Marry A Naive Husband/C17 Chapter 17
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Marry A Naive Husband/C17 Chapter 17
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C17 Chapter 17

Tears turned into pearls as they dripped down one by one. Her frailty was shown in front of Shen Tianyu, who had only seen her husband for the second time.

Shen Tianyu did not understand her tears! Shen Tianyu was even more unable to comprehend her fear! Thus, when Shen Tianyu saw how her tears continued to fall, he curiously placed her tears into his mouth. However, he subconsciously frowned and said, "It's …"

Shen Tian Yu's expression became a little sad when she tasted the bitter tears. "My wife, are you crying? Mother said that a woman cries when she's in a lot of trouble. That's why the water here is bitter! "

Bitter? How could it not be painful? Who could she speak to about the bitterness in her heart? Who would understand?

"My wife, don't cry. When I see my wife cry, I think I'll be sad too …" Shen Tianyu pointed to his heart, his expression full of sadness, "Why do I feel sad when my wife cries? I'm not suffering! "

Are you sad? Can a fool know what sadness is?

"My wife, are you not afraid of me? They all said that the eight previous wives ran away because they were afraid of me! They ran, and I was angry! That was why they were beaten to death! Wife's Aroma! They don't smell good! My wife is sweet! They're not sweet! So I won't hit my wife! My wife doesn't know how to run! "So I won't beat my wife to death!"

If Shen Tianyu hadn't said it, Mu Rong Qing wouldn't have been able to stop crying. In the end, she could only lie down on the table and shake her shoulders to make her feel pity.

"Mother …" What had his daughter done wrong? Why is that? "

As she sobbed, Murong Qing asked in her heart: "Why is it like this?" Was she going to suffer like this?

The effect of the powder hadn't completely dissipated. Furthermore, she had been taking the Soul-Calming Elixir for the past few days. Today, she had been frightened even more. Now, she could not stop crying. As she cried, Murong Qing fainted.

Shen Tianyu was curious when Mu Rong Qing suddenly stopped talking, so she reached out to push Mu Rong Qing away, causing her to fall to the ground. Mu Rong Qing's hand hit the bowl on the table and it fell onto the floor with a thud.

"Ah, my wife, what happened to you? Wake up my wife! "

Shen Tianyu exclaimed when she saw Mu Rong Qing lying motionless on the ground.

When Zhao Zixin, who was outside, heard the scream, he immediately pushed the door open and entered. He saw Shen Tianyu crouching on the ground, looking at the unconscious Mu Rong Qing with tears all over her face.

"Eldest Miss!" Young Miss, what's wrong with you? " The lady hurriedly followed her in. When she saw Mu Rong Qing's appearance, she was shocked and ran over to help Mu Rong Qing.

"Old woman, go away! You're not allowed to touch my wife! You made her cry! "

Shen Tianyu pushed the brocade aside, causing it to sit on the ground unhurriedly. Seeing Shen Tian Yu's vicious appearance, he did not dare to speak, and could only turn his pleading gaze towards Zhao Zi Xin.

"Second Young Master, Young Madam is tired and has fallen asleep. Second Young Master should carry Young Madam to bed first!"

Zhao Zixin softened her cold voice as if she was coaxing Shen Tianyu, "If the Young Madam sleeps like this on the ground, she'll catch a cold. When that happens, it won't be fragrant or sweet anymore!"

Hearing Zhao Zixin's words, Shen Tianyu hurried to carry Mu Rong Qing into the inner room. After taking two steps, he turned around and looked at Jin Jin viciously. "She's the one who made my wife cry. I want to beat her to death!"

It took a lot of effort for Yu'er to lift Jin to her feet. After hearing Shen Tianyu's words, she was so frightened that her legs went weak and she fell back down to the ground. He thought to himself, "Second Young Master, you were the one who made the Eldest Miss cry. Why are you blaming this old servant?"

"Second Young Master, so she's Young Madam's wet nurse. If Second Young Master were to kill her, the Young Madam would definitely be hurt. When the Young Madam is sad, it won't be sweet or fragrant anymore!" Zhao Zixin blocked Shen Tian Yu's path and said gently.

Even though the current Shen Tianyu was savage, she showed no signs of going on a rampage. It seemed like she could still persuade him otherwise!

Sure enough, after Shen Tian Yu heard Zhao Zi Xin's words, she snorted towards Jin Yu: "Hmph! I won't beat you to death today! "In the future, if you dare to make my wife sad again, I'll beat you to death!"

After saying that, he carried Murong Qing into the inner room. He didn't care about the round cinnamon candy on the bed and put her on it.

"All of you can go now. I will wait upon you here!" Zhao Zixin spoke again with a cold voice.

"But Eldest Miss …" Jin looked into the room with worry.

"If that's the case, why don't you just wait on him!" But do you dare? " Zhao Zixin's words were very rude! All along, he was the only one who dared to follow Shen Tianyu!

As expected, Jin Yi shivered after hearing this.

"You guys wait outside. If you need anything, I'll call for you!" After giving the order coldly, Zhao Zixin let them go and went into the inner room.

The girl stared at Zhao Zixin in surprise. What was the identity of this man? Why did it feel like his tone was that of a master!

It was itchy, his face was itchy, as if something had lifted him up. He couldn't help but want to sneeze.

Under this strange itch, Murong Qing opened her eyes. What entered her eyes was the large amount of red on the mandarin duck swimming in water. Looking at this large amount of happiness, Murong Qing became a little slow.

"Oh, my wife, you're awake!"

A joyful voice entered his ears, and in the next moment, an enlarged face appeared before him. When the sluggish brain saw the person above, it was stunned for a moment, then its consciousness was pulled back, recalling everything that had happened before.

"Heh …"

With a gasp, Mu Rong Qing dodged hurriedly when Shen Tianyu lowered her head.

"What happened to my wife?" Shen Tianyu looked at Murong Qing in confusion. "Zhao Zixin said that my wife is asleep, that's why it's not sweet!" "When my wife wakes up, it'll be sweet!"

Shen Tianyu's words caused a glint to appear in Mu Rong Qing's eyes. She glanced sideways and saw Zhao Zixin leaning against the wall with his arms crossed before his chest as he looked out the window.

At this moment, candles were flickering in the room, but it was already dark outside the window.

Was it dark?

"What time is it now?" Ye Zichen sat up with both hands on the bed and rubbed his sore eyebrows, while asking Zhao Zixin.

"Reporting to the Young Madam, it's already a quarter past midnight!"

It was already the Hai hour! This way, she had slept for almost twenty hours!

After rubbing his forehead, he started rubbing his aching back. How strange, why did his back hurt so much? He lifted the red quilt of joy, only to see piles of round dates in the bed.

No wonder his back hurt so much! Lying on these things, how could it not hurt?

From this, it could be guessed that Shen Tianyu must have put her on the bed! If it was the brocade, they would definitely clean up the bed!

The moment he got off the bed, Shen Tianyu, who was standing in front of the bed, immediately stuck to him like a cat in love with its owner, saying, "My wife has woken up. It must be sweet!"

Sigh … This was not a moment of rest?

He turned around and took a dry cinnamon bun from the bed, and carefully peeled it. Then, he picked out the core of the fruit and fed Shen Tianyu the pulp, "My current taste is as sweet as this nut! If you like it, you can pick it up and I'll peel it for you to eat, okay? "

Shen Tian Yu's eyes squinted in satisfaction after she had eaten the piece of round osmanthus meat. Hearing Mu Rong Qing's words, she nodded happily: "My wife, this sweet taste is so delicious! I like it! "

As he spoke, he threw the quilt into the corner of the bed and picked up the buns one by one and wrapped them with his robe.

Mu Rong Qing stood quietly in front of the bed and looked at Shen Tianyu who was picking up Gui Yuan. Zhao Zixin was leaning against the window as he looked at Mu Rong Qing thoughtfully.

"My wife, I've brought all of them!" She looked complacently at Mu Rong Qing. It was as though Shen Tian Yu had done the right thing and needed her lord's praise.

"Yes, Darling did well!" "Then, put these on the table, and I will slowly peel them off from you, okay?"

Shen Tianyu nodded her head, then pulled on Gui Yuan with one hand and Mu Rong Qing with the other.

At this moment, Shen Tianyu treated Mu Rong Qing as his possession, so no one else was allowed to get close to her!

After peeling a few pieces and placing them on the empty plate on the table, Murong Qing felt hungry inside. She poured a cup of tea and drank it.

That's right, he hadn't eaten anything today! He had been lying on the bed a few days ago, but he didn't feel anything! He was frightened today. Plus, the effect of the powder had disappeared, so he felt empty inside. It was difficult to endure!

"Will Darling have dinner?" Murong Qing originally wanted to ask Zhao Zixin directly, but she felt that this Zhao Zixin was very strange!

He called himself 'subordinate' before his wife, but he did not bow to her! That attitude was not like that of an ordinary servant!

Zhao Zixin was a man, but he protected the bridal chamber with Shen Tianyu, without any hesitation! Mu Rong Qing couldn't help but wonder what Zhao Zi Xin's identity was.

"This subordinate will now instruct the servants to bring some food over!"

Before Shen Tianyu could reply, Zhao Zixin answered and walked out without waiting for Mu Rong Qing to speak.

Look! At this moment, when Zhao Zixin was happy, he called himself "Subordinate"; when he was unhappy, he called himself "Zhao Zixin"! He said that he would get something to eat, and before she could even say what she wanted to eat, he had already walked straight out!

This Zhao Zixin was truly very strange! How could they serve their master like this?

"I have food! "I ate ginger duck's paw, roast goose with sauce, dragon and phoenix soup …" Shen Tianyu reported the names of more than ten dishes in one breath, causing Murong Qing to be stunned.

This... He actually knew the names of so many dishes? "How does my husband know the names of those dishes?"

"When servants serve food, don't they always announce their dishes?" This time, Shen Tianyu looked at Mu Rong Qing as though she was looking at a fool, "My wife is so stupid!"

"…" Mu Rong Qing naturally knew that the servants would announce the dishes when they served the dishes! She said, "What I mean is that my husband is so amazing. He can actually remember the dishes' names!"

"Of course not!" Mother said that I was intelligent when I was young! "Reminiscing is superb, photographic memory is superb!" Shen Tianyu was delighted once more. Raising her head, a proud look appeared on her face.

"…" Mu Rong Qing was speechless, but she was surprised. She didn't expect Shen Tianyu to be this foolish. Her memory was actually that great!

Thinking of this, Murong Qing calmed herself down and started to carefully reminisce about the past few years and understand Shen Tianyu's pitiful status.

Shen Tianyu was the second young master of the Shen Manor, and had been extremely intelligent since young. In business, as long as he made a move, he would be of great benefit! His martial arts skills were also excellent, but to what extent, Murong Qing had no way of knowing! Three years ago, Shen Tianyu had disappeared for no reason one night. Within a few days, he had found her in a dilapidated temple.

Other than that, Mu Rong Qing realized that she had no understanding of Shen Tianyu at all!

"My wife is so beautiful!"

Mu Rong Qing looked at the teapot in a daze, while Shen Tian Yu looked at Mu Rong Qing and said with a silly smile, "They said that your wife is ranked in the top three amongst the top 10 people in the capital. I don't know how they look, but your wife is the most beautiful person I've ever seen!"

As she spoke, Shen Tianyu reached out to touch Mu Rong Qing's face. Murong Qing was about to leave when she met Shen Tianyu's bright and clear eyes which were filled with joy. For a moment, sadness and sadness filled her heart.

How glorious was this man before? But at this moment, it was like this!

And she? Having a mother three years ago, she didn't need to think about anything. Her mother said that her kindness was the best gift that the heavens had given her!

But now, she hated her ignorance! In the three years after her mother's death, she had learned a lot and understood a lot of things. She could not deal with those schemes and scheming, but she had to deal with them!

She had thought that her interactions with Ning Xiaoyao had grown in these three years. Only now did she realize that she had only come here to play with her when she had nothing better to do!

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