Martial Genius In The City/C5 Underground Boxing Ring
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Martial Genius In The City/C5 Underground Boxing Ring
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C5 Underground Boxing Ring

Huaxin Mall is the shopping paradise of NY City, so Yuhao's Capital is the entertainment paradise of NY City. The City of Vast Universe was located in the center of the city. It was connected everywhere, attracting many young men and women to come here to have fun. From the outside, the City of Vast Universe had six floors. The first floor was a reception and coffee shop, a private cinema. The second floor was a bar, and the third floor was a KTV. The fourth floor was the management of the capital, and the top two floors were the headquarters and the guest rooms. Of course, this was only on the surface. In fact, there were two floors below the City of Vast Universe, namely the casino and the underground boxing ring. It was said that there were two floors below the City of Vast Sky: the casino and the underground boxing ring. The owner of the capital was one of the three big families in NY.

According to the design of the Yu Hao Capital, it could be seen that... The boss behind the scenes was very economical. Gambling, nine out of ten losses. Even if you win, you can go back to the bar, KTV, or the Ye General Headquarters to spend money. Go to the underground boxing ring to fight. No matter if you win or lose, you need to rest in the guest room. Hence, it was said that Yu Haozhi was a chain of entertainment.

Loong Aotian held Wenn Jiaxin's hand and appeared in the parking plaza outside the City of Vast Universe. Loong Aotian had only heard that the City of Vast Universe was a high-class entertainment place before, but he had never come here or walked past it. Today, seeing the majestic city, Loong Aotian had an idea.

"Don't be silly. Let's go in. I'll take you to play a thrilling game." Wenn Jiaxin pulled Loong Aotian's arm and the two walked into the City of Vast Universe hand in hand.

"Welcome!" The reception at the door was very polite.

Wenn Jiaxin walked straight to the front desk. The staff at the front desk asked politely, "Miss, what kind of help do you need?"

"I want to see your manager!"

"Do you have an appointment?"


"I'm sorry, I can't see you without an appointment!"

"Alright then!" Wenn Jiaxin sighed and took out her phone to dial a number. "Hello, Uncle Zhao. I am Jiaxin... In the capital of Yu Hao... Un, alright!"

Five minutes later, a middle-aged man in a suit with golden eyes appeared in front of Loong Aotian and Wenn Jiaxin. Wenn Jiaxin greeted him politely, "Uncle Zhao. Hello! "

"Oh, haha, Jiaxin, why are you here?" The manager of Haotian City, Zhao Guoan, said.

"I brought a friend of mine here to play. We want to go to the underground boxing ring to play. Can you arrange it for us?"

"Underground boxing ring?" Zhao Guoan was slightly different. "That's not a place you kids should go!"

"Aiya, it's fine, just believe in my friend's strength!"

Zhao Guoan looked at Loong Aotian and revealed a look of disbelief. He lightly shook his head. "Alright then. Wait for me. I'll arrange it for you."

Loong Aotian did not say a word during the entire process. He was secretly guessing the power behind Wenn Jiaxin. The manager of Haotian City. She could call him by phone. It seemed that Wenn Jiaxin's family power could not be underestimated.

After a while, Zhao Anguo arranged everything. A waiter brought Loong Aotian and Wenn Jiaxin to the underground boxing ring on the second floor. The entire underground boxing ring was square, covering an area of 400 square meters. In the center was the boxing ring, surrounded by VIP stands and VIP rooms for boxers to rest. The waiter brought Loong Aotian and Wenn Jiaxin to a VIP stand on the left side of the ring. At this time, there was a fierce competition in the ring.

Actually, the underground boxing ring was a place for some boxers to spar. At the same time, it was also a place for them to fight and earn money. The people who came to watch the martial arts ring could choose the boxers they liked to bet on. If the boxers they chose won, then they would receive double returns. At the same time, the boxers who won would receive the rewards from the boxing ring.

At this moment, there were two people fighting in the arena. One was a young man in his twenties. The other was a bearded middle-aged man in his thirties. It could be seen that the young man's fist technique was a level higher than the big bearded man's. After ten or so rounds, The young man punched Big Beardy into the ring with a backhook. The young man raised his arms and shouted, "Friends, today, our underground boxing ring is having an event. Whoever wins one of our boxers will receive a bonus of two thousand dollars. Those who win five boxers in a row will receive the title of 'underground boxing champion'. At the same time, they will be rewarded with 30,000 yuan in cash! "Which friend is willing to give it a try?" There must be a brave man under the reward. Under the temptation of money, another boxer stepped onto the arena. In the end, he was knocked down by the young fighter in a few rounds.

Loong Aotian sat in the VIP stands, drinking his drink while quietly watching the martial arts competition on the stage. He had a smile on his face. Wenn Jiaxin asked him from the side, "Aotian, what are you laughing about?"

"I'm laughing at the poor fighting skills of these boxers!"

"Then can you beat that young boxer?"

"I can give it a try!"

Then sit here and look at me! "


Loong Aotian took off his coat and put it on the chair. He did not go down to the stands. He jumped onto the stage. The young boxer saw that Loong Aotian's way of getting on the stage was different from the others. He couldn't help but feel energized. He looked at Loong Aotian and said, "Little brother, you want to try too?" Loong Aotian smiled. "Yes," he said. But I didn't come for money. I just wanted my girlfriend to open her eyes." The young boxer was a little angry. He thought to himself, 'You actually want to use me to make your girlfriend happy. If I defeat you, your girlfriend might even fall in love with me!' The young boxer jumped up and kicked Loong Aotian sideways. Loong Aotian took a step back. He raised his left arm to block the kick and chopped at the young boxer's waist with his right hand. The young boxer quickly turned to the side and dodged the attack. As soon as he landed, Loong Aotian used a sweeping kick. The young boxer quickly dodged the kick. The two of them clashed. The young boxer was indeed strong. However, he was still much weaker than Loong Aotian. The two of them had only fought for less than ten rounds. Loong Aotian kicked the young boxer in the chest. The young boxer hurriedly blocked it with his arm. Despite that, he was kicked back seven or eight steps. If there was no barrier, he would have fallen off the stage. The young boxer endured the pain. Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he said to Loong Aotian, "Little brother, Yes, I do!

A staff member came over to help the young boxer off the arena. Loong Aotian stood in the middle of the ring. He looked at Wenn Jiaxin who was happy on the stage and smiled proudly. The person in charge of the ring asked Loong Aotian, "Young man, Do you want to keep fighting? Loong Aotian was also on a whim to show off in front of Wenn Jiaxin. He nodded and said, "Continue!" The person in charge of the arena arranged that there would not be a boxer coming up. However, the appearance of this boxer made Wenn Jiaxin's heart tighten. He was a Mongol man, two meters tall. To be able to be one head taller than Loong Aotian, this man's body was more than 300 pounds. All the muscles on his body could be seen clearly. Loong Aotian also felt the strength of his opponent, but he wasn't afraid. A strong opponent would only stimulate his fighting spirit.

The Mongol boxer looked at Loong Aotian and nodded politely. "Young man, you are good! Can you tell me your name?"

"Long! Ao! My God!"

"Alright, I will remember you. Your name is very domineering, but you will be the opponent I defeated in this boxing match, 34 opponents!"

"Hahaha!" Hearing this, "Big guy, what's your name? I also want to remember the person I defeated!"

"Kong Xianglong!" He reached out his hands and grabbed Loong Aotian's shoulders, trying to grab him. Aotian was lucky and fell down. Kong Xianglong didn't move at all. Loong Aotian thrust his hands into Kong Xianglong's arms, trying to use "Wild Horse Splitting Bristles" to separate Kong Xianglong's arms. In the end, he didn't move either. He had no choice but to exert all his strength and hit Kong Xianglong's lower abdomen with both fists. Bang! Bang! Kong Xianglong was hit so hard that he let go of Loong Aotian's shoulder. At the same time, he took two steps back. Loong Aotian shook his hand because of Kong Xianglong's firm abdominal muscles. Wenn Jiaxin's heart also trembled in the stands.

Kong Xianglong reached out his hand to grab Loong Aotian's shoulder. This was a technique that was commonly used in wrestling in Mongolia. Loong Aotian did not let him succeed. In a flash, he dodged and pointed at Kong Xianglong's weak spot. His weak spot seemed to be Kong Xianglong's weak spot. He hurriedly turned his body to the side, not letting Loong Aotian touch it. However, Loong Aotian had achieved his goal - to find Kong Xianglong's weakness. Therefore, he used the technique of shortening the flexibility to launch a fierce attack on Kong Xianglong's weakness. Kong Xianglong was too tall. He could not care less and was not careful at all. "Bang!" Loong Aotian's finger had poked his weak spot. All of a sudden, Loong Aotian's finger hit his weak spot. Kong Xianglong's entire body went numb, and he didn't have any strength. He was about to collapse onto the stage when Loong Aotian hurried over to support him. Kong Xianglong said weakly, "Young man, Are you using the Shaolin Diamond Finger?

Loong Aotian nodded.

"I did not lose to Shaolin Kung Fu."

At this time, the staff came over and helped Kong Xianglong off the stage to rest. Loong Aotian then defeated two more boxers. Loong Aotian was slightly shocked by the fifth boxer. What shocked Loong Aotian was not her strength. It's her sex - the boxer! She was 1.75 meters tall, probably because she practiced martial arts. Her skin was slightly dark, but she did not lose her beauty. On his delicate face, With light makeup, she had a hint of coldness. She was wearing a rose-red sports vest. She had a well-developed body and a deep cleavage. It made people drool. Her lower body was a pair of black tight bottom shorts. He was barefooted.

Loong Aotian had no interest in fighting when he saw this female boxer because he felt that it was a fight between men and women. Loong Aotian turned around and was about to leave. The female boxer was unhappy. "Loong Aotian, are you looking down on me? Let me tell you. If I can't beat you, I will follow you!" Saying this, The female boxer flew up and kicked Loong Aotian's back. Wenn Jiaxin exclaimed in the stands, "Aotian! Be careful!"

In fact, Loong Aotian felt the wind behind him. He turned his body slightly and dodged it. The female boxer used a sweeping kick. Loong Aotian jumped up and dodged again. The female boxer followed up with another high kick. This time, Loong Aotian did not dodge. He reached out and grabbed the female boxer's ankle. He pulled her into his arms. The female boxer wasn't as strong as Loong Aotian. Loong Aotian brought her to the ring and cut her with a fork. Even so, the female boxer was still unconvinced. She put her legs together and a carp stood up. She switched to a fist attack.

Wenn Jiaxin, who was in the stands, shouted with jealousy, "Loong Aotian, are you not willing to give up on women? Why are you always dodging and not fighting back?" Loong Aotian was unhappy when he heard this. After a few rounds of fierce attacks, After subduing the female boxer, Loong Aotian did not care about the title of underground boxing champion. He turned around and went back to the stands. He did not expect the female boxer to start crying on the stage. There were quite a lot of people watching the competition. It caused a commotion among the crowd. At this time, a youth of slightly taller height walked onto the stage and comforted the female boxer, "Sister, Don't cry, you won't lose to him! " Loong Aotian recognized this young man - Gao Yang! Gao Yang said to Loong Aotian who was standing in the stands, "Mr. Loong, You just beat my sister, Her name is Gao Rui."

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