Martial Genius In The City/C7 Then He Beat Huang Hao
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Martial Genius In The City/C7 Then He Beat Huang Hao
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C7 Then He Beat Huang Hao

A red convertible BMW drove into a high school, attracting the attention of many students. In the end, the BMW stopped in front of a beautiful girl. The door opened and a rather handsome boy came out. This boy had dyed his hair yellow. He was wearing a suit and a suit, holding flowers in front of the girl. He knelt on one knee and said sincerely, "Jiaxin, Be my girlfriend, and I'll make you happy. This BMW behind you is yours!"

The boy's actions attracted many people around him to stop and watch. Hearing the boy's words, many girls looked at the pretty girl with burning eyes. Their faces were filled with envy. Unexpectedly, the girl's expression was very calm. She lightly said, "I'm sorry, I already have a boyfriend!" With that, the girl was about to leave. The boy did not give up and held the girl's hand. "Who's your boyfriend? Isn't he that poor kid? What's so good about him? Can he be happy? I don't know how many times stronger he is!" When the girl heard this, she snatched the rose from the boy's hand. She fiercely fell to the ground and stepped on it with her foot. She said fiercely, "Huang Hao, what's so great about you? Isn't it just a broken car? What's there to be proud of?"

The girl's "broken car" surprised the people around her. A car worth more than a million yuan was a broken car. What was a good car? What the girl did next stunned them even more. The girl picked up a brick on the ground. He aimed at the BMW's windshield and smashed it down with a "Pa" sound. The windshield shattered. The girl still couldn't vent her anger. She threw a few more bricks at the body of the car. In an instant, A luxury car turned into a broken car. Some of the onlookers felt their hearts ache as they shed tears. After the girl finished smashing the car, she calmed down. She turned around and was about to leave. Only then did Huang Hao react. He grabbed the girl's hand. He gritted his teeth and said, "Wenn Jiaxin, you want to leave after you smash my car. It's not that easy! You have to promise today. If you don't, you have to promise!" At the same time she spoke, He wanted to pull Wenn Jiaxin into his arms, but the girl's hand had already been grabbed by another boy. The boy said, "I think she won't agree. What can you do to her?" Finishing, This boy was Loong Aotian. Ma Jian and Qiao Feng followed behind him.

Huang Hao was jealous when he saw Loong Aotian and Wenn Jiaxin cuddling in his arms. Huang Hao looked at Loong Aotian fiercely and pointed with his finger. "Loong Aotian, what does this have to do with you?" Loong Aotian did not say anything. Ma Jian behind him said, "Huang Hao, I slept with your mother and your father did not care?"

"You..." Huang Hao choked on Ma Jian's words.

"What are you talking about? You are my grandson!"

"Do you know who my father is? You dare to scold me!"

"I know!"

"Who is it?"

" My son! Today, I will take care of my grandson for my son!" Ma Jian said as he punched Huang Hao. Huang Hao was unprepared. This punch was right on his face, and it knocked Huang Hao down in an instant. It was followed by a kick.

At this moment, Huang Hao's best friends passed by from the side. When they saw Huang Hao was beaten to the ground, they quickly surrounded him and asked, "Zhang Jun. "Brother Hao, are you okay?"

"F * ck you. Nonsense. You get punched, kicked, and tried! What the f * ck are you waiting for? Go and cripple that kid!" Huang Hao became angry out of humiliation. Relying on his father's power, he actually wanted to openly beat up Loong Aotian and the other two in school.

So this Huang Hao was the only son of the Huang family's patriarch, Huang Congjiang. He had been pampered since he was young. It was said that he changed eighteen nannies from three to five years old. What was even more ridiculous was that Huang Hao was blacklisted by the Baimu world. When Huang Hao grew up, he relied on his father's influence. When he was in his first year, he had already given a girl in the same class to QJ. The girl's parents sued Huang Hao. The court had accepted the case, but after more than half a year, the court had not given any results. It turned out that Huang Congjiang had already paid for it. The girl's parents were not willing to accept it. They sued Huang Hao to the provincial capital. There was still no news of him. This helped to encourage Huang Hao to do whatever he wanted. In the third year of junior high, he gave his English teacher to QJ.

It had only been a month since school started in high school. Huang Hao had been beaten twice. He really could not bear this kind of humiliation. Letting his best friends surround Ma Jian had the intention of crippling him on campus. Ma Jian saw them surrounding him. At this moment, Ma Jian had grown a lot. He didn't care about these people at all. Qiao Feng was a little worried. He wanted to go over and help them. Loong Aotian waved his hand and stopped him. Loong Aotian wanted Ma Jian to have some actual combat experience.

Huang Hao's best friends could easily bully ordinary people, but if they really met a martial arts practitioner, they were no match for him. In less than five minutes, they were beaten to the ground by Ma Jian.

At this time, someone called the director of the Politics and Education Bureau. Huang Hao saw that the director of the Politics and Education Bureau was here. He had saved his life, "Director Xu. Director Xu, he hit me. You must punish him impartially and fire him! " The director of the Political and Education Bureau thought to himself. "You six beat him up, yet you still feel wronged? You really don't know shame. But the Education Director also knew that this was something that the Young Master of the NY City's Deputy Mayor couldn't afford to offend. He could only nod his head, "Student Huang Hao, Don't worry, I'll take care of this. Go to the infirmary and treat the wound!" Director Xu asked a few students to help Huang Hao and his best friends to the infirmary. He then looked at Ma Jian, who had beaten Huang Hao, and frowned. This was the young master of the CEO of Rejuvenation Group, and he was not someone to be trifled with.

In order to take the form, he brought Ma Jian to the Politics and Education Bureau. However, after half an hour, he came out again. Nothing seemed to have happened. Huang Hao's little brother was watching outside the Politics and Education Bureau. When he saw Ma Jian come out safely, he was shocked. He quickly reported it to Huang Hao. Huang Hao was lying on the hospital bed in the infirmary. When he heard that Ma Jian had been released safely, he immediately went to report it to Huang Hao. He hit the wall with his fist in anger and grimaced at the pain where he'd been hit.

After this time, the conflict between Loong Aotian and Huang Hao had been further aggravated. Huang Hao was getting more and more ruthless to Loong Aotian, Ma Jian, and Qiao Feng. He asked his father, Huang Congjiang, to use the Huang Family's intelligence system to investigate the family background of Loong Aotian and the other two. After the results of the investigation were out, Ma Jian and Qiao Feng's family background made Huang Congjiang stick his tongue out. However, Loong Aotian's family was so ordinary that it couldn't be any more ordinary. Therefore, Huang Hao had targeted Loong Aotian's family for revenge.

On this day, Loong Liqun and his wife pushed the tofu into the market as usual. The tofu of the Long family had a good reputation in this market. Their business was very good. However, there was something unusual today. No one had bought it from morning to noon. Not even one person had asked for the price. At around 12 o'clock in the afternoon, a person with dyed red hair came to the Long family's tofu stall. The tattooed young man. Loong Liqun and his wife were shocked when they saw this young man. The young man pointed at the tofu and asked, "Hey, how much is this tofu?"

"Two yuan per jin!"

How's the cooking? Is there sand? "

"Of course there is. My tofu is very clean!!"

"I don't believe you. You make me use it often!"

"Hey, okay!" Loong Liqun cut a small piece of tofu and handed it to the young man. The young man took it and chewed it a few times. He spat it out and looked at Loong Liqun. "D * mn, this is called no sand? It's all f * cking sand. It hurts my teeth!"

When Loong Liqun saw this, he really understood. The young man was clearly here to find trouble! At this time, the young man kicked the tofu stall over and whistled. A few more young men came from around the market and pressed Loong Liqun and his wife to the ground, beating them up!

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