Martial Genius In The City/C1 It Was an Extraordinary School Day
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Martial Genius In The City/C1 It Was an Extraordinary School Day
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C1 It Was an Extraordinary School Day

HZ City, by Lake X, beautiful scenery, exotic flowers and plants, fragrant of the four seasons.

A manor stood by the lake, an ancient building with carved pillars.

This manor took up an area of several hundred acres, and the surrounding sentries were everywhere. It was heavily guarded. That's right. This is the Dragon Moon Manor. At this moment, in the living room of the biggest villa in the middle of the Dragon Moon Manor... He... He was Loong Aotian! The current him stamped his foot. But who would have thought that 20 years ago... He's just an ordinary high school student...

20 years ago, on the 1st day of the 9th month, it was the opening day of the NY City Martial Arts Club. There was a sea of people at the entrance of the school. Among the crowded crowd, there was a young man who was particularly eye-catching. Although he wore simple clothes, However, he was handsome. He had sword-like eyebrows and tiger eyes. His nose was straight and his mouth was straight. His face looked like it was made of jade. He was Loong Aotian when he was young. At that time, he entered the City Martial Arts Club with the best results in the city.

The first high school in NY City was the best high school in the city. There were many top students here, and all of them were geniuses. Needless to say, Loong Aotian was a genius among geniuses. However, Hence, not all of them were top students in high school. There were also a lot of people who came in through some kind of relationship. Therefore, the school was divided into two groups. Half of them were poor kids with excellent grades. Half of them were the sons and daughters of corrupt officials, rich kids, and even underground bosses.

Loong Aotian was born in an extremely ordinary village family. His father, Loong Liqun, was a businessman who made tofu. Logically speaking, Loong Aotian was admitted into the best school with the best results. Today, when school started, his family should send him to school happily. However, Loong Liqun still had to set up a stall, so he could only let his son go to school alone to report.

Loong Aotian carried his luggage alone, carried his schoolbag, and squeezed into the school from the crowd. Loong Aotian often let out a sigh of relief when he entered the school. This was the height of his dreams that he had slept for a long time. However, Loong Aotian realized that this school was different from what he had imagined. This was because Loong Aotian had seen a lot of boys wearing weird clothes along the way. Some of them had unique hairstyles, and some of them even had cigarettes in their mouths. Of course, there were also some girls around. This made Loong Aotian very confused. Why would a good school be like this?

Just as Loong Aotian was puzzled, two people came in front of him and blocked his way. A fat man. A tall and thin man who was Loong Aotian's best friend in junior high school. The fat man was called Ma Jian and the tall and thin man was called Qiao Feng. Their family background was completely different from Loong Aotian's - Ma Jian's father. Ma Zhendong was the president of the company, and the company was ranked in the top five in H Province. Ma Jian was a rich second generation. Qiao Feng's family background was not simple. His father, Qiao Hanfei, was a retired soldier. According to Qiao Feng, his father used to be an instructor of one of the special forces in Country Z. He had been awarded a rank 1 combat medal.

Loong Aotian did not find it strange that Qiao Feng appeared in front of Loong Aotian. Because Qiao Hanfei was very strict with Qiao Feng, Qiao Feng's grades were also good. He and Loong Aotian got the first place in the exam. As for Ma Jian, this fatty, he never studied. The days of the college entrance exam were spent in internet cafes and bars. No matter what, he also came to NY First High School. Loong Aotian was very puzzled. Ma Jian could tell that he had come to the First Level NY High School. He smiled at Loong Aotian and said, "Mr. Loong, when you saw me, you saw me in front of you. Are you surprised?

Loong Aotian nodded.

"Hehe, Zhang Zhizhong, the principal of our school, is a friend of my father. My father gave him twenty thousand yuan, so he asked me to come to school."

Hearing this, Aotian's face showed a trace of displeasure. This was not the school he had imagined. Qiao Feng was more meticulous. He could see the displeasure on Loong Aotian's face. He nudged Ma Jian with his arm. Ma Jian immediately understood that he had said the wrong thing. He smiled coyly. "Hey, it's mainly because I can't bear to part with you and Brother Feng. That's why my dad arranged for me to come to school. I said that it was a waste of my time." Loong Aotian patted Ma Jian's shoulder and did not say anything. He just smiled.

The first lesson Loong Aotian learned after entering high school was to let him understand the meaning of society. Today was a society of money and power, an era where people ate people.

Ma Jian and Qiao Feng helped Loong Aotian get his luggage and arranged a bed in the dormitory. At this time Ma Jian said, "Mr. Loong, Brother Feng, it's noon. Let's go for lunch."

"Little bitch, you're still fat!" "Little slut" was Ma Jian's nickname.

NY One High, Sunshine Restaurant.

"Oh my god, there are so many people!"

"Mr. Loong, why don't I go buy some food? You and Brother Feng go back first. " I'm going to lose weight. I need more exercise. "

"Just you? You're still going to lose weight? I think you're looking at a lot of beautiful women and want to take advantage of them!"

"Hehe!" Ma Jian scratched his head in embarrassment.

Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng went back to the dormitory. They waited for half an hour. Ma Jian came back, but what he brought back was not food. Instead, he looked depressed. He was limping. Qiao Feng found it funny. "Little bitch, what's wrong with you? Wrestling?"

"Where?! I was beaten!"

When Loong Aotian heard that Ma Jian was beaten, he immediately got up from bed. "Who hit you?"

"Mr. Loong, I went to the restaurant to buy food. There were too many people. I was pushed to a female classmate. I quickly apologized. In the end, she didn't give up and told her boyfriend, I flirted with her. Her boyfriend called a few people to drag me out of the restaurant and beat me up. Mr. Loong, you have to avenge me! "

You didn't touch the girl's butt on purpose, did you? "

Brother Feng, I'm already like this. You still have the nerve to make fun of me!"

"Ah Feng, little slut, go and find them!"

Loong Aotian did not like to cause trouble, but he would not allow others to bully his friends. He could bully his friends, but not his friends!

The three of them went down the dormitory building and prepared to go to the restaurant to find the boys who beat Ma Jian. Before they arrived at the restaurant, they saw a boy walking towards them. His hair was dyed in various colors, and his clothes were also very strange. He was holding a girl in his arms. The girl was also wearing heavy makeup. Her clothes were exposed. Ma Jian pointed at the yellow-haired kid who was walking at the front. "Mr. Loong," he said. It's this guy who got someone to beat me up!" Loong Aotian told Ma Jian to step back and blocked the yellow-haired kid's path. The yellow-haired man did not know Loong Aotian. He looked at Ma Jian who was standing behind Aotian. He sneered. Didn't I beat you up just now? I asked you two brothers to have fun with you! Hahaha!" Loong Aotian looked at him with a sharp gaze. "Apologize to my brothers!"

"You, what do you want?" Looking at Loong Aotian's sharp gaze, Blondie was scared, too. He thought again, there are only three of you. We're not girls, there are still five of us. What am I afraid of! Thinking about this, the blonde's courage grew again. "Kid, I think your f * cking skin is itching too!" As he spoke, Blondie gathered all his strength and threw a punch at Aotian. Loong Aotian purposely didn't dodge. He stuck out his chest and took the punch. The punch landed on Loong Aotian's body. Loong Aotian acted as if nothing had happened. The yellow hair couldn't take it anymore. "Ouch!" It hurt so much that he shook his hands. "Kid, do you have steel plates on your body?"

"Hmph!" Loong Aotian sneered and ignored him.

The yellow-haired man was not willing to give up. He punched again. He attacked Loong Aotian. Loong Aotian didn't let him hit him this time. He raised his right hand. Grabbing the fist that Blondie had punched. The yellow-haired man felt as if his fist had been clamped by a pair of pliers. It was so painful that half of his body was numb. Loong Aotian forcefully flung Blondie out. He was thrown more than three meters away. A dog chewed on shit and fell to the ground. A red-haired man and Curly Hair behind him went over to help the yellow hair up. "Brother Hao, are you alright?"

"Pui!" The blonde spat out a mouthful of blood and said to the other two, "What are you guys f * cking waiting for? Go and cripple this brat!" These two brats had just witnessed Loong Aotian's power and did not want to go over. But they did not dare to disobey this "Brother Hao's" words and could only come over trembling with fear. In the end, they were knocked down by Loong Aotian in 20 seconds. They didn't even know how they laid down. This time, the yellow hair was no longer arrogant. He lowered his head and did not say a word. Loong Aotian said, "Apologize to my brother!" The yellow hair could only say casually, "I'm sorry!"

"Get lost!"

The blonde and the others supported each other as they walked away. The girls who led them all looked at Loong Aotian with admiration. They looked like they were waiting for you to f * ck them. Ma Jian was so envious that he forgot about the pain. Loong Aotian did not care how long his saliva was left. The yellow hair walked far away. He turned around and said, "Kid, just you wait. Sooner or later, I'll take revenge!" With these words, Loong Aotian realized his high school life. Loong Aotian looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh. He walked towards the restaurant. Qiao Feng kicked Ma Jian's butt and said, "Looks like he got beaten up lightly. Look! " Ma Jian finally came back to his senses and followed Aotian. Qiao Feng went to eat.

In fact, Yellow Hair was not at a disadvantage when Loong Aotian beat him because the one who beat him was a "top scholar of both civil and military. Loong Aotian's academic results were ranked first in NY City. His martial arts had also won the championship of the free martial arts competition among the youths of H Province. Loong Aotian's body had been weak since he was young, and Loong Liqun wanted to train him. When Loong Aotian was five years old, Loong Liqun had sent him to the Shaolin Temple. He didn't leave the mountain until he was ten years old. Later, Loong Aotian learned military boxing and fighting from Qiao Hanfei. He got good names in many competitions.

After Loong Aotian and the other two finished their meal, they had nothing to do in the afternoon. They sat and chatted in the playground. There were quite a number of men and women playing in the sports field. Ma Jian's saliva hadn't dried in the entire afternoon. Loong Aotian said to Ma Jian, "Little bitch. I think you should lose weight. Practice your body. Otherwise, I think you will be bullied by others. " After what happened in the afternoon, Ma Jian also realized that he had to improve his training. From that day on, Ma Jian had started to train his body. He learned military boxing from Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng, and gradually became Loong Aotian's right arm and left arm.

After dinner, there would be a class meeting. Loong Aotian, Qiao Feng, and Ma Jian were in the same class. They were all in Year 1 Class. Ma Zhendong had arranged for this to happen. Loong Aotian's form teacher was a middle-aged man in his thirties. He was quite amiable. The class meeting was nothing more than talking about the school rules and regulations. It was a common topic of conversation. Loong Aotian did not keep it in mind.

After the class meeting ended, Loong Aotian and the other two returned to their dorms. Aotian lay on the bed and thought about what had happened today. He said in a low voice, "This is really an extraordinary school day! It will also be an extraordinary start!"

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