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C4 Chapter 4

The sky was already bright, and after tossing and turning, it was already too late. When Murong Qing came back to the old lady's courtyard, she had already gathered a group of guests.

When Murong Qing appeared, the originally lively banquet hall instantly became quiet.

Murong Qing was wearing a light purple, wide-sleeved, cloudy dress. She wore a flowing bun, and the purple tassels hung down to her forehead, swaying slightly with her gentle footsteps.

As Murong Qing walked over like a lotus flower every step of the way, the entire hall was suddenly filled with endless discussion.

"Didn't you say that there are still some days left for mourning?" "Why are you wearing this …"

"That's right!" Could it be that he was worried and had come up with this plan because he was too old for marriage and had not gotten married yet? To choose a good son-in-law today? "

"Then?" "Look at that second young miss' simple and elegant appearance. This young miss, on the other hand …"

As the discussions continued, Murong Qing turned a deaf ear and walked in front of the madame, "Grandmother has made you wait for a long time!"

When Murong Qing walked into the dining room, the madame's eyes were filled with guilt. When Murong Qing came closer, her eyes were filled with pity. She pulled Murong Qing's hand and asked her to sit beside her: "I was still worried about making fresh clothes all these years, but I had no clothes to change into!"

The madame's words were neither loud nor low, but they made the crowd stop their discussion.

What did the madame mean by those words?

"The madame's gifts are all kinds of treasures!" The two young misses' gifts have yet to be brought out for everyone to appreciate! " In the silence, Liu Qing's words were very clear.

"Exactly! The intentions of these two children were both to let me feel gratified, so why not take out their birthday presents and show them to the ladies and ladies! These two girls were shallow in their knowledge. Although their cooking skills were not good enough, it was still a show of filial piety! Today, this old lady is very happy, so I will have to show my ridicule to everyone here! "

The young miss's name is known throughout the capital, her reputation is no less than the wife of the 'number one talent in the capital'! Second Miss is also a good person! "

"Exactly! "Exactly!"

"It's my fortune to have two young mistresses being filial and filial!"

A few words of courtesy, though they did not sound sincere, but who would not like to hear them on such a happy day?

The madame was calm and smiling but she was sneering in her heart, [Humph! Those who come to make a fool of me, I shall show you ladies today what it means to be the only one!

From the corner of her eyes, she saw a person walking over. Murong Qing looked up and saw Liu Qing holding two boxes. She slowly walked to the old mistress.

Overlapping boxes. The embroidered box on top with the words' Fortune and Peace 'embroidered on it. It was a rare good embroidery job! After placing the box on the table, Liu Qing placed the overlapping boxes on the table, as if to let everyone see the case clearly first. Only now did she see the originally stacked red embroidered box. It was an amazing calligraphy that showed the person who wrote the calligraphy!

Murong Qing's gaze swept towards the displeased Murong Yu. Thinking about it, these words were written by Murong Hao!

After placing the two boxes on the table, Liu Qing walked around and stood behind the madame, seemingly casually standing next to the embroidered box with the character 'Life' written on it.

"Open it!"

After the madame spoke, Liu Qing took out the large red embroidered box and took out the painting inside.

"This is the picture of the Hundred Sons of the Thousand Sons that the Second Miss made!"

As the soft voice introduced them, everyone's eyes fell on the portrait as Liu Qing and Liu Hong started to move.

Upon seeing this, everyone was immediately disappointed!

It was just an ordinary drawing. It was not created by a famous master, nor was it peerless in the world!

However, although he was disappointed, he still kept praising.

"The old mistress is truly fortunate. The Second Miss' every stroke of calligraphy is full of filial piety!"

"That's right!" "I wonder, what gift does Eldest Miss give me?"

"For the sake of this painting, Yu'er has been studying diligently for several months!" Qing'er's gift was also a gift that required months of hard work! " The old mistress could see the misgivings in the crowd, but her words were laced with joy.

When the crowd heard that Mu Rong Qing's birthday celebration was also done by them, they were immediately bored! Although Eldest Miss was only famous in the outside world, in the end, she was not a masterpiece, so she naturally didn't hold much interest!

However, when Liu Qing and Liu Hong opened the embroidery door, the originally disinterested crowd widened their eyes.

"This is double-sided embroidery. I didn't expect Qing Er to be so elegant!" "You surprised me!" The old mistress' face was full of kindness. When she looked at Murong Qing, there was a trace of pity in her eyes.

The elegance was Murong Qing's mother, Su Qingya!

"That's right! For the sake of this embroidery, the young miss had spent countless nights and even went to the Primordial Temple to beg Grandmaster Wu Ming to personally bring light to this painting! " Liu Qing followed up the call, changing the side with the Maitreya Buddha embroidered on it.

Shocked cries, gasps, and sighs resounded throughout the banquet hall. No one said anything else.

Murong Yu bitterly gripped the brocade handkerchief in his hand as he glared at Murong Qing.

Damn it! Damn it! He had actually first made people laugh at her painting, then used Murong Qing's double-sided embroidery to be the main focus! She was clearly laughing at her inaction!

A hand gently pressed down on Murong Yu's hand that was holding onto the brocade handkerchief. In the blink of an eye, Murong Yu saw Aunt Ning lightly shake her head, indicating that she should be patient!

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Aunt Ning's eyes as her gaze landed on Mu Rong Qing's eye-catching Flowing Cloud shirt. Don't think that you can stop her from leaving the room with the madame's support! "If the story of Mu Rong Qing's disguise were to be spread today, it would definitely ruin the peerless beauty of Mu Rong Qing!

Mu Rong Qing naturally felt that vicious gaze. Glimmers danced in the air as she turned to look at Ning Xuemo, who had already served her tea. Her eyes were lowered as she quietly sipped on it, as if that vicious gaze hadn't come from her.

As he withdrew his gaze, he glanced over Murong Yu's plain light colored clothes. A cold sneer appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, Mu Rong Qing finally understood what was going on in Aunt Ning's gourd!

First, they let Mu Rong Qing meet with her on the road, and after she paid her respects to the madame, the three of them went to offer their gifts together!

Although their gifts were not as unique as Murong Qing's, the old lady was still happy about one Jade Guan Yin, one Old Planet Longevity Star, and a painting of a hundred sons and thousand grandsons personally drawn by Murong Yu!

The old mistress was overjoyed. Murong Yu had once again said that Murong Qing's clothes were too clean, so they weren't suitable for today. It was likely that the old mistress would be displeased as well!

It was the old mistress' birthday party today. The old mistress was wearing a festive outfit, but Murong Qing was dressed elegantly. No matter how one looked at it, it was not proper etiquette!

Aunt Ning knew Mu Rong Qing, so she must have known that Mu Rong Qing would return to her room to change clothes. However, no matter what, she wasn't fit to wear these days! In this way, she would wear whatever it was that she was wearing, and what she was wrong with!

When Murong Qing went back to change her clothes, Murong Yu had also changed his clothes.

In this way, it became Murong Qing's unfilial act. She wore it during her mother's time of filial piety. She did not even know to hold back when there was an outsider present today. She was afraid that she would not know how to act normally! But as a concubine, Murong Yu was very polite and respectful, dressed in plain clothes!

This made everyone understand that a child without a mother doesn't know how to behave! As Ning Xue was Murong Yu's mother, she would definitely mention Murong Yu. As Mu Rong Qing was her daughter, her status was lower than Murong Qing's, so it would be inconvenient for her to say more.

If today's matter was successful, how would it be a double celebration? It was likely due to the arrival of three joyous events!

This old man's birthday, Zi or Bi'er for father, Aunt Ning!

Humph! Although it seemed like an unintentional move, it was actually aimed straight at the mountains and rivers!

Even if Ning Xiaoyao's son was like the wind, her efforts were in vain! The most important thing was that she had left out one thing: over the past three years, although she had been wearing new clothes, during her filial life, her clothes had always been simple and elegant! She was dressed in a light colored robe even at the end of her teens! Since it was the old mistress' birthday, she naturally did not have any clothes to change with!

Right now, her only garment was the one her mother had left for her. It was the one bestowed by the empress dowager to her mother in the past! Even if she did wear it today, other people would not say anything bad about it!

There was one more thing: Ning Xiaoyao didn't know that she had no bright colors, but the madame did! First, he told her to go back to her room and change her clothes, then he told Liu Qing to hurry him up.

It seemed like the madame understood Ning Xuemo's tricks, but didn't want to add to the happiness of today's events, so she didn't bother with Ning Xuemo!

His gaze turned to Liu Qing's head, only to see her with her pure gold hair twining around her head, looking extremely dazzling. A relieved smile could be seen on Murong Qing's face.

Previously, she suspected that Liu Qing had some sort of relationship with Aunt Ning, but from the looks of it, she was being overconfident! Half of the reminder was from the madame's will, and the other half was because of the pure gold wrapped around her!

If it were not for the madame's intentions, how could Liu Qing dare to put this praising on his head so blatantly?

"The madame is really blessed!"

The voice that spoke was calm and without any ripples. Even the praise in his voice was shallow.

There was no flattery from others, nor was there any mockery.

He hadn't heard this voice before when the others were praising him. Now that he heard it, he felt that it was very strange.

Under her curiosity, Murong Qing looked towards the madam who had just spoken.

He saw that the lady was dressed in a peacock's green dress. As she served the tea, a dazzling light shone from the peacock screen's color on her sleeve.

The four-clawed golden phoenix atop her head was praised as purple gold tassels hung down from her forehead, giving her dignified appearance an even more noble and strict look.

Wearing a peacock's shirt and wearing phoenix feathers, wasn't this the first wife of the dynasty, Madam Ling?

In this world, other than Madam Ling, who else could wear the phoenix praise of the Four Claws Phoenix, which was second only to the Empress?

Madam Ling was the younger sister of the current emperor, but in her prime, she was bestowed with an imperial edict by a great general who was more than ten years older than her.

Half a year later, the General of Zhenguo had plotted to return and was sentenced to death. Madam Ling, on the other hand, had been conferred the title of 'First Pin Madam' that time. The General's Estate no longer existed, but was bestowed upon Madam Ling and transformed into the First Pin Wife's Residence!

What happened that year shocked the court. Before they could understand the relationship between the two parties, the emperor swiftly and decisively dealt with it! After that, they didn't dare to say anything because they were afraid of setting the fire on themselves!

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