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C7 Chapter 7

Yu Er brought the food and served it to Murong Qing. After that, she changed the dishes and ate lunch with Mu Rong Qing.

Zi'er had yet to return to the courtyard, which made Murong Qing feel even more uneasy. Just as she was about to go and check, she heard the little girl outside shouting, "Miss, it's bad! Miss Zi Er, Miss Zi Er is in trouble!"

His heart skipped a beat and he opened his eyes for the night only to see the brocade coming towards him in a flustered manner.

Jin had always been a calm person, but now that he was in such a fluster, something important must have happened! "Jin, what happened?"

"Reporting to Eldest Miss, Zi'er … Zi Er was caught seducing Third Young Master Zhang … "

"Seducing Third Young Master Zhang?" He stood up abruptly, "But there is... Available... "

"Yes!" "In the guest room, I was caught in bed with the third young master. My clothes were all messed up …" The girl paused for a moment, and then continued, "I heard from the others that Zi'er was originally here for the eldest miss … "Tape..."

To tie strings for Eldest Miss? Lineage?

These two words were like a bolt from the blue!

So it turned out that Ning Xiaoyao's scheme was actually here!

Today, Aunt Ning had specially arranged for Zi to serve that evil young master, and now he was being held together with Third Young Master Zhang … If there were people who wanted to distort, then today's matter would be settled. Murong Qing was interested in Third Young Master Zhang so she let Zi Er serve him in her name and lead him to a guest room …

"How is Zi?" Right now, Murong Qing was most worried about Zi being threatened! If that was the case, Mu Rong Qing's crime of not staying in her room and seducing other men had been carried out!

"Zi Er insisted that she had ulterior motives towards Third Young Master Zhang, so she led Third Young Master to the guest room!" That brat Zi Er is also loyal!

It must be because Zi Er figured out the trick behind it. For Murong Qing, she had a crush on Third Young Master Zhang.

"Quick!" Hurry up and go to the guest room to take a look! " The more she felt upset, the more Murong Qing felt that today's matter was not as simple as it seemed!

When Murong Qing arrived at the guest room, she heard Zhang Sanyo's arrogant curses: "You slut! No wonder after drinking so much wine, you want to climb onto my bed! "

"Tsk tsk, this little girl looked at the water spirit. I didn't expect her to be a fox-like person!"

"Exactly! They seem serious, but they actually did such a despicable thing behind the scenes! "

"You don't know! "On the surface, the more serious a person is, the more amorous they become …"

"Isn't the young lady of the Mu Rong family cold?" 'Her little girl was able to do such a thing. That young miss is most likely … '

"Perhaps this was caused by that young miss. I never thought that this girl would come out and take the blame …"

The customers kept talking, and even though their voices weren't loud, each word and sentence was heard by others.

When they had just arrived outside the courtyard and were listening to the discussions in the courtyard, Mu Rong Qing was so angry that her body trembled.

"Miss, please don't take it to heart. Those who don't know the truth just like to watch others make fun of them!" Master Fang rushed to support Mu Rong Qing. When he said those words, he glared at the unscrupulous customers who were spouting nonsense.

"Yo, isn't this Young Miss? What took you so long? "

Those with sharp eyes saw Mu Rong Qing and shouted loudly.

Following that person's voice, the crowd turned and saw Murong Qing entering the yard with a white Hibiscus mask on her face. She was leading her maidservants.

"Qing'er greets Grandmother and Father!"

He walked up to the madame and paid his respects.

"Qing Er, the range of vision of the servant girls in your courtyard is really far!" The old mistress' expression was dark, and her words were devoid of the gentleness of the past.

Today was her birthday, but she didn't expect something like this to happen today. It was truly embarrassing!

If the Third Young Master Zhang was quiet, the Old Madam could consider giving Zi to the Third Young Master, which could be considered as having formed a relationship with Minister of Rites, Zhang Shangshu! But who would have thought that when this Third Young Master was discovered, he actually yelled: "What, it's you? Why isn't Young Miss here? "

This shout attracted even more people!

The madame was not stupid! Smart! Therefore, she understood that Murong Qing had been set up by someone! Even those with brains in this courtyard could think of this, much less the madame!

Who was that Third Young Master Zhang? Drinking and gambling, all of them were involved! Furthermore, it circulated within the brothel every day! How could Murong Qing take a fancy to such a notorious young man?

But even if he knew, he still knew! Today, someone had set this up for Murong Qing! The people of this world loved to watch the fun. The bad things of others were always seen as the fun!

Therefore, even if the crowd knew that this Mu Rong Qing had been plotted against, they couldn't care less. They just treated it as a show of interest and wanted to see how Mu Rong Qing turned this into a disaster!

"This girl only said she was sorry. She will only explain it after you are here!" Ask her what she's thinking. " The old mistress continued to maintain her composure. Her eyes were as cold as ice when she spoke.

When Mu Rong Qing saw the Countess's gaze, she knew that if Zi Er wasn't bribed by others to frame her, she was using this opportunity to hint her of the conspiracy behind this!

"Please forgive my apologies, Miss. What happened today was all this servant's fault!" Zi Er saw Mu Rong Qing and knelt in front of her. She kowtowed heavily and said, "I went out to buy pastries that day and saw Young Master Zhang coming out of the restaurant. [This servant deserves to die, but I can't forget the charm of Young Master Zhang. This servant really doesn't want to miss this chance to celebrate Old Mistress' birthday. But this servant is just a maid!] Of course it was hard to enter the eyes of Master Zhang! This servant thought, eldest miss has entered the top ten beauties of the capital, and is ranked top three. If I were to tell Young Miss Zhang that it was Miss who invited him, Young Master Zhang would definitely be moved! "Thus, while serving Young Master Zhang, I gave Young Master Zhang's personal jade pendant …"

Zi'er didn't need to say the following words, everyone understood!

It was no wonder that Zhang Shaotian had Mu Rong Qing's jade pendant in his hand. That was the reason!

When Murong Qing heard this, her heart chilled! Close-fitting jade pendant? That jade pendant that was lost for several months?

"This girl is really loyal!"

Even as everyone was sighing at Zi'er's actions, a light, regretful voice spoke out, causing everyone to ponder deeply.

Such a simple sentence made everyone sigh even more! That's right, this girl was truly loyal! He had helped his master secretly understand the music, and now that something had happened, he had voluntarily admitted to this crime!

For a moment, the sounds of sighing and mocking sounded out once more.

Murong Qing turned to look at the person who had spoken and cursed in her heart: 'Ningshiruo!' If I am able to overcome this calamity today, I will definitely teach you a lesson in the future!

"Eldest Miss, this servant knows her wrongs, and only hopes that Eldest Miss can grant me your wish today. Even if it's to be a slave or a slave, as long as I can stay by Young Master Zhang's side and wait upon you, even if I die, I am willing!"

The surrounding voices rang out. Zi'er's hand, which was still in her sleeve, was clenched tightly until her knuckles turned white. When she let go of her hands, she raised her head and looked at Murong Qing. When she said those words, there was a bit of shyness and a bit of decisiveness in her eyes.

From an outsider's point of view, Zi Er was really in love with Young Master Zhang, so she had to follow him even if she died. However, Murong Qing could see the determination in Zi Er's eyes. He was shocked! Zi'er, don't tell me you know some secret about the mastermind?

Usually, when a lord had done this, he had wanted this servant to die to show the truth! However, if they were to die, it would only make them more suspicious! Zi'er was an intelligent person, she must have guessed that there was still a trap after this matter, which was why she resorted to using this strategy!

"Yo, Young Master Zhang, it seems that you are truly elegant and unrestrained. Even the maidservants in the inner chamber are so enchanted by you that they become dizzy and disoriented!"

"That's right! I have to get the maids by your side to stay away from you so that they don't fall for your bewitching soup! "

"Exactly! "Exactly!"

The crowd kept talking, and Zhang Feng was floating in the air.

There was indeed someone who came to find him with Mu Rong Qing's jade pendant. They said that Mu Rong Qing had asked him to stay in the guest room. However, the person who had given him the jade pendant was not the maid in front of him, but …

However, now that everyone was flattering him, how could Zhang Feng Cheng still talk about it? He cheerfully said to Murong Qing, "Miss Mu Rong, since the servant girl beside you is so fond of me, why don't you let me have a warm bed?"

Looking at Murong Qing's beautiful face, his heart started to itch. However, Zhang Feng Cheng was not stupid. He finally understood that someone was trying to harm Murong Qing today, and he had just been taken advantage of!

He glanced behind Mu Rong Qing and instantly retracted his gaze. Without waiting for Mu Rong Qing to reply, he stretched out his hand to pull Zi Er who was kneeling on the ground, "This girl is not bad. She's not bad at all if you let me play with her!"

After being pulled by Zhang Feng City, Zi'er frowned unnoticeably. A flash of disgust appeared in her eyes and she instantly pulled Murong Qing's hand, "First Miss, I am sorry for the care and care you have shown me! "Your servant knows she's guilty, so I just hope Eldest Miss won't be angered to death …"

"Eldest Miss Xie gave me a beauty!" Old madam, it seems like there's really fate between Shang Shu Manor and your manor! " Pulling Zi Er along, Zhang Feng Cheng pulled her to the front of the old madam and Mu Rong Hong, "Kowtow to the old madam and Master Mu Rong Rong Rong Rong!"

Today, Zhang Feng City was very unhappy! Even though he was being used, he couldn't go berserk! He intentionally slapped the Mu Rong family's face!

Murong Qing no longer cared about that noisy voice, the ashen face of the madame, and the angry expression on Murong He's face!

Murong Qing felt chills all over her body. Zi'er had pulled her hand tightly, causing her knuckles to turn white and her arm to tremble …

How is this possible? How could it be her? She had suspected Bi'er and Zi'er, but she hadn't thought that she would be the one to betray her …

For a moment, his chest was blocked, his vision was black, and his body swayed slightly.

"Don't be angry, Eldest Miss. You have a high opinion of the world. Find a way out yourself. Don't be angry!" The lady in silk hurriedly helped Mu Rong Qing up as she said bitterly.

"Forget it …" "She has her way, so I won't stop her …" While speaking, Zhang Feng City had already pulled Zi'er over: "Young Master Zhang, Zi is someone who cares about me. I just hope that Young Master Zhang can treat Zi'er well!"

Zi, you have to be good! You must hold on until I think of a way to save you!

Looking at Zi'er, Murong Qing could see the gloom in Zi's eyes.

"Thank you for your kindness to this servant, Eldest Miss!" This servant will definitely serve the young master well! "

Eldest Miss, Zi'er can only do this much for you!

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