Marry A Naive Husband/C19 Chapter 19
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Marry A Naive Husband/C19 Chapter 19
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C19 Chapter 19

Shen Tianyu had fainted, but Mu Rong Qing didn't have the time to celebrate. That palm attack had made Zhao Zixin spit out blood. It was clear that Zhao Zixin had suffered some internal injuries!

He walked to the side of Zhao Zixin, who was sitting cross-legged as if he was calming down the chaos.

Mu Rong Qing didn't dare disturb Zhao Zixin. She was also a martial artist, and although she couldn't compare herself to Zhao Zixin, she knew that she shouldn't disturb Zhao Zixin now. Otherwise, Zhao Zixin's cultivation might go berserk!

Not daring to disturb Zhao Zixin, Murong Qing looked at Shen Tianyu, who had fallen to the ground. The current Shen Tianyu did not have that foolish look on her face, nor did she have the ferocious look when she was on the verge of going berserk. At this moment, even though he possessed an extraordinarily handsome face, it was impossible for anyone to forget how terrifying he was!

Kill him! Take advantage of this time to kill him! As long as you kill him, you won't be a threat!

As this thought appeared in her mind, Murong Qing felt her heart start to beat rapidly.

That's right! This was a good time! As long as they killed him, they wouldn't need to worry about losing their courage like this! As long as I kill him and escape, I can go find big brother!

With that thought, she looked at the sword Zhao Zixin had thrown to the side, and Mu Rong Qing suddenly pulled it out …

As the sword neared Shen Tianyu, Mu Rong Qing recalled the night when she found out the truth.

That night, because of the effects of the Hundred Melting Pill, her inner strength greatly increased. She originally wanted to take this opportunity to leave, but she didn't expect that outside the manor she would be guarded by countless experts!

She was certain that the experts mixed in with the guards were all Ning Xiaoyao's men! Why would Aunt Ning place so many experts outside the palace? To prevent her from escaping? Or was it to prevent others from intruding into the mansion?

Although she knew kung fu, her kung fu wasn't enough to make Ning Xiaoyao pay so much attention! The remaining possibility was that he was preventing outsiders from entering the residence!

But, who was Aunt Ning on guard against in the capital? Who would have entered the manor at that time?

Thinking about what she had discovered that night, Mu Rong Qing suddenly thought of the unconscious man in front of her! The long sword in her hand came to a sudden stop when she was just a finger away from Shen Tianyu.

Shen Tianyu had been jointly designed by Aunt Ning and Shen Er Niang. Aunt Ning must have been worried about Shen Tianyu, or worried that Zhao Zixin would enter the mansion to ask her about it! That was why they had sent so many experts!

Even though Shen Tianyu's kung fu was high, it was only when she was insane that she would display her superior kung fu! Zhao Zixin's martial arts were not as good as Shen Tianyu's. If he had to enter the mansion to investigate, Zhao Zixin would definitely go! In that case, those people were used to guard against Zhao Zixin!

Thinking this way, Murong Qing boldly assumed that Aunt Ning and Shen Er Niang were in the same group. Although she didn't know Zhao Zi's identity, she still stood on Shen Tian Yu's side in the Shen Mansion! Shen Er Niang was quite wary of Zhao Zixin!

Aunt Ning and the rest were afraid of Zhao Zixin, so they were afraid of the crazy Shen Tianyu! In that case, Shen Tianyu could be used by her!

"Can't do it?"

Just as Murong Qing was thinking, a cold voice rang in her ears.

In the blink of an eye, when he saw Zhao Zixin who was just inches away from him, he let go in fear and the sword fell down. Just as the sword was about to cut through Shen Tianyu's neck, Zhao Zi raised his hand and caught it. He put his hands back into the scabbard and his movements were smooth and fluid.

At this moment, Zhao Zixin was still as cold as ice, but his words caused Murong Qing to shudder, "If your sword gets any closer, I'll kill you!"

Listen! What a cold tone! What cold words!

At this moment, Murong Qing was glad that she had thought so much just now. She didn't want to turn into a corpse because of that momentary thought!

"I was surprised to escape from the bed to the door!" When Zhao Zixin lifted Shen Tianyu from the floor and put her on the bed, he said this in a neither light nor heavy tone.

Murong Qing frowned. It seemed like he had experienced this a lot! That is to say, someone had died on this bed before?

"Out of the previous eight concubines, two died on the night of the bridal chamber!" After saying that, Zhao Zixin turned around and looked at Murong Qing, who was already pale, with a faint smile. After hearing what she said, her face turned even paler, "However, it's not on this bed!"


He had helped her block that palm just now, but was once again enraged by Zhao Zixin's teasing.

[Why is this man so bad?] Did he have to see her so scared that her face was drained of blood to be happy?

Mu Rong Qing cursed in her heart, but Zhao Zixin sat in front of the table, poured a cup of water, drank half of it before continuing, "Shen Tian Yu is a genius! Whether it was in martial arts or the business world, it was an invincible success! Half of his kung fu comes from master teachers and the other half from his intelligent mind! "

"Shen Tianyu likes to travel around the world. I wonder when he met a woman who shared the same interests as him. With her, he would be able to form an alliance with her in a day and night!"

"The night before Shen Tianyu brought the woman back to the Shen Mansion to prepare for her wedding, Shen Tianyu disappeared without a reason! Three days later, Shen Tianyu was finally found in a rundown temple. "

"However, Shen Tianyu, who was found by others, no longer has such a wise mind. The proud son of heaven, turned into a foolish person who only knows how to giggle!"

"From then on, the Shen Mansion sank into an unprecedented depression. However, on the tenth day after Shen Tianyu was found, the woman who had vowed to live and die with Shen Tianyu turned around and fell in love with Shen Tianyu's biological elder brother, Shen Tianqi."

"Ha, you can't believe it, right?" Seeing Murong Qing's shocked expression, Zhao Zixin continued to look at her with a smile that was not a smile, "This is the love that will protect even if it costs me my life!" This is the love that everyone talks about, the love that never leaves even when the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten! "

Facing Zhao Zixin's mockery of love, Murong Qing was speechless!

That's right! Love? What is love? Grandmother said that Mother had broken off relations with her mother for her father's sake; but what about her father? His father had been using his mother from the very beginning!

"What happened next?" The Shen Palace wouldn't agree for that girl to be with his big brother, right? " Not wanting to continue this heavy topic, Murong Qing brought the topic up once again.

"Of course not, but that idiot Shen Tianqi is actually trying to force me with his death!" With another smile, Murong Qing felt that just like her, Zhao Zixin didn't believe in love! She was because of her mother, so what about him?

"Shen Tianyu's foolishness has already caused the madame and the rest to be completely exhausted. If Shen Tianqi were to continue pushing her to the point of death, she would naturally get what she wanted! However, she did not expect that on the day of Shen Tianqi's wedding to that woman, Shen Tianyu would suddenly go berserk, as if he had gone mad and wanted to kill that woman and Shen Tianqi. A wedding almost became a funeral, and the old lady said that Shen Tianyu went mad because he could not bear to see the person he loved marry into another person.

"State?" Murong Qing subconsciously asked, "Could it be that the woman lives in the Zhou Province?"

"Yes sir!" Zhao Zixin looked at Murong Qing in admiration and realized that she was indeed intelligent. There were many things that only knew one, but not the other!

Mu Rong Qing, on the other hand, remained silent after receiving a positive reply.

Was all this a coincidence? Or was it a conspiracy?

His mother was in trouble three years ago, while Shen Tianyu was in trouble three years ago.

"The Prefecture — The home of Aunt Ning's mother!"

Mu Rong Qing became silent, but her silence made Zhao Zixin, who sat opposite of her, have a glimmer in her eyes.

"Then what is the fruit?" After a long silence, Murong Qing finally asked this question.

If Murong Qing wasn't sure about the problem with the fruit before, then she was sure that there was a problem with it now! However, she couldn't be sure of any problems!

"Nameless Fruit!" Zhao Zixin poured a cup of tea, as if he was dancing with his sword. Murong Qing looked at Zhao Zixin, the doubt in her heart growing.

This Zhao Zixin was definitely not an ordinary guard! Furthermore, he was not a servant! The officials of the imperial court would naturally have guards to guard them, while the rich could only hire guards to guard them! Looking at Zhao Zixin's expression, his eyes were cold and his expression was indifferent, especially his uncontrollable attitude. How could he be an ordinary guard?!

Murong Qing felt that this Zhao Zixin should be more careful!

"Nameless fruit?" After retracting her thoughts, Murong Qing asked in confusion, "What is that thing?"

"I don't know!" When Mu Rong Qing heard the name Zhao Zixin, she frowned. What did that mean? You don't even know what it is, how can you be so confident in letting Shen Tianyu eat it?

"Ever since the woman left the capital, Shen Tian Yu had gone berserk from time to time. When he was awake, my kung fu was not much different from his, but when he was awake, his kung fu increased explosively. I can stop him once, but I can't stop him a second time! Finally, in the midst of his madness, he rushed out of the Shen Mansion and ran into a deep mountain. When we were searching for him, he was happily eating the fruit on the mountain. From then on, we discovered that as long as there was this fruit, he would be able to calm down. "

"But … why did the fragrance he smelled just now become even more violent?" Mu Rong Qing was astonished when she heard that. There was actually such a thing in this world! She continued, "I've never seen that fruit before, so isn't Master Shen afraid that there's something wrong with it?"

The fruit tree is hidden deep in the mountains, and very few people would go there. Once Master Shen found out about the fruit, he tried it himself and asked a famous doctor in the capital to study it. After confirming that there are no problems with the fruit, he sent his trusted aides to take care of it.

"All seasons?" Murong Qing was surprised once again. "What kind of fruit can produce results all year round?"

"This is what's so special about the nameless fruit!" Zhao Zixin looked at Shen Tian Yu who was lying on the bed with a hint of melancholy in his eyes. "Madam Shen said that the deity from the heavens pitied Shen Tian Yu and planted these fruits to pacify her!"

Heh! What a joke! If there really was a deity, why would she go through such an ordeal?

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