Martial Genius In The City/C6 When He Saw the Injustice He Pulled out His Knife to Help
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Martial Genius In The City/C6 When He Saw the Injustice He Pulled out His Knife to Help
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C6 When He Saw the Injustice He Pulled out His Knife to Help

Loong Aotian had a habit of running at night. As he said, "If you walk at night, you can live 99 times. Today was no exception. Loong Aotian finished his meal and rested for a while. Then, he went outside. He ran five kilometers every night because Loong Aotian's house was in the suburbs. There was no one here at night, so he ran along the road outside his house.

Loong Aotian looked up at the sky. Stars twinkled in the sky. The brightest star was right above Loong Aotian's head. Loong Aotian thought to himself, I must be the brightest star! He ran further and further away. It was getting darker and darker. However, Loong Aotian didn't care at all. He didn't know how many times he had run down this road.

Loong Aotian ran for two kilometers. The sky suddenly changed, and the stars disappeared. The chilly wind was miserable, and it made Loong Aotian feel a little cold. Suddenly, a shout came from the front. Loong Aotian held his breath and listened carefully. This was not an ordinary shout, but the sound of fighting.

Soon, this thrilling scene appeared in front of Loong Aotian - two young men in their twenties. Each of them held a knife in their hands, and their bodies were covered in blood. It was unknown whether they were his or his enemy's. They were running forward with all their might. Behind them, a dozen or so men in suits with machetes, axes, and iron sticks were chasing after them. Each and every one of them had a ferocious look on their faces, which did not match the suits they were wearing. As they chased after them, He shouted, "Catch them and kill them!" The two young men in front of them fought and left. They were in a very passive state.

The two young men saw Loong Aotian in front of them and shouted, "Little brother! Get out of the way, don't hurt you! Loong Aotian's heart skipped a beat. He thought, These two are not bad. I have reached this stage. Looks like I can't leave them to die today! In an instant, this group of people had already arrived in front of Loong Aotian. Loong Aotian said to the two young men, "Friends, don't be afraid. I will help you!" As he spoke, Loong Aotian kicked them. Already kicked down a man in a suit. When the two young men saw that Loong Aotian had such good skills, they immediately became energized. They also joined the battle group with the dancing knife in their hands. Loong Aotian felt powerless against so many men in suits with his bare hands. After he defeated a man in a suit with a knife, He tapped the knife with the tip of his foot. He caught the knife in his hand.

Loong Aotian had participated in many competitions since he started learning. However, this was the first time he had fought a real battle. Loong Aotian could not help but feel a little frightened for the first time. He did not dare to kill them. He only cut their arms or legs. In less than five minutes, The men in suits all fell to the ground, screaming. Loong Aotian couldn't help but frown. Among these dozen men, most of them were defeated by Loong Aotian. A few of them were killed by two young men. One of the young men looked at Loong Aotian. "Young man," he said. Thank you for saving us! " Only then did Loong Aotian realize. The two young men looked exactly the same, and it was hard to tell who was who.

Three minutes after they finished the battle, an Audi came from Loong Aotian's house. Three business cars followed the Audi. The car stopped in front of the three of them. The door opened and a man in his thirties came out. He was dressed in a Zhongshan suit. He said respectfully to the two young men, "Young Master. Young Master, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, it's already been settled!"

"This is?" The middle-aged man looked at Loong Aotian.

"Oh, he is our savior. If not for this little brother," Loong Aotian said. I'm afraid it's our brothers!"

"Oh, thank you, little brother!" As he spoke, he extended his right hand to Loong Aotian politely. Loong Aotian also extended his right hand and clasped his hands. Loong Aotian could feel the strength of the middle-aged man and knew that he was not an ordinary person. The middle-aged man was also secretly surprised. Loong Aotian, who was so young, actually had such high skill.

At this time, the two young men broke the awkward situation. "Uncle Zhong, since you are here, I will leave the aftermath to you. We will leave first!"

"Oh, okay, okay!" Only then did the middle-aged man shake Loong Aotian's hand.

The two young men let Loong Aotian into the Audi and they got into the car as well. Loong Aotian asked, "Friends, who are you two going?" One of the young men smiled and said, "Do you know anything about the Wang Family?"

Loong Aotian nodded. Although he was from a middle-class society, However, as the leader of the three major families in NY City, it was impossible for Loong Aotian not to know about the Wang Family.

"We are the young masters of the Wang Family. My name is Wang Yujie. He is my younger brother, Wang Shuangjie. Sigh, right, little brother. " What's your name? "

My name is Loong Aotian! "

"Loong Aotian, a very domineering name. I will remember it!" Wang Yao said. "This is my business card. Call me if you need any help in the future!"

Soon, the car arrived at Loong Aotian's doorstep. Loong Aotian got out of the car and waved goodbye to the two heroes of the Wang family. At this time, Loong Liqun and his wife had already fallen asleep. Loong Aotian quietly took off his bloodstained clothes and took a shower. He laid on the bed and recalled what had happened.

In NY City, it was not a small force. There were three major powers. The strongest was the head of the three major families, the Wang Family. The head of the family was called Wang Baojun. Their family mainly focused on business and had more than a dozen listed companies under their banner. The Wen Family was ranked second. The family head, Wenn Jiandong, was mainly involved in underground activities. It was said that in recent years, the territory of the Wen Family had expanded, and it seemed to have surpassed the Wang Family. The third was Huang Congjiang's Huang Family. The Huang Family's forces were more complicated, and they involved politics, commerce, and underground. The chief of the Huang Family, Huang Congjiang, was the deputy Mayor of NY City.

The Wang Family and the Wen Family had a good relationship. The two families were developing in a balanced manner. The Huang Family's Huang Congjiang was ambitious. Relying on the fact that he was the Deputy Mayor of NY City, he had always wanted to swallow up the Wen and Wang families. As a result, there were constant conflicts.

This afternoon, the two young masters of the Wang Family were fighting against each other. Wang Yujie and Wang Shuangjie went to the suburbs to take care of Shuangjie's company. Shuangjie's company was under Wang Baojun's name when his two sons were twenty years old. It had been three years since then. After dealing with the company's matters, The manager insisted on leaving the brothers for dinner. The two brothers could only stay. After dinner, The two of them drove away. Because they had come today to take care of the company's matters, they did not bring any attendants or bodyguards.

When the car drove to the civilized road, it was the road in front of Loong Aotian's house. Suddenly, Thirty men in black suits and weapons rushed out of the darkness and blocked Wang Yujie and Wang Shuangjie's way. The two brothers saw that they couldn't leave. They jumped out of the car and looked at each other. They waved their fists and rushed towards the thirty men in suits. The two brothers from the Wang Family had a family background. I've learned kung fu since I was a kid. However, it was hard for two fists to fight against four hands. After the two brothers defeated more than ten men in suits, They could not resist anymore. They quickly dialed a call for help. Then, they ran away in a defeated manner and ran into Loong Aotian, who was running. It was only then that the story happened.

Wang Baojun heard that his two precious sons were killed on the road. How could he not be angry? He used the Wang Family's intelligence network to investigate immediately. In less than half an hour, he found out that the people from the Heavenly Star Gang who had killed the two brothers from the Wang Family had been killed. The Heavenly Star Gang belonged to the Huang Family. Their boss was Huang Hsing, a brother of Huang Congjiang, the patriarch of the Huang Family. After obtaining the result, Huang Congjiang, he thought to himself. I am irreconcilable with you!

The next day, Loong Aotian had just finished his breakfast. He was preparing to sell tofu with his father, but he had not left yet. He brought a group of people with him in the courtyard. The leaders were Wang Yujie and Wang Shuangjie from the Wang Family. The two brothers held Loong Aotian's hand and said, "Little brother, thank you. Thank you for helping us last night." Loong Aotian smiled. "You two don't have to be like this. I'm just trying to help. "

"But no matter what, you are our savior!" Wang Yujie said.

"Yes, my father is holding a feast at the Jade Capital Hotel to thank Brother Long. I hope Brother Long will appreciate your kindness." Wang Shuangjie said.

"This..." Loong Aotian looked troubled as he looked at Loong Liqun. This morning Loong Aotian told his parents about what happened last night. He made Loong Liqun and his wife jump. He thought about it later. With the Wang Family's power, it would be easy to settle this matter, and they wouldn't drag their son into it. Loong Aotian had just glanced at Loong Liqun. He wanted his father to make a decision. Loong Liqun had no choice but to say, "Aotian, Since the two young masters of the Wang Clan are so kind, you can go!"

With his father's permission, Loong Aotian and the brother of the Wang family got into the Audi they drove. In the car, Wang Yujie said, "Aotian, when we get closer in the future, we will call you Aotian. You call me big brother and Second Elder Brother. Do you think it is okay?"

"That's great. I am very close to you two big brothers!"

The car arrived at the Jade Capital Hotel very quickly. The Jade Capital Hotel also belonged to the Wang Family's assets. It was the only star hotel in NY City. Last night, Uncle Zhong, the butler of the Wang Family, Wang Zhong, was there. He met them at the door himself. Seeing that Loong Aotian had no intention of underestimating him, he greeted him with a smile, "Brother Long!" Wang Yujie hurriedly introduced him to Loong Aotian. "Aotian," he said. This is our housekeeper, and our master, You can call us Uncle Zhong as well." Loong Aotian bowed politely. "Hello, Uncle Zhong."

"Good, good, you are a young hero! "Come on, let's go in. The head of the family is waiting for us!"

Wang Zhong brought the three of them to a private room on the second floor. Wang Baojun saw Loong Aotian coming. Get up and greet him. Loong Aotian saw that Wang Baojun was in his forties and was of medium height. He was a bit bald and had a big square face. He was smiling. He was kind and wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He looked cultured and wore a gray suit. Loong Aotian bowed to Wang Baojun first. "Uncle Wang!"

"Aotian, come and join us."

When everyone was seated, Wang Baojun said some words of gratitude to Loong Aotian. In the end, he changed the topic and got to the point. "Aotian, the world is short of talents, especially talents like you. I don't know if you are willing or not, but follow me and do something!"

"Haha, Uncle, you are in the wrong. This kid is just an ordinary high school student, not some talent. I still want to go to school quietly!" Loong Aotian rejected Wang Baojun. He thought to himself, 'I, Loong Aotian, will never kneel under someone else's roof. Either I don't dare, or I will fight a world that belongs to me!'

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