Marry A Naive Husband/C16 Chapter 16
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Marry A Naive Husband/C16 Chapter 16
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C16 Chapter 16

"If I want to change my original memories, I need the antidote. As long as I consume the antidote, my memories will recover in a day at the most!" Just that, the Poison Saint had matched it with Poison Saint. Poison Saint had been living in the Five Poisons Valley for a long time, and Five Poisons Valley was at least three months away from here! Furthermore, Poison Saint was a loner and had never interacted with the world! Not to mention getting the antidote from her hands! "

Zhao Zixin's meaning was clear. Wanting to get the antidote was undoubtedly a dream!

Zhao Zixin's words were like a bucket of cold water being poured over him. Murong Qing leaned weakly against the chair as she looked lifelessly at the ground. "If that's the case, then the heavens are going to end my journey …"

If the two of them continued to trust Yu Er, she would die in your hands sooner or later!

At this moment, Yu'er really wasn't going to do anything to her, but if her father ever felt that she was useless and wanted to take her life, then Yu'er definitely wouldn't do it herself.

"My wife, it's gone! The jujube is gone! " Zhao Zixin was about to say more when Shen Tianyu walked over with an empty plate and said, "My wife is gone!"

"We'll have lunch later. This jujube is not good for your teeth. How about we eat it in the afternoon?" Mu Rong Qing asked nervously, afraid that Shen Tian Yu would choke her to death if she got angry.

Mu Rong Qing was apprehensive, but Shen Tian Yu blinked her eyes and nodded her head, "Un! "The wife smells good!"

Shen Tianyu threw the plate to the side and hugged Mu Rong Qing, "My wife, my wife, you're sweet!"

After Shen Tianyu ate a plate of honey dates, his mouth was bound to be sweet! Therefore, when she kissed the corner of Mu Rong Qing's mouth, she just called her 'my wife is sweet'.

Mu Rong Qing didn't expect Shen Tian Yu to be so easy to talk to. With a thought, she gathered up her courage and asked Shen Tian Yu, "Will my husband listen to Qing Er from now on? If my husband listens to Qing'er, Qing'er will definitely always be sweet! "

Murong Qing didn't want to lose her courage at this time! She really wanted to know, where is Shen Tianyu's bottom line? As long as she understood Shen Tianyu's personality, she would be able to deal with him in the future!

Mu Rong Qing's question made Shen Tianyu nervous, but she still had a puzzled expression, "What do you mean by 'listen to your wife'?"

"So … If I let my husband sit down, he won't be able to stand up! If I tell Darling to stop, then he can't leave! If I tell Darling to stop, he can't hurt anyone! That is to say, no matter what I say, my husband will listen! " Mu Rong Qing only had the guts to test Zhao Zi Xin when she saw him here!

As she asked, Mu Rong Qing moved closer and closer to Zhao Zixin. If Shen Tianyu were to go crazy, she could ask Zhao Zixin for help right away!

Mu Rong Qing tested Shen Tianyu, but Zhao Zixin's eyes lit up. "This young mistress is really intelligent!" She was obviously scared to death, but she was able to keep a calm face. Her slow steps made Zhao Zixin feel like laughing.

Just as Mu Rong Qing was about to retreat, Shen Tianyu, who had been silent all this time, nodded her head fiercely, "Alright! I will listen to my wife from now on! As long as my wife is fragrant and sweet, it's fine! "


Although Mu Rong Qing knew that the fool's words couldn't be taken seriously, she still couldn't help but exhale deeply.

When he heard that Yu'er and Bi'er had returned, Zhao Zixin retreated to Shen Tianyu's side. The little girls entered in a line, and after setting down the dishes, they stood to the side to wait on them.

"Feed me my wife!"

Mu Rong Qing was just about to place the dishes into her mouth when she heard Shen Tian Yu's muffled voice. In the blink of an eye, Shen Tianyu was already half done with the food in her mouth.

He was forced to eat no more and instead raised his chopsticks. "Can I eat this?"

Even though she hadn't eaten it, given that it was already in her mouth, how could she feed it to Shen Tianyu?

However, Shen Tianyu was unwilling to do so, "They already said that my wife wants to feed me! You have to feed me the first mouthful! "

"Didn't Darling say to listen to me before?" Mu Rong Qing lowered her voice and asked Shen Tianyu.

"I didn't hit her, I didn't curse her. I just wanted my wife to feed me!"

At this moment, Shen Tianyu's face was filled with grievance, as though a child that had been disregarded.

Mu Rong Qing's heart ached for no reason. She was clearly a beautiful man, but she was so foolish! I heard that before Shen Tian Yu's incident, she was one of the three great young masters of the capital!

What had happened? He was actually able to make Shen Tianyu turn into such a state?

"Feed me my wife!" Mu Rong Qing sighed at her unlucky fate. Shen Tianyu sat beside her and said, "They said that my wife has to eat and sleep with me before we can have a young master!"

"Pfft, cough …" Mu Rong Qing was so shocked by Shen Tian Yu's words that she started to cough violently. She hurriedly walked up to Mu Rong Qing and patted her back to calm her anger, "Don't be hasty, young miss! Drink your saliva first! "

After drinking the water and recovering her breath, Murong Qing thought for a while before retreating from her room. This time, she even invited Zhao Zixin out.

She felt that it was necessary to ask who the 'they' Shen Tianyu was referring to.

"Husband, tell me, who told you this?" She had the nagging feeling that someone was teaching him badly from Shen Tianyu's side! He was such a fool to begin with, yet he was being toyed with like that. This was extremely detestable!

"The last time I went to Second Mother's courtyard, those girls said it!" Shen Tian Yu raised her bright eyes and looked at Mu Rong Qing, "They are so good, give me delicious food! Moreover, Second Mother has a person with very high martial arts skills. I like him, but he rarely appears in her yard, so Second Mother forbade me to talk to others about it! That man also said that he would never practice fist arts with me again if he were to tell others! " At this point, Shen Tianyu came to a realization, "Ya, I promised not to tell anyone else!"

Saying that, he looked at Murong Qing anxiously, "They said, who did they say they told, then they killed them! "But, but I said I won't kill my wife …"

Shen Tianyu was clearly in a difficult position! However, Shen Tianyu's words caused Murong Qing to be startled. In order to prevent Shen Tianyu from going crazy again, Murong Qing hastily pulled at her hands that were filled with anxiety. "Husband, don't worry! They were talking about someone else! I am my husband's wife, no one else! "So there's no harm in saying it!"


"Seriously!" Murong Qing thought for a moment before continuing, "When did my husband meet such a decent man?"

"Before I meet my wife!" Shen Tianyu was obviously very excited, "It was he who brought me to see my wife that day!"

A light flashed through his mind. A thread linked all the clues together.

That day, Aunt Ning had said that Shen Tianyu loved to fight. Since she met someone with more kung fu than her, she naturally wanted to fight. In that case, the man in Second Mother's courtyard was the one who had lured Shen Tianyu to her courtyard!

If that was the case, wouldn't it mean that the second matron of the Shen estate was colluding with Aunt Ning?

If that was really the case, she would have to be more careful in the Shen Mansion! Previously, she had thought that there were some spies in the Shen Mansion who were helping Ning Xiaoyao, but it turned out to be a master!

"Husband, did that man hurt you when he practiced martial arts with you?" Second Mother had colluded with Aunt Ning. She wanted to swallow her property, but she still wanted to double the value of her wealth. That would mean that the Shen Mansion was one of them!

If Second Mother was truly in cahoots with Aunt Shen, she would definitely have thoughts of taking over the family property!

"It's injured!" Look, he hit me all the way down my waist! " As she spoke, Shen Tianyu was like a child who had been bullied. She lifted up her clothes, and the dark green wound on her waist was seen by Murong Qing.

"Then how did Darling get out of danger?" When Mu Rong Qing saw the wound on Shen Tianyu's waist, she was completely certain of what she wanted to do!

Second Mother had a lot of thoughts in her mind!

"Hng hng!" Shen Tian Yu arrogantly looked at Mu Rong Qing, "In the end, I still defeated him! Heehee, I'm amazing, right? "

Shen Tianyu's complacency could be seen from the fact that he didn't know how to conceal it.

However, Murong Qing was extremely shocked, "Are you sure you defeated him?"

"Of course not!" I broke all his bones! "

As she said that, Shen Tianyu pulled Mu Rong Qing's hand and touched his chest, "It's here. I gave him a punch, and with a 'pa' sound, his bones were broken!"

sternum... Broken …

Mu Rong Qing's hand trembled subconsciously. If Shen Tian Yu also punched her that day, wouldn't she …

"What happened to my wife?" Why are your hands shaking so much? " Mu Rong Qing's hands trembled more and more violently. Shen Tianyu panicked as he held her hands and said, "My wife, are you cold? I've seen those people shake so much when they're cold, and so much when they're angry! "

Shen Tianyu sighed as she held her hands for Mu Rong Qing, while Mu Rong Qing's body turned colder and colder.

"Husband, if you get angry one day, won't you also punch me like you did with that person?" Mu Rong Qing's voice trembled. If that was the case, then she was really like a frightened bird. She was always worried about her own life!

"No!" I've said it before, you won't hit your wife, you won't insult your wife. "Shen Tianyu's words were serious, as if a child swore that they wouldn't steal anything.

Murong Qing instantly smiled. She was laughing at her own foolishness! He was laughing at his own misery!

How could she believe the words of such a fool? It was likely that he would attack her tomorrow after he said he would not!

Seeing that Mu Rong Qing laughed, Shen Tian Yu also laughed. That foolish laughter matched the sorrowful voice of Mu Rong Qing. It was like a midnight sob and it was unspeakably horrifying.

Everyone was sneaked out of the door and there were only two people in the room. Mu Rong Qing laughed sorrowfully while Shen Tian Yu laughed foolishly. As she laughed, Mu Rong Qing started to cry.

She had endured for so long, but when she found out the truth about her mother's death, she didn't cry! When she found out about her father's despicable behavior, she didn't cry! She didn't cry when she knew she couldn't escape marrying a fool! But today, she cried twice, both times because of Shen Tianyu!

His appearance was so beautiful! His eyes were so clear and bright! But she was so afraid of him!

He was afraid that he would go crazy at any moment and plant her! Afraid that he would go crazy and strangle her...

She wanted revenge! She wanted to stop Ning Xiaoyao's scheme. She couldn't let her big brother die at her hands!

She wanted to shatter Murong Yu's dream of being the crown prince's consort. She wanted to make Ning Xuemo fall from her current position into hell! She wanted to make Yu'er's wife's dream come to naught. She wanted to make her father's career in the field rise day by day!

All of this was the motivation for her to continue living! She could not die! He absolutely could not die!

But with Shen Tianyu by her side, how could she protect herself?

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