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C3 Chapter 3

When Murong Qing mentioned Bi'er and became silent, she suddenly turned around and scolded, "Who's sneaking around?"

Everyone in the room immediately raised their eyes at this scolding.

"No wonder. The madame sent her servant here to take a look seeing that the eldest miss hasn't arrived yet!"

Liu Qing's voice came from outside the curtain.

"Why are you still kneeling? Hurry and get up! " Master Fang hurriedly said in a low voice, "Yu'er." At the same time, he started walking towards the door.

Being scolded by Mu Rong Qing, Yu Er quickly stood up, wiped her tears away and lowered her head to stand behind Murong Qing.

Seeing that Liu Qing was welcomed in, Mu Rong Qing said with a smile on her face: "Thank you elder sister, I am worried about what kind of clothes I should wear!"

Liu Qing and Liu Hong were twins. Their hearts were exquisite and they were even loved by the madame!

Hearing Mu Rong Qing's words, Liu Qing's smiling face changed slightly and she instantly recovered her smile, "This servant knows that Eldest Miss is in a difficult situation. However, Eldest Miss is not inferior to Madame in intelligence.

He looked at the clothes on the bed.

The clothes were light pink in color, and there were Redbud flowers embroidered on the clothes. The Redbud flowers bloomed all the way from the bottom of the robe all the way to the shoulders.

The sleeves wrapped in gold, the pearls of the same size evenly wrapped around the edge of the cloth, looking instantly beautiful.

The blooming Redbud Flower and the bright pearls were the ornaments on this piece of clothing. Other than that, there were no other fancy patterns. The color was also extremely light and elegant.

"I still remember. Before Madam passed away, that dance of 'Water and Cloud' was the most beautiful dance in the world!" He retracted his gaze and didn't say anything more about the clothes. Liu Qing said this and saluted Murong Qing, "There are guests from the Zhuo family who have come. This servant is rushing back to serve the madame. Then he would take his leave! "First Miss, please change your clothes as soon as possible and welcome our guest to the old mistress' courtyard!"

"Sorry for the trouble, big sister!" Mu Rong Qing gave a meaningful glance to Fang Mu, who hurriedly took out a few pieces of silver from his chest and walked in front of Liu Qing, "Thank you for your troubles, Lady Liu!"

As he spoke, he shoved the silver pieces into Liu Qing's hands.

Liu Qing weighed the silver in her hand, exchanged a few polite words with Fang, then turned back.

When they were almost to the door, Liu Qing stopped walking and turned back. She stood in front of Murong Qing and said softly, "Did you hear about the fact that Madam didn't want Master to take the house?"

Murong Qing raised her eyebrows and looked at Liu Qing in confusion. "Elder sister, what do you mean by this?"

"The madame is only willing to have her sons be filled with grandchildren!" After saying this, Liu Qing paused, as if she was hesitating whether or not she should continue with her next words.

"The brocade, huh? Bring me the scarlet golden silk thread that I recently forged and haven't worn!" Liu Qing hesitated, but Mu Rong Qing knew that what Liu Qing was going to say was especially important!

Mu Rong Qing could even be certain that the uneasiness in her heart today was related to what Liu Qing was going to say next!

Upon hearing that it was from the pure gold praise, the brocade vase first gawked for a moment, before swiftly taking it out from the jewelry box.

When Liu Qing heard the praise from the scarlet golden silk thread, her eyes immediately lit up.

Liu Qing naturally knew about this jewelry. As the direct descendant of a daughter, her eating and dressing speed was much better than a concubine. Even this piece of jewelry was excellent!

He saw a white jade ornament in the center of the orchid. The whole piece was simple and elegant, but it was noble and very pleasing!

"Sister is a respectable person by the side of the madame, of course, I got quite a lot of good stuff. I'm afraid this praise of mine won't enter sister's eyes!" After receiving the praise from the brocade, Murong Qing stood up and personally put it on Liu Qing.

"This servant is terrified!" Young Miss, this reward is too much, how could this servant dare to accept it? " As she spoke, Liu Qing hurriedly raised her hand and was about to remove the praise on her head.

"Elder sister's appearance is excellent, do you dislike my praise? Are you afraid that my praise will suppress your elder sister's temperament? " As she joked around, she blocked Liu Qing's hand. Mu Rong Qing's words contained a bit of naughtiness.

"Eldest Miss is teasing this servant. This servant has only caught my eye, how can it compare to the girls beside Eldest Miss, who are all pretty and delicate!" Not to mention the third ranked young miss of the top ten beauties in the capital! In front of Eldest Young Miss, how can this servant be considered as a 'high quality'? "

"Elder sister, don't be modest. Ever since my mother passed away, elder sister has spoken a lot of good words for me in front of the madame. In terms of emotions, this gift should be given to me as a gift!"

After being polite for a while, Murong Qing changed the topic. "Elder sister might not know this, but when I woke up today, I couldn't calm down …"

Mu Rong Qing's words carried a trace of melancholy. Her delicate and pretty face also showed traces of worry. Seeing Mu Rong Qing act like this, Liu Qing sighed in her heart. Lifting his hand to rub the praises on the back of his head, his eyes twinkled.

"Elder sister knows that ever since mother passed away, it was difficult for me to move forward in this house …"

"This servant doesn't dare to speak nonsense!" The old mistress was aware that the eldest young mistress was very worried. She had helped the eldest young mistress to clean up her dust these past few years. As for that unfathomable corner of the wall, she could only hope that the eldest young mistress could see clearly and clean it up herself! "

As she said this, Liu Qing felt that she had said too much today. She bowed towards Murong Qing and said, "Bi Er and Zi'er, the first-class maidservants by young miss' side, have been summoned to the front yard to help. The people beside the young miss will need to put in a lot of effort!"

After saying this, Liu Qing did not say anything else and bowed again: "This servant will take his leave!"

Murong Qing knew that it wasn't easy for Liu Qing to say so much. With a face full of gratitude, she personally sent Liu Qing to the door, "Elder sister, please enter first. Please inform grandma that I will be there shortly!"

"Yes!" This servant will take her leave! "

"Eldest Miss, it seems like today will not be peaceful!" Returning to her room, Murong Qing looked at the clothes on the bed and her eyes darkened. She frowned and said with a worried voice, "Zi Er went to the kitchen early in the morning but was sent to the front yard. "Earlier I heard from the little girl that when Bi'er went to the front courtyard, there would be a branch meeting!"

This birthday banquet had been arranged by Ning Xuemo herself. She must have also been the one who'd arranged for this to happen!

Only, Zi went to the front yard without a word. There was something fishy about this!

"Fang? Quickly go and see who Liu Qing is contacting right now!" Murong Qing, who had already regained her senses, calmly said to Fang Yu, "Remember, don't let anyone find out! By the way, I'll take a look at the front yard. Which guests are Zi and Bi'er attending to right now? "After checking, find me in the old lady's courtyard!"

"Yes!" This old servant will go and take a look! "

Yu Er immediately helped Mu Rong Qing change her clothes after she left in a hurry.

"Give me that wide-sleeved Cloudmist shirt!"

When Yu Er picked up her clothes, Murong Qing spoke softly.

"But …"

"If I'm not wrong, what Liu Qing means is that old lady wants to make me happy. If I'm not wrong, this happiness is either from Zi Er or Bi Er!"

Jin Yu swiftly took out the Cloudwater Robe from the cabinet and interrupted Yu'er's words, giving her an explanation.

"That's right!" If my guess is not wrong, this happiness must be Zi'er! "

Seeing that Yu Er was tongue-tied, Murong Qing patiently said: "Yu Er, I've told you many times, a person can be good, but not stupid! "Kindness is the doing of human nature; stupidity is the sorrow of man!"

Yu'er was still confused. She changed Murong Qing into a Cloudwater Robe and said, "This Cloudwater Robe's main color is purple and looks like it's made of gold. Back then, when my lady wore this, it really caused a sensation in the capital!"

After putting on her clothes, Mu Ru Yue held onto Murong Qing's hair. In an instant, the bun that was complementary to the Cloudwater Robe was completed.

And in the mirror, the beauty looked natural and graceful, her gaze cold and aloof. Although the decorations on her body seemed incomparably delicate, the coldness in her eyes added a bit of grandeur and dignity.

"Bi'er is too haughty, she must be unwilling to pass the room without permission for Master! As for Zi'er, she spent all day thinking of marrying an ordinary person, so she was even more unwilling to be that person's concubine! From the looks of it, it seemed that Ning Xuemo wanted the old master to accept one of them! This was to beat the Eldest Miss! In other words, the person who betrayed Miss Ning was one of the two. Miss Sold was someone who could cooperate with Aunt Ning to obtain the benefits she wanted! "

He helped Mu Rong Qing up and down with his hands, analyzing the brocade, but there were tears in his eyes.

Similar! It was too similar! The eldest young mistress was already a lady to begin with. If she were to dress like this now, it would be beyond one's imagination!

When he thought of his mistress, tears could be seen in his eyes! If it wasn't for Madam's early departure, why would Eldest Miss spend so much effort in all these years?

"I'm afraid it's more than that, Aunt Ning!" There was a hint of worry in the clear, cold voice, "Let's go to the old mistress' courtyard first. I hope that this isn't the last time for the two of them!"

After saying that, Mu Rong Qing walked out of the room with her hands behind her back. However, after Yu Er heard what Mu Rong Qing said, she stared at her with wide eyes as though she didn't believe what she just said.

"Eldest Miss, just now, you …" Yu Er was terrified as she chased after him.

"Yu'er, I'll tell you one last time!" Mu Rong Qing stopped and looked coldly at Yu Er, "If you continue to be so stupid, you really won't be able to stay by my side! If you are to do this, not only will you harm me, you will also be in danger! "

After saying this, Murong Qing walked away.

Looking at Yu'er, she couldn't help but shake her head.

Yu'er and Zi'er were like sisters. The two of them were meticulous in their thoughts, but Yu'er's reaction speed was not as fast as Zi's!

The reason why Mu Rong Qing kept Yu'er by her side was because she was loyal and careful! In Murong Qing's opinion, Yu Er's occasional slowness would slowly disappear under Zi'er's guidance!

However, it seemed that the situation was getting worse. A girl like Yu'er could no longer stay by his side! Leave a foolish and loyal person by your side. He could only harm others!

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