Marry A Naive Husband/C20 Chapter 20
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Marry A Naive Husband/C20 Chapter 20
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C20 Chapter 20

Hearing what Lady Shen said, Murong Qing could not help but smile in her heart. However, she opened her mouth and asked the most important question: "Why was that fruit fragrance ineffective?"

"Midnight. What used to be a cure has now become a weapon for killing!" Then, Zhao Zixin turned around and looked straight at Murong Qing, "What you want to know, I've already told you! Now, it's your turn to answer my question! "

Under Mu Rong Qing's confused gaze, Zhao Zi Xin took out a box from her bosom. When Mu Rong Qing saw the box, her heart tightened, "Why do you have the nameless fruit for hair oil?"

At this moment, Zhao Zixin's eyes were filled with coldness, and those emotionless eyes made people's hearts tremble. Mu Rong Qing couldn't help but think, could this be counted as being courteous before anything else?

Zhao Zixin first told her a bunch of things about Shen Tianyu. Murong Qing really wanted to know about those things! At the very least, she was currently living in the Shen Mansion. If she wanted to save her brother, she could only think of a foolproof plan after figuring out a few things!

"The nameless fruit is being guarded by Master Shen's trusted aides. It would be hard for others to even meet them, let alone take them! And this box of hair oil was made with at least ten plum fruits! "

With that aggressive tone and that emotionless gaze, Murong Qing only felt that Zhao Zixin was like a wild wolf with its mouth split in two. As long as she said anything wrong, he would tear apart those sharp teeth of hers!

"That day, Shen Tianyu was supposed to be outside the city, but when I was less than 10 steps away from her, she was lured away by a black-clothed man whose martial arts were not inferior to mine. When I chased after her, the 13 black-clothed men in ambush blocked my path! When I caught up, he was already in your courtyard! "

The faint, cold words were gently and faintly spoken when it was spat out from his tiny lips, giving off a devilish, soul-stirring feeling.

"You used this fruit fragrance to incite the Second Young Master to commit an immoral act towards you. However, this marriage is not something that can be discussed with you! "

She placed the cup on the table and it made a crisp sound. Murong Qing was surprised to see that the teacup had been cut in half.

"What do you want?"

After the last five words ended, Zhao Zixin looked coldly at Mu Rong Qing, waiting for her reply.

Mu Rong Qing looked at Zhao Zixin in shock. She had suffered quite a bit today, but she hadn't expected that on this night, her life would be hanging by a thread. She was then interrogated like a criminal. She was just a woman in a deep room! Three years ago, she had been carefree and carefree, displaying the elegance of a scholar while holding a book or holding a brush and drawing as much of the world as she could.

Ever since her mother had passed away, she'd been learning how to deal with Aunt Ning. Only then did she realize how exhausting her mother's daily life had been! She had thought that she had done very well in those three years, but she hadn't thought that those days had merely been a small amusement for Ning Xiaoyao!

Without experiencing wind and rain, one would not know the suffering of the world! When she realised that she had no choice but to marry into the Shen Mansion and that she had no choice but to marry that foolish Shen Tianyu, she felt helpless and lost. She also hated and was infuriated! However, after being angry and hating her, she had to face reality!

Thus, after marrying into the Shen Manor, she didn't cry or act pretentious! However, what she did not expect was that it was fate that made her marry a silly person; instead, it was fate that made her marry a crazy monster!

Her daughter's thoughts were always soft and gentle. Mu Rong Qing thought that she had been cold-hearted all these years, but she didn't expect that she would fail on the very first day she entered the Shen mansion!

First, he was scared by Shen Tianyu to the point that he couldn't pretend to be strong and he cried bitterly. Before she could catch her breath, at this moment, she had to face Zhao Zixin, who was supposed to be a servant.

Heh! What did she, Murong Qing, do wrong? So many things had happened in such a day! If he had written a book to tell the story of today's events, he could probably explain it for ten days to half a month!

Mu Rong Qing's forgiveness flame burned in her heart, but when it was being burned, she was strangely calm. He thought calmly, "Who exactly is this Zhao Zixin?" He was very clear about Shen Tianyu's situation, and what's more, he was not referring to 'Second Young Master', but 'Shen Tianyu'!

Heh! Interesting! She had been designed by Ning Xuemo to marry an idiot, but now she had married into a strange cage!

Cooperation? What did he want to do? What was she to him?

With a sneer, Murong Qing thanked Aunt Ning for what she had experienced. It was not enough to leave her in a daze today, or to say she couldn't calm down in times of danger and died with grievances!

"I don't even know who you are! How can I work with you! " Saying that, Mu Rong Qing took out an empty cup and poured a cup of tea, calmly looking at Zhao Zixin.

Mu Rong Qing had calmed down in such a short period of time, which made Zhao Zixin quite impressed! In his heart, he acknowledged this ally of his. However, he smiled and said, "You only need to know the details about Shen Tianyu. As for who I am, is it important?"

"I don't want to be separated from my family for some strange reason!" If I want to cooperate with you but don't know anything about you, wouldn't that mean that I have placed my life in your hands and you can take it however you want?! " Mu Rong Qing felt that it was necessary to work together. After all, Zhao Zi Xin knew Shen Tian Yu! Taking a step back, if she was willing to cooperate with Zhao Zixin, she could protect Shen Tian Yu who had gone mad, couldn't she?

However, Murong Qing didn't know anything about Zhao Zixin, nor did she know why Zhao Zixin was working with her. If she believed Zhao Zixin in such a daze, it would be hard for her to guarantee that Zhao Zixin would kill her one day after using her up!

"I can only tell you that working with me will benefit you in no way!" After pouring the new tea, Zhao Zixin didn't say anything more. He raised his cup and looked at Mu Rong Qing, "I hope we work well together!"

Happy cooperation?

This man was truly arrogant! He was indeed arrogant!

Murong Qing didn't raise her glass, but Zhao Zixin had a smile on his face as he pushed the cup in front of her away, "Miss Mu Rong, on this matter of cooperation, you will definitely not lose anything! If you say it like that, do you still hesitate? "

"I want that antidote!"

As soon as Zhao Zixin finished speaking, Murong Qing raised her glass. When the cups collided, Murong Qing said it in a low voice; before Zhao Zixin could say anything else, Murong Qing had already finished her cup of tea, "Since you've already said that there's nothing wrong with being beneficial to me, I will definitely not lose anything!" Then give me some sweets first! Otherwise, how could I fly to the flames and face such danger? "

At this moment, Murong Qing had a pair of clear and calm eyes, but there was a hint of craftiness in them.

Zhao Zixin was speechless. After a while, he drank the tea in his cup. When he turned the cup upside down, he chuckled and said, "Deal!"

Mu Rong Qing didn't know what Zhao Zixin wanted to cooperate with, but she was certain that she wanted the antidote for the choice. Zhao Zixin had said earlier that taking the antidote was no different from taking a fantasy! However, at this moment, he said it was a deal!

Then, could she judge that Zhao Zixin's ability extended to the martial arts world?

"It's getting late. Do you want me to stay or leave?" Murong Qing was still thinking about what to do next, but Zhao Zixin's voice had returned to that cold and clear state. Even that title had changed. It was clear how Zhao Zixin liked it!

Mu Rong Qing subconsciously looked towards the bed. Shen Tianyu was unconscious, so it would be daybreak in a few hours. There shouldn't be any other changes, right?

Thinking about this, he said to Zhao Zixin, "It's getting late, you should go back to your room and rest." Tonight's matters in the room would presumably spread around the mansion tomorrow. Since Shen Tianyu had gone mad, it was only natural for Zhao Zixin to come and save her! An hour had passed, and if Zhao Zixin stayed, it would be the end of the world! She did not want to be married into the Shen family and be found guilty of colluding with a servant on the second day!

"Are you sure?" These three words were filled with mockery. Murong Qing gritted her teeth and nodded her head, "I'm sure!"

Murong Qing was sure, so Zhao Zixin left as well. However, Zhao Zixin left and said, "The second concubine was strangled to death when I woke up!"

When I woke up from my dream... Then wouldn't it mean that there would be a fight, and then another?

Mu Rong Qing felt hatred! This Zhao Zixin, why is he so evil?

Gritting her teeth, Mu Rong Qing walked to the bedside and looked around. When she saw the casually thrown net on the ground, she was moved.

He squatted down and carefully examined the web, touching it with his hands, feeling that it was extremely soft. He pulled with his hands, but was unable to move it. "It's actually this strong!"

Thinking about it, if it wasn't a treasure, how could Zhao Zixin use it to bind Shen Tianyu?

Since Zhao Zixin had already said that Shen Tianyu would probably go crazy after sleeping for half a night, then there was no need for her to be polite!

Ye Zichen laid the net on the bed and pretended to look at Shen Tianyu. His hands were impolite as well, as if he was avenging the fact that he had been frightened so many times today and almost lost his life today!

It was only after tying Shen Tianyu up and ensuring that she was safe that Mu Rong Qing fell back onto the bed in satisfaction, her exhausted body slightly relaxing.

There were too many things going on today. If he were to write a story, he would probably be able to record it down in tens of thousands of words! She didn't have the energy to think about anything else now. Lying beside Shen Tianyu who was wrapped like a dumpling, Mu Rong Qing felt her head grow heavy. Not long after, she fell into a deep sleep.

When the room became quiet, Zhao Zixin, who was standing outside the window, smiled.

Heh, this Murong Qing is really interesting! To think that she would think that she would actually wrap Shen Tianyu up within the 'Heaven's Net'!

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