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C2 Chapter 2

He saw Maitreya Buddha sitting cross-legged on a prayer mat with his robe open and a fan in his hand. The smile on his face looked kind and kind.

He remembered a few days ago when he went to the Putian Temple to burn incense, the madame had said, 'This Maitreya Buddha is really hilarious!' If you feel any discomfort, feel it and it will be all right! '

At that time, Murong Qing was hesitating over the birthday present for the madame. After hearing the madame's words, she came up with a plan. After returning, she found the best golden silk threads and finished the double-sided embroidery in March.

"Old madam, this buddhist embroidery was personally opened by the ignorant abbot of the Putian Temple! "The abbot said that the Buddha can hang in the buddhist hall, and that it is a perfect gift to the buddha!"

The madame's eyes were shining as she spoke softly.

Upon hearing these words, the old mistress grew even more shocked. "Did the abbot of the Putian Heavenly Temple personally open his eyes?"

That Putian Temple was not an ordinary temple, it was a national temple! It was not something that could be casually done!

Looking at Mu Rong Qing who was sitting beside her with a faint smile on her face, the old mistress couldn't believe what she had just heard!

After Fang Yi said those words, he silently retreated behind Murong Qing, looking at her nose and heart.

The old mistress was in no hurry to ask more when she heard a loud voice. He frowned slightly and indicated for Liu Qing to keep the precious double-sided embroidery.

When Liu Qing put away the double-sided embroidery, Murong Yu and Aunt Ning were walking in together. Behind him was the tall Murong Hao.

"This humble concubine greets the old mistress. I wish her every year, every year, and every year until the end!"

"Granddaughter wishes the madame a happy life and good health, a lifetime without boundaries!"

"Grandson wishes the madame the best of fortune, such as the East China Sea, such as the sun and the moon. Pine Crane Changchun, Spring and Autumn is not old, and is rejuvenated in a diluted fashion.

Aunt Ning, Murong Yu, and Murong Hao greeted the madame one after the other. The madame had a kind smile on her face as she asked Liu Hong to serve them tea.

"The madame is auspicious, this humble concubine really doesn't know what kind of gift to present to the madame. After repeated selection, I had no choice but to choose this White Jade Guan Yin!" "Please don't turn your back on me, madame!"

As she spoke, the maidservant by Aunt Ning's side had already handed the box over to Liu Hong.

Liu Hong brought out the white jade, and saw that Guanyin held the jade bottle with a peaceful expression; the jade was even more rare to find with Tian Wanxin!

The old mistress took the white jade from Liu Hong's hands. When she touched it, it was gentle. The jade was sparkling and white, without a single flaw. What a rare high rank!

At this moment, Liu Qing, who walked out, curled his lips without anyone noticing.

Although this Guan Yin was good, she couldn't compare to the double-sided embroidery that the eldest miss had personally embroidered!

"Aunt Ning has spent her money!" The madame handed Bai Yu Guan Yin to Liu Hong and stopped looking at her.

This jade might be good, but it wasn't as good as the double-sided embroidery Mu Rong Qing had personally embroidered! Moreover, from what he had heard just now, the embroidery was personally done by the enlightened Reverend Immortal-Heavens Temple! He didn't know if this matter was true or false. It seemed like he had to send someone to investigate!

"In these past few days, Yu Er has been painstakingly practicing with Mr. Zeng and personally made a map of a hundred sons and daughters. I wish the old lady and her descendants all the way around!"

Seeing the matriarch's indifferent expression, Ning Xuemo was not sure. This Bai Yu Guan Yin was a treasure found in her maiden home. Not only was she worth thousands of gold taels, it was even harder to come by!

How could such a fine item not enter the madame's eyes?

Not knowing what to do, she hurriedly gave Murong Yu a meaningful glance. Receiving a hint from Aunt Ning, Murong Yu hurriedly took out the painting and started working on it.

He saw a benevolent old woman sitting in the courtyard. There were countless children in the courtyard, and their ages varied. They all had a happy and harmonious atmosphere as they responded to the words of 'grandchild'!

This painting is also wonderful! The peaceful looking old woman looked very similar to the old lady! If one were to take a closer look, they would see that the painting was meticulously drawn, with each stroke meticulously drawn. Even the small wrinkles on the robe could be drawn in detail!

From this, it could be seen that this painting had also used one's heart!

His son was Murong Xiu, who lived far away at the edge of the city. His daughter was Murong Qing, who was currently the current Murong Qing, and right now, his aunt was only Lady Ning, who was also a son and daughter. My son is Murong Hao, my daughter is Murong Yu!

When Murong Qing saw the madame looking at the map with a smile on her face, her eyes that were as clear as water flashed with a trace of emotion.

"Grandson didn't get the meticulous thoughts of his little sisters. I can only look for your longevity and hope that Grandmother's blessings will last forever and your health will be good!"

When the old mistress' smile deepened, Murong Hao took advantage of the heat and took out a Jade Buddha.

The jade Buddha might be called Buddha, but it was not exactly a Buddha. A man dressed in colorful clothes was standing there, holding a peach in his left hand and a cane in his right. There was a calabash hanging on the cane; the word 'Life' was carved on it.

Wasn't this that old longevity star?

When Mu Rong Qing saw the look in the madame's eyes, she knew that Aunt Ning was much more powerful than she thought!

This double-sided embroidery of hers, with the golden thread as its lead, in addition to this double-sided embroidery was rare in this world! Therefore, expressing one's intentions was extremely important!

All these years, Aunt Ning had made use of her mother's status as a renowned rich merchant to obtain many valuable gifts for the madame, to curry favor with the madame!

Just like that White Jade Guan Yin!

Today was the old mistress' 50th birthday, but she hadn't expected that Ning Xiaoyao had also learned from her experiences in the past years and continued to make things boring for herself. This was all thanks to her son and daughter obtaining the old mistress' acknowledgement!

"Hmm, you guys are considerate! Sit down, Liu Qing. Why are you standing up? Bring some tea to Second Miss and Second Young Master! "

When the old mistress carefully placed Cai Yu's longevity star back into the box, it looked as though she couldn't let go of it.

"Ah, big sister's clothes are a bit too clean today!" It's Grandmother's 50th birthday today, so there's no reason why there should be so many respectable guests. With Big Sister's dressing, we shouldn't be so rude to our guests! "

After listening to Murong Yu's' surprise 'reminder, Murong Qing realized that Murong Yu was still wearing the same clothes!

Then, earlier she said that she would return to her room to change her clothes …

After thinking for a while, Murong Qing understood!

Her eyes met Murong Yu's proud gaze, then she looked at Aunt Ning, who was pretending to be deep in thought. When she looked at Murong Hao, Murong Qing noticed a flash of excitement in his eyes.

In the end, Murong Qing's gaze landed on the old mistress, whose gaze was slightly gloomy. "Qing Er has been careless. I shall go to my room and change my clothes!"

"Hm!" You go on! Hurry and come here before the guests arrive! " Although the madame's voice did not sound reproachful, it was not as amiable as before.

Under Murong Yu's proud gaze, Murong Qing stood up and left.

"Eldest Miss!" In a few days, it would be three years! The old mistress knew of this, but why did she still tolerate the second lady? "

Yu'er couldn't hold back her anger anymore as she angrily picked up her clothes.

"Yu'er, don't talk too much!"

Mu Rong Qing sat silently. She had not said a word ever since she came back from the old mistress' courtyard. Hearing Yu'er's complaints, Fang Yi first gave a low shout and quickly looked around, "Jin, is it that Zi Er hasn't come back yet?"

"That's right!" It had been almost two hours. Even though he had stolen his teacher's skills, it was about time for him to return! Besides, today is the old mistress' birthday celebration. That little girl really doesn't know how to weigh everything! " Although Mu Ru Yue didn't know what had happened, it could be seen that when Murong Qing's expression darkened, she could already guess that the matter wasn't light!

"What happened?" When Momo entered the room, she stood behind the door and whispered to Fang.

"This double-sided embroidery of mine is only known by Yu'er, Zi'er, Bi'er, Fang, and the brocade!"

Mu Rong Qing, who was sitting at the side, remained silent as she spoke.

"Embroidery?" Hearing that, the brocade immediately felt surprised: "That's not it!" That double-sided embroidery was passed down by the Lady and the Young Miss! In today's world, there are at most three people who can embroider this double-sided embroidery! "

Mu Rong Qing had always been a calm person, she definitely wouldn't talk about her double-sided embroidery skills! The old mistress' birthday present was something that Mu Rong Qing had coincidentally thought of! After that, he would spend the entire day secretly embroidering in the room!

"Miss's birthday present, I'm sure you know about it in Aunt Ning's courtyard!" A cold light flashed in her eyes as she looked at Yu'er.

Yu Er was intelligent to begin with, so after hearing what the three of them said, she hurriedly placed the clothes in her hands on the bed, turned around and kneeled in front of Murong Qing, "Young miss, please be careful! Ever since Yu'er had started following Miss Sai, she no longer had any ulterior motives! "In this lifetime, you will be loyal to the young miss, and will never do anything that would betray the young miss!"

Yu'er knelt down at her feet, her body trembling slightly.

Looking at the trembling Yu Er, a hint of heartache flashed across Murong Qing's eyes. Seeing the expression on Murong Qing's face, the woman in silk hurriedly stepped forward and scolded Yu Er: "Yu Er! Miss has been kind since young. Even if Zi did not know how to behave normally, Miss had only said a few words. If you had not done something against your heart, why would you have crawled on the ground and trembled like a pig! "

"What do you mean by wrong?" These little girls usually do not receive any respect or disrespect from the masses! " How could he not agree with Mu Rong Qing's kindness? How could this kind young miss handle Aunt Ning? "If the young ladies by Eldest Young Miss's side weren't a little more cautious, they would definitely harm you one day!"

"Jin huh …" Murong Qing opened her mouth and called the young girl who was about to open it to her side.

"Miss, what's the matter?" The woman looked at Murong Qing with a pained expression, "Did you think of something?"

Seeing the brocade in front of her, Murong Yu's slightly cold heart immediately felt a bit warmer. "What is my wet nurse? I naturally won't doubt her!" "As for Fang?"

"Before mother passed away, I served mother with all my heart. After mother passed away, I lost my mother, so I decided to take care of her …" After pausing for a moment, Murong Yu continued, "I understand the principle of being strict!"

After saying that, Murong Qing no longer said anything. Instead, she turned her gaze towards Yu Er, who was kneeling on the ground. "Yu Er and Zi Er had personally chosen to be sent to my side when I was five years old. As for Bi Er …"

Speaking of Bi Er, Mu Rong Qing stopped talking.

Bi Er, she was originally a rough maid in the Murong Qing courtyard! When her mother passed away, Murong Qing stayed in the mourning hall all day and all night. She stayed there in front of her mother's spirit for seven days because of her and also because of her elder brother, who did not receive any news!

For seven whole days, he didn't eat or drink, nor did he sleep at all … Even a man made of iron would not be able to stand it! What's more, Murong Yu was only 12 years old!

In that period of time, Yu'er and Zi'er had a plan? They were extremely busy. Bi'er, who was supposed to be a rough servant girl, had been arranged to serve Murong Qing.

Since then, Murong Qing had raised Bi'er to a first-rate maidservant!

Before she had ascended to become Bi'er, Murong Qing had already checked on her. That little girl had a clean and clean background; she was a poor family girl who had just entered the palace. That was why she was able to raise Bi'er without worry …

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