strong!

"My wife, I will raise you up! There will be many sweet wives in the future! " At this moment, Shen Tianyu seemed to have become a completely different person. His gentle appearance made it seem as if she really was a sapling that could not withstand the wind and rain. His callused hand carefully placed Mu Rong Qing into the hole; he picked up the crowbar and was about to bury her.

Mu Rong Qing's face turned paler and paler. She looked helplessly at the people behind Shen Tianyu and saw the crowd looking at her with pity.

Calm down! Calm down! At this moment, others cannot save you! You have to save yourself!

Suppressing the panic in her heart, Murong Qing quickly shouted, "Husband, don't worry! Before we bury them, we need to water them! "

"Water?" Shen Tianyu tilted his head and looked at her in puzzlement, "Why are you watering?"

"If there is no water, the tree will die. Have you ever seen a gardener watering a plant?"

"I have! This is interesting! " Shen Tianyu flung the crowbar, clapping his hands in joy: "I want to water them! I want to water it! "

"Bring the water back to second young master!" Although Madam Shen didn't know why Mu Rong Qing wanted Shen Tianyu to pour water, seeing that Mu Rong Qing no longer had her previous panic, she decided to believe in her!

After all, he had killed the bride on the day of the wedding.

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