Martial Genius In The City/C2 He Had Just Met Wen Jiaxin
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Martial Genius In The City/C2 He Had Just Met Wen Jiaxin
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C2 He Had Just Met Wen Jiaxin

On the second day of school, classes began. Loong Aotian felt that high school classes were more boring than middle school. He knew all the things that the teachers taught him. Helplessly, he took out the Walnut phone that his father had bought for him (a phone that could smash walnuts) and began to play with the gluttony snake. Ma Jian sat behind Loong Aotian. He shamelessly chatted with the girl beside him. He even took off his watch and gave it to the girl. The girl looked at her with disdain. She didn't want it. Qiao Feng sat in front of Loong Aotian and listened to the class seriously.

After a day of lessons, Loong Aotian's walnuts didn't have much battery left. He was a master of gluttony, and he could last for half a day without failing. In his words, the gluttonous snake was a good game. It could nourish one's body and sex.

After school, Ma Jian pulled Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng along and said slyly, "Mr. Loong, Brother Feng, school has just started and there is no evening self-study. Let's go out and play tonight!"

"This, this is not good. Teacher Zhang said yesterday that we are not allowed to go out privately!"

"Aiyo, Mr. Loong, if I want to listen to teacher, then I don't even need to eat anymore!"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you always say that eating is a waste for a student like me?" asked Mr. Loong.

Loong Aotian was amused. "Alright then. "But how are we going to get out without our teacher's leave slip?"

"Hey, Brother Feng, if you have money, you can be a devil. Give it to him. One hundred yuan. I don't believe Sir System won't let us out! "If we really can't do it, we can climb over the wall!"

"Come on, you. I can roll over the wall with Mr. Loong, but you should just let it go. Don't crush the wall again!" Qiao Feng, who had been silent the whole time, had angered Ma Jian with just one sentence.

The three of them were stopped by the guard at the door. The gatekeeper was sixty years old this year. However, due to his good maintenance, he looked to be in his forties. The clothes he was wearing were all branded, and it seemed like this job had helped him earn quite a bit of money. After being stopped, Ma Jian took out a hundred-dollar bill and handed it to the guard. "Sir, my note!" The guard took it. "Okay," he said. Young man, you go! Ma Jian went over smoothly. Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng were stopped again. Ma Jian was unhappy. "Master," he said. Didn't I give you a note?

"Yes. So I let you pass!

"Then why did you stop the two of them!"

The two of them didn't give a fake note! "

"We, we were together!"

"That won't do, either. The school leaders have a rule that each person has a pass!"

"You!" Ma Jian glared at the guard angrily. He could not take out another two hundred yuan and throw it to the guard. "I have the note for both of them!" The guard then asked Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng to come out.

Outside, Loong Aotian was in a very good mood. They went to have a meal first, not to mention, The food outside was indeed better than the food in the school. After eating, they walked around the street again. There was nothing to play with. Ma Jian insisted on going to the bar, so Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng had no choice but to listen to him. This guy was a troublemaker. Loong Aotian was worried about letting him go to the bar alone.

The hot-blooded bar was not far from Nice First High. It only took ten minutes to walk. Most of the people who went to this bar were First High students. The lights outside the bar were shooting everywhere, and the lights inside the bar were dim. The explosive music continued to play. Men and women were swaying along with the music on the dance floor.

It was Loong Aotian's first time coming to the bar. The noisy environment made him feel slightly uncomfortable. Ma Jian, on the other hand, was having a lot of fun. He wanted to jump onto the dance floor many times, but was pulled back by Loong Aotian. It was not just the students of the first high school, but also the students of the first high school. There are some gangsters around here, too, in case it gets too hot for them to mess with. If they were not careful, they would lose their lives. Ma Jian knew what Loong Aotian was trying to do, so he had no choice but to endure the loneliness. He sat by the side and drank his wine.

Suddenly, Loong Aotian heard a sweet voice. "Loong Aotian, are you playing here too?" Loong Aotian looked up and saw that it was a girl. He did not know her, but she was very beautiful. Seeing her, Loong Aotian had a feeling he had never felt before.

This girl had a beautiful face under her wavy hair that reached to her waist. Under her long eyelashes, she had a pair of clear and cold eyes that seemed to be able to see through everything. However, it was covered by her bangs, making her look even more mysterious and cold. Her red cherry lips made people want to take a bite when they saw her. Her delicate nose and fair skin gave her an indescribable beauty. She was wearing a rose-red dress with exposed shoulders. Black silk stockings protected her long, slender legs. She wore a pair of black high-heeled dancing shoes. In her right hand was a tall wine glass, which made her look especially sexy.

Loong Aotian quickly stood up and nodded politely. "I'm playing with my friend here. May I ask who you are?" Before the girl could say anything, Ma Jian quickly said, "Mr. Loong, you don't even know her! This is our classmate. Wenn Jiaxin! Loong Aotian scratched his head in embarrassment. Indeed. Yesterday, when Zhang Zhizhong called the names, Loong Aotian didn't pay much attention to them. In addition, Wenn Jiaxin had changed into a new set of clothes tonight, so Loong Aotian didn't recognize her. Ma Jian was different. When Zhang Zhizhong called out the names, he was next to a girl. There were quite a lot of pretty girls in class one. Wenn Jiaxin was the most beautiful one. Ma Jian's grades might not be that good, but he did not think so. But he has a special ability, a beautiful girl, He would never forget it after seeing it once. No matter how you dress up, No matter how you put on makeup, he could recognize her. That was why he recognized Wenn Jiaxin at first glance.

Ma Jian gave a seat to Wenn Jiaxin to sit down, but Wenn Jiaxin did not even look at him. She sat next to Loong Aotian. Wenn Jiaxin gave off a special fragrance, as if Loong Aotian had forgotten about the noise in the bar. They sat together and drank. Talking. At first, Loong Aotian only thought Wenn Jiaxin was pretty. According to her clothes, she was pretty. Thought she was just a rich princess. But after a simple conversation, Loong Aotian could tell that Wenn Jiaxin was a princess from a wealthy family. Wenn Jiaxin was definitely not a simple princess from a wealthy family. There was a mysterious feeling about her. It was Loong Aotian's first time meeting her, so he could not ask too much. However, the feeling that he had never felt before was getting stronger and stronger.

Until midnight. They left the bar. Wenn Jiaxin's house was in the city and she went home. Loong Aotian and the other two went back to school. But the school had already closed the door at this time. They were really going to climb over the wall and enter. Ma Jian tried several times but did not enter. He could only turn back and find a hotel near the school to stay. Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng only accompanied him.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday. This week passed peacefully, but it also seemed to be restless. Loong Aotian had always been very depressed. Because he still remembered that he had a fight with Blondie on the first day of school. Before Blondie left, he said, "Kid. Just you wait, I'll get revenge sooner or later!" Perhaps this was just a vicious sentence from Yellow Hair. Loong Aotian felt that this matter would not end just like that. The yellow-haired man would definitely take revenge!

At noon on Friday, after Loong Aotian and the other two finished their meal, Ma Jian and Qiao Feng went to the restroom. Loong Aotian returned to the classroom alone. There was a boy with a crew cut waiting for Loong Aotian at the door of class one. When Loong Aotian arrived at the door, the crew cut stopped him and bowed politely. "May I ask if you are Mr. Loong?"

To be honest, Loong Aotian didn't like the way Mr. Loong was called. Of course, his good brother called him that. He wouldn't mind. However, the crew cut was very polite. Loong Aotian could only nod his head. After the crew cut confirmed Loong Aotian's identity, He took out a letter from his pocket. "Mr. Loong," he said. This is a letter from our boss!" Loong Aotian took the letter and ignored it. He went straight into the classroom.

Returning to his seat, Loong Aotian opened the letter. It was written very simply - school was over this afternoon. See you in the woods in the southeast corner of the field! If it was a bear, you wouldn't have come! It was simple. There was no signature, but Loong Aotian was sure that it was Yellow Hair's revenge. After Ma Jian and Qiao Feng returned, Loong Aotian showed them the letter. Ma Jian read the letter and threw it on the table. "Mr. Loong, fight with them. I'm not afraid of him. If it doesn't work, I'll call my dad. Ask the security of the company to come over." When he shouted, many of the students in the class looked at him strangely. Loong Aotian waved his hand and gestured for him to sit down.

At five in the afternoon, half an hour after high school, In the woods in the southeast corner of the field. On the north side stood three people, and on the left was a fat man. On the right, a tall, thin boy in the middle was dressed in casual clothes. He was very handsome. The three of them were Loong Aotian, Ma Jian, and Qiao Feng. There were more than twenty people in front of them. All of them wore strange clothes. Their hair was colorful, and they were holding baseball bats in their hands. On the first day of school, Blondie, who had been beaten by Loong Aotian, was one of them. There were two people beside Blondie. One was tall. There was a tuft of white hair on his head and a face full of pimples. The other was a short man. He was quite sturdy, and although he wasn't very old, he had a face full of pimples. But he had a slight sideburns.

When the yellow-haired man saw that Loong Aotian had arrived, he pointed a finger at the tall and short second general beside him and said, "Brother Bin, Brother Yang, it was this kid who beat me up!" The so-called Brother Bin waved his hand to signal the blonde to retreat. Then, he said to Loong Aotian, "You must be Mr. Loong?"

"I am Loong Aotian!" Loong Aotian nodded.

"Mr. Loong, my name is Wang Libin. His name is Gao Yang. Two days ago, I was beaten up by you. Huang Hao is my brother. The reason I called you here today is to get an explanation for my brother."

Wang Libin said it politely, but it was full of gunpowder. Loong Aotian smiled. "Then Brother Bin, what do you want to say?"

"Mr. Loong is a straightforward man. I, Wang Libin, am not a narrow-minded person. Mr. Loong was able to deal with five yellow-haired men alone. Must be an indispensable talent. "I, Wang Libin, also cherish talent. Only Mr. Loong can follow me. I can let bygones be bygones!"

"Hahaha, thank you for your love, Brother Bin! But... I just want to be an ordinary student and go to school quietly. I want to finish my studies! If Brother Bin doesn't have anything else to do, I'll be leaving. "My mom and dad are waiting for me to go home for dinner!" As Loong Aotian turned to leave, Wang Libin's eyes turned cold. "Mr. Loong," he said. You can't leave!" Wang Libin waved his hand. There were more than twenty people behind him. They surrounded Loong Aotian and the other two.

Loong Aotian saw that he had no choice but to fight. He gave them a look. Ma Jian and Qiao Feng stood back to back with Loong Aotian. A fight was about to break out. Once this fight started, Loong Aotian would definitely be the one losing. Although his martial arts were not weak, Qiao Feng had also learned some fighting techniques from his father. Although Ma Jian couldn't compare to them, After a week of training, he could still deal with one or two people. However, they were facing a young man holding a baseball bat. Loong Aotian also felt that Wang Libin and Gao Yang were two tough generals.

At this critical moment, a girl came from outside the forest and said lightly, "Stop!" Wang Libin heard the girl's voice and looked at him. His eyes softened and he smiled. "Miss, why are you here?"

"Humph, if I don't come, my classmate will be crippled by you!"

"Hehe, if I knew Mr. Loong was your classmate, I wouldn't have dared to beat him to death!"

Loong Aotian and the other two finally noticed the girl who came. She was the classmate they met at the bar - Wenn Jiaxin. Because she was at school, Wenn Jiaxin did not dress so sexy, but she did not lose her beauty. Before Loong Aotian could say anything, Wenn Jiaxin first asked him, "Aotian, are you okay?" Loong Aotian scratched his head in embarrassment, "I'm okay!"

"It's good that you're okay."

Wenn Jiaxin said to Wang Libin, "Little Binzi, why aren't you taking your men with you?" Wang Libin had no choice but to take his men with him.

"Alright, it's okay now! "Aotian, I want to go home too. I'll wait for you at the school gate tomorrow morning. Let's go shopping together!" Wenn Jiaxin left in embarrassment after saying that.

Ma Jian patted Loong Aotian on the shoulder. "Yo, Mr. Loong, you have good luck with women." Qiao Feng also teased her, but Loong Aotian looked at Wenn Jiaxin's back and thought about what had just happened. He felt more and more mysterious about this girl.

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