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Marry Me, Architect/C5 Promise Me
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C5 Promise Me

Marigrethe’s P.O.V (Continuation of Flashback)

"Y-you're kidding me, aren't you?" Even though I knew she was serious about me, I stammered. It appears to be pleading.

Is she playing a joke on me? "No, I am not." She shook and her eyes shot at me as she turned around, indicating that she wasn't joking about what she was saying.

“Are you sure?” I couldn't believe it when I assured her.

She nodded slowly, but I shook my head, "Oh.. no no no—"

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cut me off in mid-sentence. "I already spoke with Klark, and...he agreed." she then bit her lower lip and averted her gaze.

I couldn't help but look at her with a frown.

The last thing she said appears to have perplexed me. There's no way...

I'm still unable to speak. My mind appeared to run dry and blank. Shaina begs. Klark and I are tying the knot. I'll take care of the kids. I'll be his wife, and he'll be my husband. My thoughts still don't seem to be sinking in properly.

"No, Shaina-

"Please, Mari. Please... you know Klark is a nice guy. And I know you can come to love him as well. You're already acquainted. I won't be relieved until you take over as the mother of my children. I'd like to have you for them. Please, I beg of you, "She begged and sobbed as if she were a child.

I sighed deeply, and my sigh felt like a heart pang.

With all of her requests and the fact that I was conscientious of her requests, I believe this is the most difficult condition. Why is this so difficult to accept?

"But Shaina ..." my tears were already falling.

It can be heard in an unfavorable tone. It's difficult to decide whether I like Klark or not. This is not a good opportunity.

"Shaina... isn't that right? That's too difficult. It's not so simple like we just want to play on the playground. This is a fact, not a game.

She cried and shook her head in front of me, her face showing pain and disagreement with what I said.

"And I'm not kidding. Please, Mari... I don't want Klark to fall in love with another woman." Her tears began to flow again, accompanied by the heaviness I was feeling.

"Explain to me how we can get married if we don't love each other?" I took a breath and swallowed. "It's not a joke, you ask... it's difficult." I bit the inside of my lower lip.

Mari, you're such a liar. You still have feelings for him! On the one hand, it's true. My point is that it's difficult because I know he can't love me back.

"This is my final wish. I'm about to die, and you can't even give me everything I want?" She stated. In a state of desperation.

"Don't say anything like that! Why don't we just let Klark find what he desires more than I do?"

"That's what I can't stand! Please, please! I implore you, marry him "At the same time, she clutched my hand tightly. "I beg... this is also for Rius and Zeus," she swallowed.

Shaina's words made me feel bad. She was desperate for me to agree to her request, so even though she was out of breath, she had an order. I'm in pain. In that situation, I can't bear looking at her. I'm afraid I can't.

“But I can look after them without marrying Klark—”

I couldn't help but cry as I tightly closed my eyes. She is pleading with me to marry Klark.

"Please, no. I don't want to hear your disapproval of me! I've already spoken with Klark. He has granted my request. He also considered the children. And... a-and he knows you can only take care of them as well as I do. I don't want them to be in a position where they will miss their mother's love one day. That's too much for me! I know you'll be a wonderful mother. You'll also make

an excellent wife for Klark. I have faith in you. P-please... Mari! Promise me! Please!"

“I-I promise…”

[End of Flashback]

I let out a long sigh. We seem to have only talked yesterday, even though it has been a long time because I remember talking about us in great detail. My tears streamed down both cheeks, and I quickly wiped them away with my palm.

Seriously, I had no choice but to agree that day. At the very least, to keep her mind calm before she dies. Following her wishes seemed simple at the time.

As the time comes for me to become a Mrs. Klark Villaverde's wife, I find it even more difficult to accept my fate than I did before we decided to marry. At first, I told my parents that Klark had a first wife who died two years ago and had two children, even though my parents had no idea about Shaina and were shocked, especially about their child.

My parents were initially hostile, but because I couldn't do anything and I always remembered what I promised my best friend, I was able and forced myself to lie to my parents.

"Mari..." my mother and father explained. Klark had just left after we announced our engagement.

"Are you certain of your choice? Even if he already has a child? " Mom inquired, and I sighed deeply.

"That's it, Mari, not because I don't want him for you, but because..." he sighed deeply.

I understand. I know exactly what he's thinking.

"Klark is considerate, as I can see. I can't believe he has two children... I hope you haven't kept it a secret for too long, especially since you're getting married! Apart from his children, you are the one I am most concerned about! Is that something you're comfortable with?" Dad inquired, concerned.

I know this because, even if my Mother and Father don't tell me, I can tell what they're thinking. I'm sure they want me to marry without a shackle. Especially in the case of a non-problematic family. I understand what they're saying, but I'm confident in my decision.

"Mom and Dad, I'm sure, and it's fine with me. I love Klark, and I know he loves me as well." I bit the inside of my lower lip. I lied that he loved me just to appease my family.

As I face them, the most important person in my life, my chest tightens with lying. I couldn't look my parents in the eyes, and I was afraid I'd find out.

“In fact, he finds it difficult to tell you the truth because he fears you will judge him harshly. Don't be concerned. Klark is a loving father, especially to his children, and he will make a good husband, as I know. We care about each other, so I'm hoping... I hope you are not the source of your opposition to our marriage... I accept him despite the fact that he had a previous wife." I took a big gulp.

Yes, I accept because I adore him...

There was a brief silence before I heard Mom sigh and speak.

"Almario, let us just support our child where she is happy." Convincing my father.

"I'm just worried about my daughter, Amanda." "How come?" Dad snarled

"Why did you still choose to be with him, honey? Isn't there a plethora of others out there? Why did you agree if you knew from the start that he already had a child?"

"Because I adore him, Dad..." In a low voice, I said. My eyes welled up with tears as I said the words.

I'm in love with him. So, despite the fact that this is happening, I still agree. Even though I know I'll have to give up a lot of things I'd like to do in my life, I still choose him. To be bound to him. Even if it is just a pretense. I'm still choosing him. But I'm not sure if I can handle what I've entered...

I lied to my parents. To all of them. I could hear Dad sigh deeply.

"Almario, you must also agree to your child's happiness. Our daughter is of the appropriate age, and she understands what is right and wrong. So let's just put our trust in her."

I couldn't help but cry when I heard what Mom was saying. I rubbed my lower lip to keep the tears from falling. Perhaps I will feel guilty for the rest of my life. I couldn't look and couldn't think of anything else to say.

It's too much; if we continue this conversation, it appears that I might be able to tell them the truth. So all I have to do now is wait for them to immediately agree to our marriage, and I won't be able to tell any more lies when they question me.

"Okay, then! However, if you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're fine here, your siblings and I."

Dad had already agreed and sighed deeply.

I hugged them and gave them a small smile.

“Oh, Dad… Thank you very much. Thanks for accepting Klark.”

"I hope you enjoy your life with him, honey," he said as he tapped my head and kissed my brow.

“Of course, Father. I will...” I swallowed and cleared my throat.

‘Phwew,' I breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little less nervous.

“Oh my God... I'm overjoyed for you! You're no longer ou little girl. I will miss you, my unica ija,” Mom said softly as she kissed my cheek.

Unica hija- only daughter.

Even if they are obstinate, I will miss my siblings. I'm the only girl and the oldest, with Archy and Ariel being two boys. Both of them are in college, but our parents are still able to educate them, with my assistance of course.

Because of my parents' approval, I can now finally marry. They did not fail to provide me with advice. They seem to respect my decision as well.

As I took advantage of my hug with my parents along with the intense emotions I was feeling I was restrained from crying. I need to be brave and not be weak in their sight.

Because Mom and Dad ... I will not disappoint you with what I promised you. I’ll guarantee.

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