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C3 Kazin

Loong Aotian returned home five days after leaving home on Friday night. Loong Liqun closed his stall very early today. Dragon Mother cooked a sumptuous meal and waited for her son to come back for dinner. When she left home, Because no one saw her off, Loong Aotian blamed his parents in his heart. When he returned home and saw how passionate his parents were, Loong Aotian felt his nose turn sour. Tears fell down his face. Although Loong Liqun and his wife didn't send their son off, they were still worried. But their hearts were always on their precious son. The dinner was very warm. Loong Liqun made an exception and let Loong Aotian drink some wine. After dinner, Loong Aotian took a shower and went to bed early.

On Saturday morning, Loong Aotian was still asleep. His walnut machine rang. Loong Aotian opened his sleepy eyes and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. He pressed the answer button. An angry voice came from the other end of the phone. "Loong Aotian, you promised to accompany me today. Shopping, why aren't you here yet?" Loong Aotian knew it the moment he heard it. The person who called was Wenn Jiaxin, "Aiyo. I've been to bed, and I'll be there in a minute. Wait for me for half an hour." Loong Aotian got up from the bed and put on his clothes. It took him ten minutes to wash his face and brush his teeth. Loong Liqun asked him, "Aotian, are you going out?"

"Yes, my classmate asked me out."

"Do you need money?"

"Yes." said Wang Yao. ... "" Loong Aotian hesitated for a moment, "Then two hundred yuan!"

"Is it enough?"

"That's enough."

Loong Liqun did not hesitate to give Loong Aotian two hundred yuan. The short conversation showed Loong Liqun's strong fatherly love for Loong Aotian. Every time Loong Aotian went out to play, Loong Liqun would ask him this question. Loong Aotian only needed two hundred yuan each time. Although it was not enough, Loong Aotian had his own way of getting money.

Loong Aotian stopped a taxi at the entrance of the house and went straight to the high entrance. In the car. In the car, he sent a text message to Ma Jian, "Little bitch, transfer 1000 yuan to my brother's card. Thank you!" A few minutes later, Loong Aotian received a reply. "Mr. Loong," he said. The money has been called, please check it. Play with sister-in-law well. If you don't have enough money, send me a text message." After Loong Aotian finished reading the text message, There was no reply to put the phone in his pocket. He was really grateful to Ma Jian for his friend. Not only did he not dislike his family background, he even helped him financially unconditionally.

The taxi soon arrived at the entrance of a tall building. Loong Aotian paid to get out of the taxi. Wenn Jiaxin had been waiting for him here for a long time. Today, Wenn Jiaxin was wearing a beige long dress and a brown sun hat on her head. The sunglasses covered one-third of her face and there was a small silver bag hanging on her arm. She looked elegant and noble. Although Loong Aotian looked handsome, he was wearing plain clothes. Compared to Wenn Jiaxin, he looked a lot more rustic.

When Loong Aotian saw Wenn Jiaxin, he smiled in embarrassment. "I'm sorry for making you wait for so long."

"Humph, you still have the nerve to say it. If you are late again, I will ignore you."

"Alright, don't be angry. Don't worry, I won't be late in the future! Where are we going to play?"

En... I'll go and buy some clothes for you first. Look at how earthy you are wearing! "

Loong Aotian scratched his head and followed Wenn Jiaxin to the largest shopping mall in NY City.

Huaxin Mall, the shopping world of NY City. This was Loong Aotian's first time here. In the past, he bought clothes. It was either a street stall or Taobao. He rarely went to the mall to buy clothes, not to mention a big mall like Hua Xin. The second floor was the men's clothing area. Wenn Jiaxin pulled Loong Aotian up to the second floor. The mall was packed with people. Loong Aotian and Wenn Jiaxin could be said to be the two obvious ones in the mall. Because one of them was too beautiful and the other was too handsome. It made people envious and jealous. Loong Aotian and Wenn Jiaxin did not care about it at all. With Wenn Jiaxin's help, they did not care about it at all. Loong Aotian bought a white shirt and pants. A pair of leather shoes. Loong Aotian was very handsome to begin with. Many girls could no longer walk when they saw Loong Aotian. When they went to pay the bill, Loong Aotian couldn't help but grin. His clothes cost almost two thousand yuan. Wenn Jiaxin saw that Loong Aotian was in a difficult position. She laughed. "Silly, don't worry. I'll buy it for you!" Wenn Jiaxin took out a bank card from her bag and said lightly, "Bid it!" The cashier respectfully took the bank card. She quickly paid the bill.

Wenn Jiaxin held Loong Aotian's arm and went to the women's section on the third floor. The salesperson looked at the customer. A warm welcome. The salesperson took Wenn Jiaxin to try out all kinds of clothes, and Loong Aotian became her little brother carrying a bag. He followed her to run all over the mall. In Loong Aotian's opinion, these clothes were not bad, but Wenn Jiaxin had tried all of them. She did not find any clothes that she was satisfied with. The salesman shook his head helplessly.

In the end, Wenn Jiaxin brought Loong Aotian to explore the entire shopping mall but she did not buy anything. When they left the Huaxin Market, Loong Aotian's good physique was already exhausted. Wenn Jiaxin was fine and wanted to go to another shopping mall. Loong Aotian said with a sullen face, "My grandaunt, what time did you take a look? You are still shopping!"

"Yes..." Wenn Jiaxin looked at her watch, "It is only 1.30 am and you are already so tired?"

"Grandaunt, it is 1.30 am! I haven't had any rice since morning!"

"Alright then, let's go eat!"

Although the quality of the Kerry Fashion Music Restaurant wasn't very high, But it's very close to the Huaxin market, and there's only one road in the middle. It was a good place for couples to eat and date. When they crossed the road, Loong Aotian could not help holding Wenn Jiaxin's hand. Her smooth jade-like skin gave Loong Aotian an electric shock. Just when Loong Aotian was immersed in this warm feeling, Wenn Jiaxin cried out, "Ah!" Loong Aotian came back to his senses and took a look. The bag in Wenn Jiaxin's hand was gone. At this moment, all of Loong Aotian's fatigue was gone. He looked around. There was a red-haired young man with Wenn Jiaxin's bag in his hand. He was running forward with all his might. From time to time, he would look back to see if anyone was chasing after him. Loong Aotian found the person who snatched the bag and said to Wenn Jiaxin, "Jiaxin, wait for me. I will go and chase your bag back!" With that said, he scattered Wenn Jiaxin's hand and ran to chase after the red-haired youth.

Loong Aotian had been studying in the Shaolin Temple since he was young. The first thing he learned was running. How could the red-haired young man outrun him? After a while, Loong Aotian caught up with him. He saw that he was not in a good position, so he threw his bag back and continued running forward. Loong Aotian knew that Wenn Jiaxin's phone was inside. Afraid that the bag would fall and break the phone, he picked it up. He jumped up and caught the bag. Then, he continued to chase after the red hair. As Red Hair ran, He yelled, "Hey, buddy, I gave it all to you, man. Why are you still chasing?" Loong Aotian ignored him and caught up with him in a few steps. With a sweep kick, Loong Aotian kicked him to the ground. His red hair was in so much pain that he was grinning. "Hey, Yang, I'll give you all my bags. Why are you still chasing me?"

"Hmph, you can't outrun me this time. You gave me your bag. What about next time? " I want to send you to the police station so that you don't do this kind of thing again next time! "

"Aiyo, my big brother, please forgive me! I had no choice, either. I have an 80-year-old mother. I had kids who didn't know how to walk. Then what are they going to do if you send me to the police station? "

"Bah! Do you think this is a movie or a lie? "

At this time, Wenn Jiaxin also came over, "Aotian, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. See if there's anything in my bag."

Wenn Jiaxin took the bag and checked it. There was nothing missing. Loong Aotian said, "Jiaxin, let's send him to the police station so that he doesn't rob others next time."

"It's better not to. I don't like to go to the police station."

"Then what should we do? We can't let him off so easily, can we?"

"Mm... I have it. Wait for me!" As he spoke, Wenn Jiaxin took out her phone and made a call. "Hello, Dad. I'm in the Huaxin Market. Someone bullied me!" Wenn Jiaxin said these few simple words. He hung up. Fifteen minutes later, a black Audi arrived. Four men in black suits and sunglasses got out of the car and bowed respectfully to Wenn Jiaxin. "Miss!" Wenn Jiaxin pointed at her red hair. She said lightly, "Yes, it is this red hair who bullied me!" Four sunglasses men came over and pulled the red hair into the car. Then, one of the sunglasses men asked, "Miss, is there anything else?"

"No, you can leave now!"

The four sunglasses men drove away with their red hair. In these few minutes, Loong Aotian felt as if he was watching a TV show. He was guessing how powerful Wenn Jiaxin's background was. Wenn Jiaxin looked at Loong Aotian's surprised look and laughed. "Alright, don't let what happened affect our mood for dinner."

The two of them went to Kerry's restaurant and found a private room. Loong Aotian ordered a few simple dishes. He was really hungry. He started to eat without caring about his image. After eating for a while, he felt that the atmosphere was not right. Wenn Jiaxin looked at him with a smile on her face. Loong Aotian put down his chopsticks in embarrassment. Wenn Jiaxin said, "I know you are hungry. Hurry up and eat!"

After the meal, Wenn Jiaxin asked, "Aotian, I saw the way you grabbed your red hair just now. Do you know Kung Fu? "

"Yes. Because I was not well when I was young, my dad sent me to Shaolin Temple to study for five years. After I came back, I learned military boxing and close combat from Qiao Feng's father."

"Wow! That's amazing! Then can you teach it to me? "Then no one will bully me!" Wenn Jiaxin shook Loong Aotian's arm like a little girl.

"Who dares to bully you with me?" Loong Aotian touched her head, "But if you want to learn, I will teach you in the future!"

"Well, there will be plenty of time in the future."

Hearing this, Loong Aotian's heart skipped a beat. These words seemed to contain a deeper meaning, but also seemed to be a casual remark from Wenn Jiaxin. Loong Aotian probed, "I will teach you for the rest of your life!"

"Then you must keep your word!" Wenn Jiaxin lowered her head with a red face.

At this moment, Loong Aotian felt as if he had eaten honey. There was an indescribable excitement in his heart. He tightly held Wenn Jiaxin's hand.

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