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Martial Genius In The City/C4 Collect the Two Generals
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C4 Collect the Two Generals

The hot-blooded bar near the High School is not only a place for high school students to play, but also a place for the hooligans to gather. At this time, Wang Libin, Gao Yang, and Huang Hao were sitting in the corner of the hot-blooded bar, plotting something.

Wang Libin was a high school student, and he was in Liu Quan Middle School. In junior high school, Wang Libin was the one who gave the teachers headaches. Fighting and beating the teachers were common. Because Wang Libin's family was quite powerful in the local area. Hence, the teachers did not dare to fire him and allowed him to do whatever he wanted in school. It was said that once, The teacher went to the dormitory to check on the hygiene. He found a few reboot dolls under Wang Libin's bed. The teacher was also very puzzled. It was understandable that there was a rebooted doll. A 16-17 child could solve a biological problem. Why would there be a few? That afternoon, the teacher called Wang Libin to the office. His form teacher was a female teacher who was not even 30 years old. She pointed at him and asked, "Wang Libin, why are there so many contraband items under your bed?" The teacher did not have the nerve to say "restart the doll. Wang Libin said, "Teacher, I'm sorry. I don't want to do this either. The quality of this thing is too bad. It will be broken in a few days if I buy one. So I bought it again. "The bad thing was discovered by you before I could throw it back."

You broke it all? " The teacher asked in surprise.


When the teacher heard this, he glanced at Wang Libin's crotch and swallowed his saliva. He did not have the nerve to "investigate" anymore and let Wang Libin go. In fact, Wang Libin hoped that the teacher would "investigate" further.

Although Wang Libin's discipline gave the teacher a headache, it couldn't be denied that he was a smart child. Unexpectedly, he got into NY First High. In high school, he was not easy to deal with. In the first week of school, there had been two fights. Wang Libin also had another characteristic: fighting was cruel and ruthless. He did not care about his life, so all the new students were afraid of him. In less than a month, he had dominated the top students.

Until the appearance of a person broke this kind of situation. A new student, Gao Yang, came over from another school. This guy was not tall. He looked solid. It was said that he had also learned martial arts. When he reached the top, he provoked Wang Libin again and again. In fact, Wang Libin still wanted to bear with it and forget about it. He did not expect Gao Yang to become more and more serious. Within a day, he had injured three of Wang Libin's brothers. In the end, Wang Libin could not bear it any longer. He made an appointment with Gao Yang in the woods. They did not come out until the next morning. There were only two of them in the woods at night. He didn't know if they had fought for the whole night or had sex for the whole night. In short, after they came out the next day, the two of them became good brothers. From then on, they were inseparable. So, that night was indeed interesting!

The moonlight was very bright at night, pulling people's shadows very long. Loong Aotian raised his head and looked at the moon on the sports field, thinking about what was going on in his mind. Suddenly, two figures appeared on the ground, one long and the other short. A familiar voice said, "Mr. Loong, what a good time!"

Loong Aotian looked away from Mochizuki and glanced at the two people in front of him - Wang Libin and Gao Yang. Loong Aotian smiled. "Brother Bin and Brother Yang are here for Huang Hao, right?"

"Mr. Loong is really smart. It's a rule to take someone's money and help them deal with the disaster!"

"I don't know what rules are. I only know that it was Huang Hao who beat my brother first!"

"Hehe. I don't know who beat him first. I know that Huang Hao spent money to teach you a lesson."

"F * ck, Brother Bin, why are you wasting your time talking to him? Just beat him up and he'll be done for! " Gao Yang's temper was slightly irritable.

Loong Aotian looked at Gao Yang and said, "Since Yang wants to fight so badly, I will have to fight with him."

Gao Yang pulled Wang Libin back and aimed a heavy punch at Loong Aotian. Loong Aotian judged based on the speed and strength of Gao Yang's punch. Gao Yang had indeed practiced it, but he did not take it to heart. One must be calm when practicing martial arts. Gao Yang was too irritable and impatient. In the end, he would not be able to achieve anything. Loong Aotian raised his hand when he saw that the fist was right in front of him. Slap! He clenched Gao Yang's fist. Gao Yang felt like his fist was caught by a pair of pliers when Loong Aotian tried to compete with him. It was so painful that one of his arms was numb. Wang Libin saw that the situation was not good, so he jumped up and kicked Loong Aotian. Aotian hurriedly abandoned Gao Yang to fight Wang Libin. Loong Aotian blocked the kick with his left arm and aimed a hook at Wang Libin's thigh with his right hand. Wang Libin knew he wouldn't be able to take this punch. He quickly pulled the kick back and took a few steps back. It was just this exchange of blows. Wang Libin knew that Loong Aotian wouldn't be easy to deal with, and his interest was piqued. He flung his shirt, revealing his muscles and muscles. He glanced at Gao Yang and said, "Let's fight together. Gao Yang also took off his shirt like Wang Libin, revealing his muscles and thick hair.

Loong Aotian looked at the two of them and smiled evilly. Ever since the last match, it had been a long time since he had a good fight. That was why Loong Aotian was in high spirits. Fighting two generals by himself, he was not afraid at all. Wang Libin and Gao Yang were indeed two formidable generals. But compared to Loong Aotian who had been practicing martial arts since he was young and also learning military boxing and close combat, they were still not as good. Wang Libin and Gao Yang knew their own limits. The two of them worked together. They were still at a disadvantage. Wang Libin and Gao Yang exchanged glances. At the same time, they retreated and stopped fighting. Loong Aotian was still puzzled. "What's wrong? I don't want to fight? I'm not satisfied yet."

"Hehe, Mr. Loong, we are satisfied! To be honest, I, Wang Libin, have never admired many people. You are one of them."

"I, Gao Yang, also admire you!"

"Oh, hehe? So you guys are not going to avenge Huang Hao?"

"Take revenge for what?! Huang Hao is not a good person either! He is lucky to have Mr. Loong beat him up!" Gao Yang said with a big grin on his face.

Pffft. Loong Aotian smiled when he heard what Gao Yang said. "If there is nothing else, I will leave."

"Hey, Mr. Loong, take care!" The way he addressed Mr. Loong had changed. He used "you.

Loong Aotian also found these two people interesting. He smiled and left.

"Dear students, it's time for class to end. Teacher, you have worked hard!" The bell finally rang. Loong Aotian stood up and stretched. Ma Jian and Qiao Feng followed him out of the classroom. The lights came out of the classroom. Wang Libin and Gao Yang had gathered forty to fifty students, including a few girls. When they saw Loong Aotian come out, they bowed together. "Hello, Mr. Loong." Ma Jian asked excitedly, "Mr. Loong. When did you take in so many men?" Loong Aotian was so angry that he gave him a heads-up. "Shut up!"

"Did you get beaten up? I told you to talk too much!" Qiao Feng said with a smile! Ma Jian was so angry that he glared at him.

Loong Aotian looked at Wang Libin and Gao Yang and asked, "Wang Libin, Gao Yang, what do you mean?"

"Hehe, Mr. Loong, these are my subordinates. We are willing to follow Mr. Loong and let him lead us to conquer the world!"

"Mixed? Mixed what? I told you, I only want to be an ordinary student and quietly finish my studies!" Loong Aotian left with Ma Jian and Qiao Feng.

It turned out that after Loong Aotian left last night, Wang Libin and Gao Yang also went back to their dorms. Lying on the bed, Wang Libin could not sleep for a long time. He asked Gao Yang, "Old Gao, what do you think of Loong Aotian?"

"I don't know! But his martial arts are indeed admirable."

"Old Gao, according to me, not only is Loong Aotian good at martial arts, but he also got the first place in the whole city!"

"Oh, what does that have to do with us?"

"I think so. Both of us are brave men. Although we are doing well now, we are still in school. If we really enter society, we will not have a place to live!"

"Yo, I didn't know you could be so arrogant!"

"Nonsense. I got into our school. I didn't expect you to be expelled from another school. You made money for our school through connections."

"Then what do you want?"

"I want to take our heads and run towards Loong Aotian. If we follow him, we will definitely go further!"

"Can he take us? Besides, "He's so good at studying that he's allowed to mingle in society. You haven't been kicked in the head by a donkey, have you?"

"Don't worry, I didn't get kicked by you! "Since I said so, I dare Loong Aotian to join the society. It's just a matter of time. In addition, I can see that he appreciates the two of us!"

"Alright then. I'll listen to you!"

The next day, Wang Libin and Gao Yang gathered their thugs and waited for Loong Aotian at the door of Class One. They did not expect Loong Aotian to shut them in.

Looking at Loong Aotian's figure, Wang Libin said loudly, "Mr. Loong, just based on your martial arts and your beating of Huang Hao, your high school life is destined to not be peaceful! In the future, if you need brothers, you will not hesitate to go through fire and water! "

Hearing Wang Libin's words, Loong Aotian's heart couldn't help but move. Wang Libin was indeed a smart person. His words had hit Loong Aotian's heart. Loong Aotian knew very well that he had hit Huang Hao and fallen in love with the mysterious Wenn Jiaxin. It was destined that he would not quietly finish high school. Sooner or later, he would step into the underground world. It was just that Loong Aotian didn't want this day to come too early.

Ma Jian did not understand what Loong Aotian was doing. "Mr. Loong, why don't you accept them? This way, we will not be bullied!" In fact, Ma Jian wanted to join the society. Loong Aotian patted Ma Jian on the shoulder and said, "No one is bullying us now."

"That's true. With Mr. Loong around, no one will dare to bully us. They don't have the ability either."

"Haha!" Loong Aotian smiled. After a while, he said, "Little slut, do you really want to join the society?"

"Well, actually, it's okay. My grades are a mess. I want to do something else!"

"Actually, you can inherit your father's mantle!" Qiao Feng said.

"Forget it. I don't want to lose my father's business."

Loong Aotian and Qiao Feng both laughed. Loong Aotian looked at Ma Jian and Qiao Feng and said, "In society, you need to at least have a good body. Little bitch, exercise well. If you want to mingle in society, there will be a day, and it is not far away! "

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