Marry A Naive Husband/C15 Chapter 15
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Marry A Naive Husband/C15 Chapter 15
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C15 Chapter 15

The servant hurriedly brought over a bucket of water. Shen Tianyu snatched it from her without a word and poured it down towards Murong Qing without any hesitation.

"Hua La La"

A bucket of water rushed down, but Shen Tianyu felt that it was not enough and shouted for more; the servant brought five buckets of water over, five buckets of water rushing down, all the way to Murong Qing's knees; the makeup on her face was washed away, revealing her beautiful face, the pearl hairpin on her head was washed away as well, her hair was disheveled and disheveled, unkempt!

Fortunately, it was midsummer, otherwise, these buckets of water would definitely freeze her to death!

"Mhmm!" So much water! You can plant it now! You can plant it now! " After throwing the bucket, Shen Tianyu clapped her hands in glee. She picked up the crowbar that was thrown to the side and prepared to bury it.

"Husband, please wait!" Mu Rong Qing calmly sniffed for a while and then said loudly, "Qing Er can't be planted here! Qing'er needs good care, only then can it be sweet! If you were to plant Qing'er, forget about being sweet, even that fragrance would disappear! "

"Why?" Shen Tianyu was digging when she heard Mu Rong Qing's words. She instantly opened her eyes wide, "Why isn't it fragrant anymore?"

"If Darling doesn't believe me, I can smell it!" Mu Rong Qing walked towards Shen Tian Yu on her own accord, "At this moment, Qing Er doesn't smell good anymore. If my husband wants Qing Er to smell good, he will take good care of her. I can only take good care of him! "

She did not want to be on tenterhooks in the future; she was often afraid that Shen Tianyu would go crazy again and want to plant her!

After Mu Rong Qing finished speaking, Shen Tian Yu fell to the ground and hugged her neck as she sniffed the air. After sniffing for a while, he suddenly shouted, "It's not fragrant anymore! It did not smell good anymore! My wife doesn't smell good anymore! "

"Second Young Master, if you don't help the Young Madam up, the Young Madam won't be able to enjoy herself any longer!"

Murong Qing was about to ask Shen Tianyu to pull her out of the pit when Zhao Zixin's clear and cold voice came from above.

"Yes!" Stand up! Stand up! I can't not smell it! That won't do! " Shen Tianyu raised a hand and lifted up Mu Rong Qing, who had no strength in her limbs, into the water puddle. Without saying anything, he carried Murong Qing and ran towards the bridal chamber.

When she passed by Zhao Zixin, Murong Qing saw that Zhao Zixin was looking at her with admiration …

Shen Tianyu shouted, "My wife, you don't smell good anymore!" She quickly carried Murong Qing back to the bridal chamber. Just as he was about to put Murong into bed, Zhao Zixin stood in front of the bed and said, "Second Young Master, Young Madam has been frightened. She needs to soak in hot water and rest for a bit before she can smell it!"

Murong Qing looked gratefully at Zhao Zixin and continued, "Zhao Zixin said that my husband wants Qing'er to rest. After four hours, Qing'er will be ready again!"

"Really?" He looked at Murong Qing suspiciously. Before Murong Qing could say anything, Zhao Zixin replied resolutely, "That's right! As long as the young madame had a good rest, it would naturally be fragrant! It might even be sweet! "

When she heard that Mu Rong Qing would be sweet, Shen Tian Yu immediately grinned, "Great! If she doesn't, I'll plant her again! "

Hearing that, Murong Qing was shocked.

However, Shen Tianyu didn't even give Mu Rong Qing a chance to react before tossing her to Zhao Zixin like she was throwing a pillow, "She doesn't smell good right now, I don't like her! She was wet, and my clothes were wet, and I didn't like it! I'll wait here. You washed her clean! I want a wife that is both fragrant and sweet! "

Shen Tian Yu tossed it to Mu Rong Qing and she exclaimed. Zhao Zi Xin didn't care about being intimate with her and hurriedly hugged Mu Rong Qing.

At this moment, the old lady, who had just walked out of the room, suddenly paused her steps and stopped everyone from coming forward again, "Just do whatever you need to do! Where was the young mistress's maid? Are you not going to wait on me!? "

Under the madame's fiery gaze, Yu'er, Bi'er, Fang Mu, and the others finally walked in from behind.

Fang Yi gritted her teeth. When Mu Rong Qing was dragged back by Shen Tianyu, the four of them had been intentionally blocked by someone. Every time they wanted to step forward, someone would push them back.

Hearing the madame's angry shout, the people blocking the way did not continue to play tricks on them. The four of them hurriedly entered the bridal chamber.

At this moment, Zhao Zixin had already put Murong Qing on a chair. When the two of them entered the room, Zhao Zixin said, "Please help the young mistress to bathe and change!"

There was a bath barrel in the side room. Although Shen Tianyu was currently sitting in the main room, he was already smiling foolishly. Everyone knew in their hearts that this Shen Tianyu was safe! There was no fear as he brought hot water in an orderly manner.

Seeing Mu Rong Qing being helped into the side room by the two little girls, Shen Tianyu wanted to follow them in without a word.

"Tian Yu!" Sit down! "

At this moment, the only ones in the room were Madam Shen, Shen Tianyu, and Zhao Zixin. Even the girls were sneaked out of the room.

Seeing that Shen Tianyu was about to rush in, Madam Shen quickly pulled him back, "Qing Er, take a bath. You can just wait here!"

"I don't! I want to wash with my wife! They said that they were getting married. They wanted to eat together with their wives, bathe together, and sleep together! "

"Didn't you just say she wasn't fragrant? Don't you like it? If she doesn't smell good at the moment, it would be meaningless for you to follow her! "Why don't you wait until she's done and then see if you want to eat together with her!"

With a headache, Madam Shen pulled Shen Tianyu along. However, she was afraid that if she were to say something wrong, he would go insane.

"I don't! I want to see her smell good! I want to see her smell! " Shen Tian Yu swung her arms and was about to kick the closed door.

"Second Young Master, if Second Young Master enters at this moment, the Young Madam won't be able to smell it anymore!" Even if she said it was late, it was fast. Just as Shen Tianyu was about to lift her foot, Zhao Zixin moved to block the door, blocking her kick. With a cold voice, he said to Shen Tian Yu: "If the young mistress doesn't smell good, how can Second Young Master not feel sad!"

Hearing that, Shen Tianyu felt that it made sense! Instantly, he joyfully said to Zhao Zixin, "My clothes are also wet. Change them for me, otherwise, if she gets wet again, they won't smell good anymore!"

"Good!" This subordinate will help second young master change his clothes! "

Mu Rong Qing, who was standing behind the door, heard the footsteps and leaned against the brocade. Tears instantly flowed out of her eyes.

"Eldest Miss, take a bath first …"

When she saw Murong Qing's tears, her heart ached as if it had been disturbed. She couldn't say any words of consolation, so she could only help Murong Qing into the bathtub to clean herself.

Mu Rong Qing cleaned her hair and body in the side room. Shen Tian Yu, who had changed her clothes outside, sat there without taking even a single step, looking at the closed door with her bright eyes.

"What? Give that oil to me!" After putting on her clothes and letting Yu Er ruffle her hair, Murong Qing said in a faint voice to the brocade, "Second young master seems to like the smell of that oil!"

"Yes sir!"

Murong Qing looked at her face in the mirror with an indifferent expression. In her mind, she thought about what Murong Yu had said that day: "So what if she is well?" Marry a fool!

Ah, yes, so what if he was born well? Now he was marrying a fool!

When the brocade was brought over, Murong Qing didn't rub the hair oil on her head. Instead, she dug out a bit and carefully rubbed it on her hands.

If he didn't guess wrongly, this thing was definitely made from that fruit! Perhaps I'll have to trouble Zhao Zixin to bring some fruits and put them in the wardrobe!

The door opened with a creak. As soon as Murong Qing stepped out, Shen Tianyu, who was dressed in a black robe and had already changed into a wedding gown, appeared in front of her in a flash.

Before Murong Qing could say anything, Shen Tian Yu had already stretched out her arms and hugged her. She lowered her head and sniffed; Mu Rong Qing quickly raised her hands and placed them under Shen Tian Yu's nose.

"Mhmm!" My wife is fragrant! "It smells good!" Shen Tianyu pulled on Mu Rong Qing's hand and sniffed it happily.

"It's good that it's fragrant. Come over and take a seat!" Madam Shen looked at Murong Qing with a smile on her face. She was obviously very satisfied with her plan for dealing with Mu Ru Yue today!

Who in the residence isn't afraid of the frenzied Shen Tianyu? Now, this Murong Qing had managed to escape with just a few words. She was indeed an intelligent child!

Shen Tianyu joyfully pulled Mu Rong Qing to sit below Lady Shen. After thinking for a moment, she went up to Mu Rong Qing and licked her lips.

After licking her lips, Mu Rong Qing was so shocked that she froze on the spot. Shen Tian Yu shook her hands violently and glared at Mu Rong Qing, "You lied to me! You're not sweet! You're not sweet! I'm going to plant you! "

Seeing that Shen Tianyu was about to go crazy again, Murong Qing didn't care about his actions anymore. She hastily wiped her lips with the candied fruit on the table. "Qing Er is sweet, Darling didn't taste it!"

"You lied to me! You're not sweet! "

"Qing Er is really sweet!" Mu Rong Qing couldn't understand why Shen Tian Yu would go crazy from time to time. If it was like this for the rest of her life, wouldn't she be so worried that she would lose her courage and worry about losing her life?

No! She couldn't do this! She had to inform her big brother, she had to ensure that nothing happened to him! Therefore, she couldn't drag this fool down with her! She had to think of a way! He must think of a way to stabilize this fool! It would be best to think of a solution once and for all!

Seeing that Shen Tianyu was holding onto Mu Rong Qing happily, the madame left. Before she left, Madam Shen looked at Mu Rong Qing, who was trapped in Shen Tianyu's embrace, and wanted to say something but hesitated.

In the end, he did not say anything, sighed softly, and left as well.

"Bi'er, Yu'er, you two go ask if you can have your breakfast in the morning? I'm afraid Second Young Master is hungry! " She couldn't eat on the day of her wedding, but was there a need to follow the rules with her marriage?

"Yes sir!" Bi'er responded and walked out with Yu'er.

"Fang, brocade, you guys go guard the door. I have something to talk to Second Young Master about!" Although this matter should not have been avoided by the two of them, now that the two of them changed their memories, she had no choice but to be more cautious!

Are you guys shocked? What did Murong Qing have to say to that fool? When he turned around and saw Zhao Zixin, who was standing behind Shen Tianyu, his eyes flashed, "Yes!"

There were only three people in the room. Murong Qing took a jujube from the table and fed it to Shen Tianyu, "Husband, try using this jujube. It's as sweet as Qing Er!"

Shen Tian Yu opened her mouth and ate it. She was elated with the jujube and let go of Murong Qing. She then took the jujube and started eating.

"The young madam is indeed intelligent. It's just that the second young master always vomits the moment he touches a jujube, always saying that he's not tasty!" But today, because of the Young Madam's relationship, I have become so fond of her! "

Zhao Zixin looked at Shen Tianyu, who was holding a sweet jujube and eating happily, and spoke coldly to Mu Rong Qing.

When they were finally some distance away from Shen Tianyu, Mu Rong Qing asked, "Zhao Zixin, let me ask you, is there anything in this world that can change a person's memory? Do you know the answer?"

Yu'er's memory of what had happened had been changed. She still held a lot of trust in Yu'er! If this continued, it would be extremely disadvantageous for her!

"Fortunately, I didn't fail you!"

When she heard Zhao Zixin's words, Mu Rong Qing's eyes lit up, "How did you do it?"

"Poison Saint Miao has concocted a poison called 'Choice'!" It could erase a part of a person's memories! If you want to change your memories, the person who poisoned you has to know the great magic of bewitching! "

Miao Jiang? Magic? Decision? The Art of Enchantment?

Mu Rong Qing was shocked. Yu'er was just an ordinary servant girl, how could she understand such things?

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