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C9 Chapter 9

That foolish voice was like that of a five-year-old child. The clapping of his hands brought disorderly applause.

Mu Rong Qing was shocked, but Su Mu Han's eyes flashed.

"Hey, look! There are so many pastries here!" And it's still my most beloved Hibiscus Sesame! "

The voices of the people outside were getting closer and closer. A gentle breeze blew the corner of the curtain, causing the people outside to be able to clearly see the situation within the house, and Murong Qing, who was within, was also able to clearly see the appearance of the person outside.

The man had a clear and bright face. Apart from his childish voice, he was a rarely seen handsome man!

"Hey!" They were fighting! I want to fight too! "

When the people outside saw the situation inside the house, their eyes immediately lit up. They lifted the curtains and rushed in. I want to fight! "

"Second Young Master!"

The person called Zhao Zixin saw the man rush into the room and quickly followed. However, his eyes darkened when he saw what was happening inside.

It seems like the Young Master has been used by someone!

"You won, I want to fight you!"

Seeing that Mu Rong Qing was being restrained by Su Muhan, the man charged towards Su Muhan without any hesitation, mercilessly and viciously.

In just ten moves, Su Mu Han had been smacked hard onto the ground and was forced back to the side of the table.

"Is this Shen Er gongzi from the Shen Residence?" Suppressing the blood on his chest, Su Muhan cupped his fist towards the man.

"Eh, Zhao Zixin, he recognizes me!" "That's perfect, come again!" Shen Tianyu said happily to Zhao Zixin, his hand ready to attack Su Muhan again.

After confirming Shen Tianyu's identity, he sighed and hurriedly avoided Shen Tianyu's fist, "Second Young Noble Shen is merciful, I can't compare to the Mu Rong family's young miss. Second Young Noble Shen might as well exchange a few blows with the Mu Rong family's young miss!"

As she spoke, she hurriedly opened up Murong Qing's acupoints. Her body flashed and she ran out of the window.

Once Mu Rong Qing cleared her acupoints, she rushed out of the room, while Shen Tian Yu's fist was already flying towards her.

Zhao Zi, who was standing at the side, saw that Su Muhan had ran away and was about to block the attack, but when he saw Shen Tianyu trying to block her path, he gave up on her and moved in front of her to block her fist: "Second Young Master, it's getting late, I'm afraid Madam is looking for Second Young Master!"

What a cold voice!

This was the only feeling that Mu Rong Qing had when she heard Zhao Zixin's words!

"I don't! I want to fight her! "That person said she's amazing!" Shen Tian Yu jumped up and down, "Zhao Zi Xin, get out of the way! Otherwise, I will bite you with a snake! "

As he spoke, he took out a small green snake from his bosom. He mercilessly threw it at Zhao Zixin.

Bamboo Leaf Qing!

Murong Qing was shocked and quickly pushed Zhao Zixin away. She had been lucky enough to avoid Zhao Zixin's punch. Now that it was a poisonous snake, she couldn't let Zhao Zixin get hurt!

Mu Rong Qing was weak to begin with, so she couldn't push Zhao Zixin away. Zhao Zixin raised his hand to block the viper, and Shen Tianyu rushed towards Mu Rong Qing the moment Zhao Zixin caught the viper.

She fell to the ground when Shen Tianyu pounced on her. Shen Tianyu pounced on top of Mu Rong Qing, and as the two of them fell, they pulled down the curtain. Shen Tianyu pressed down on Murong Qing, and both of them fell onto the ground in the courtyard.

"Ah …"

A shrill cry pierced through the air. Murong Qing saw Yu Er's terrified expression. She was trying her best to figure out what was going on as tears welled up in her eyes.

Good! Very good! Damn you, Yu'er!

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