Marry A Naive Husband/C18 Chapter 18
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Marry A Naive Husband/C18 Chapter 18
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C18 Chapter 18

Mu Rong Qing looked at Shen Tianyu quietly. Shen Tianyu also looked at Mu Rong Qing quietly. For a time, an indescribable pressure permeated the quiet room.

"My wife, you're so beautiful!"

As she said this, Murong Qing felt her heart ache. However, she still maintained a faint smile on her face.

A fool wouldn't know how to talk nice, but he knew what was nice to look at! How funny!

Mu Rong Qing felt a bit embarrassed after Shen Tianyu held her face in such a manner. She pulled his hand down and said, "Husband, don't be so intimate with me!"

"I don't! You are my wife, I want to be good to my wife! They said that if they do not want to be good to their wife, there will be no young master for them! " Shen Tianyu flung Mu Rong Qing's hand away in dissatisfaction. His face was full of unhappiness.

It's them again!

What did those people tell Shen Tianyu? If he was so casual when he was outside, wouldn't he end up being a laughingstock!

Letting out a light breath, Murong Qing had no choice but to compromise. "Those people should be saying that when it's just the two of us, such intimacy can only have a young master. If it was in front of outsiders, not only would there be a young master, it would even make others laugh at me!"

As she said this, Murong Qing looked at Shen Tianyu with sparkling eyes. "My husband is so intelligent. He definitely won't let others laugh at me, right?"

"You also think that I'm very smart!" Shen Tianyu was delighted. "They all say that I'm intelligent, but I've always heard others calling me stupid behind my back!"

When she spoke of it foolishly, not only did Shen Tianyu not get annoyed, she even chuckled happily.

"Yes!" My husband is extremely intelligent, so my husband must be feeling sorry for me and will definitely listen to me, right? "

If the person in front of her wasn't such a man, Murong Qing would have felt that she was that bad at kidnapping a three-year-old child!

"Hm!" Wife's Aroma! My wife is sweet! My wife is beautiful! I love my wife, so I will listen to you! " Shen Tianyu happily complied, and once again began to eat the nuts in her plate.

At this time, Jin Yumei brought Yu'er, Bi'er, as well as the maidservants assigned to the courtyard into the courtyard.

Seeing the brocade, Shen Tianyu flung away the nuts in her hands and pointed at the brocade angrily. "You're here again!" You made my wife cry! Get out! "

Shen Tianyu's shout scared the Sage Jin and forced her to take a few steps back. Coming to the Shen Mansion today, the Sage Jin was truly frightened!

"Husband, please wait!" Seeing that Shen Tianyu was about to attack again, Mu Rong Qing hastily pulled Shen Tianyu back, "How did my husband say it to me? The brocade which is my old one, of course it will not make me cry! " It's obviously you idiot! Yet, he had even splashed dirty water on someone else!

"All of you can leave now. I'll call for you if you need me!" Seeing that Shen Tianyu was still furious, Mu Rong Qing retreated from the group.

Zhao Zixin stood in his room with no intention of leaving.

Murong Qing didn't know Zhao Zixin's identity and let him go. She then looked at Shen Tianyu, "Husband, who is my wet nurse? She's like my mother. Husband, you mustn't hurt her at all!"

Mu Rong Qing felt uncertain when she said this! Previously, he spoke so much with Shen Tianyu and he was already full of joy when he agreed to it. Even if it wasn't for the fact that he was really able to fulfill his promise, at the very least, he wouldn't oppose it!

Actually, Mu Rong Qing was a little surprised as well. This Shen Tian Yu was actually very easy to coax while she was in a daze! If he was not crazy, then there would be no danger!

"But she made my wife cry!" Shen Tianyu was still furious. "I said it before, if you don't scold your wife, if you don't hit your wife, you won't be wronged!" Yet she dared to make her wife cry! She deserves to die! "

As she spoke, Shen Tianyu stood up as if he was about to kill Jinyi. Murong Qing was shocked as she quickly stood up and stopped Shen Tianyu, "Husband, you mustn't! "It doesn't make Qing'Er cry at all. She just misses her mother!"

Is he really stupid or is he pretending to be stupid? What kind of brocade was it? It was clearly not there, but how could he carry it with him?

"Really?" Shen Tianyu looked at the anxious Mu Rong Qing in suspicion, but she didn't move forward.

"Seriously!" Mu Rong Qing nodded her head and tried to pull Shen Tianyu's hand. Seeing that he didn't shake her off, she heaved a sigh of relief and pulled him to sit down. "Does husband really feel sorry for Qing Er?"

"Heartache!" I like my wife! "The wife smells good!"

Shen Tianyu said Mu Rong Qing Xiang again and again. This made Mu Rong Qing very suspicious. That thing tastes the same as that fruit. Shen Tianyu likes the taste of that fruit, so what exactly is that fruit? Why was he so happy when he smelled it?

He was really hungry and didn't have the mood to think about what was going on. Thus, he took his chopsticks and prepared to eat.

After picking up the food, Shen Tianyu's head popped out of the corner of her mouth, his mouth agape as he waited for her to feed him.

Murong Qing was stunned. She looked at Zhao Zixin, who was standing at the side and looking out of the window, "Who served Second Young Master's meals in the past?"

"Me!" Zhao Zixin spoke the word lightly, but didn't even turn his head.

"You are feeding him like this yourself?" Mu Rong Qing was a bit angry! Who would feed them like this?

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Zixin met Murong Qing's forgiving eyes. His eyes were clear and cold, but Murong Qing was the first to turn around and unnaturally look at the empty bowl in front of her.

After a while, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Zhao Zixin walk over. He then took a pair of chopsticks from the table and placed it on the bowl in front of Shen Tianyu, "Second Young Master, it's time to eat!"

Very miraculously, after Zhao Zixin finished speaking, Shen Tianyu immediately sat down obediently. At the same time, she took her chopsticks on her own accord and started to eat.

Mu Rong Qing raised her head in shock, facing Zhao Zi Xin's cold gaze, she only felt her mind go blank. It was as if countless people were laughing at him.

Heh! Interesting! How interesting! This fool clearly knew how to eat properly. In the end, he treated her like a fool!

At this moment, Mu Rong Qing was thinking, was Shen Tianyu really stupid or was he just pretending to be crazy? She felt that she had become a laughable existence under Zhao Zixin's cold and aloof gaze! The feeling made her feel unspeakably depressed.

She raised her chopsticks and suppressed the depression in her chest, desperately stuffing food into her mouth. She did not know if she would lose her dignity if she did not do so, and curse Shen Tianyu instead, or even Zhao Zixin!

Is it interesting? Was it that interesting to see Shen Tianyu toying with her? Could it be that Zhao Zixin was also an idiot? He was actually looking at her coldly, as if she was an idiot!

Mu Rong Qing stuffed the rice into her bowl. Shen Tianyu, who was carrying the dishes, was curious, so she stopped stuffing the dishes into the bowl. She then followed Mu Rong Qing's example and stuffed the rice into her mouth.

When Mu Rong Qing realized Shen Tianyu's actions, he had already stuffed a bowl of rice inside. However, his chopsticks were still moving in the empty bowl, and the sound of the chopsticks and the bowl rubbing against each other was very ear-piercing.

"Burp …"

After a burp, Shen Tianyu stopped digging through the empty bowl and threw away the chopsticks. He ran to Zhao Zixin's side and spread his hands, "I've eaten, give me the fruits!"

Without another word, Zhao Zixin took out a fruit and tossed it to Shen Tianyu before turning his head towards the window, no longer looking at Shen Tianyu.

Shen Tianyu took the fruit happily and ran back to Mu Rong Qing's side, "Zhao Zixin is done. As long as I eat properly, he will give me one more fruit to eat!"

So that's how it was!

"My wife, hurry up and eat this! Eat our bridal room!" Shen Tianyu said indistinctly to Mu Rong Qing while biting on a fruit.

"Cough, cough …" Murong Qing was still stuffing food into her mouth when she heard these words. She immediately choked and started coughing violently.

Mu Rong Qing coughed and blushed, while Shen Tian Yu looked curiously at Mu Rong Qing's blushing face. She thought for a moment before placing the fruit on the table and pouring a cup of tea for Mu Rong Qing.

Mu Rong Qing coughed heavily and forgot to pour the tea. When she saw that Shen Tian Yu had poured the tea, she took it and drank a few mouthfuls. At this moment, Shen Tian Yu patted Mu Rong Qing's back with one hand and said, "Don't worry! Don't worry! Saliva will go with the flow first! "

With great difficulty, Mu Rong Qing finally realized what Shen Tianyu was doing and was shocked. His actions were very similar to when he was serving her!

Today, she choked on her words as well. The brocade just let her off like that!

Shen Tianyu's memory was indeed excellent! He could even remember such a small detail, yet he could still do it so naturally!

Seeing that Mu Rong Qing had stopped coughing, Shen Tianyu picked up the fruit happily and started munching on it.

This... Mu Rong Qing couldn't tell if this Shen Tianyu was really stupid or was he just pretending to be stupid?

This meal lasted for less than an hour. After the girls cleaned up the table, Shen Tianyu happily pulled Mu Rong Qing's hand and prepared to get on the bed.

Seeing Shen Tianyu's joyous expression, the words that came out of her mouth were like children clamoring for candy! Mu Rong Qing felt really helpless, she could only face Zhao Zixin by the window and said, "It's already late at night, you should go back and rest!"

Zhao Zixin looked over calmly. His words surprised Murong Qing: "Are you sure you want me to leave this room?"

Zhao Zixin's words were completely baffled. Murong Qing was stunned at first, but then she became furious. She had always felt that she had an extremely good temper! He didn't expect that he would be so angry at Zhao Zixin again and again!

She swept her gaze across the room. Since Shen Tianyu was viciously telling the girls to get out of here, Murong Qing didn't dare to let the girls stay in her room. She was afraid that Shen Tianyu would kill them if she went crazy!

However, even though the servants had all gone out, this Zhao Zixin was still standing there motionlessly! Now that he had to rest, Murong Qing really didn't know why he was staying here.

Although she had never thought of marrying a fool, Zhao Zixin was still a man! If he stayed in the bridal chamber on the night of the wedding, he was afraid that she would come tomorrow and seduce his subordinates, and he would be convicted of not following the way of a woman would be executed!

"Go out! You don't need to wait on me here! " The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Mu Rong Qing's voice also became colder.

[This man is truly unreasonable!]

Murong Qing thought Zhao Zixin would say something else, but she didn't expect Zhao Zixin to give her that kind of indifferent look before walking out. When they reached the door, Zhao Zixin turned around, and the expression in his eyes made Murong Qing even more furious.

That look was like looking at someone who was about to die. That look of contempt and confidence, Murong Qing turned her body abruptly so that she wouldn't look at him in a different way.

When there were only two people in the room, Mu Rong Qing looked at Shen Tianyu nervously. She was infuriated a moment ago, so she didn't think too much about it. Now that she was standing alone with Shen Tianyu in front of the bed, she suddenly realized that the person before her was someone who could go insane at any moment!

However, she had already told Zhao Zixin to leave, so she couldn't call him back! Right now, he was only hoping that this night would pass peacefully …

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