Martial Genius In The City/C9 Catch Huang Hao
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Martial Genius In The City/C9 Catch Huang Hao
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C9 Catch Huang Hao

A black Audi A6 and a business car under the cover of night. They arrived at the Hot Blood Bar. The door opened and two young men came out. They were both wearing black coats. They looked exactly the same. It was hard to tell them apart if one didn't look closely. That's right. They were the two young masters of the Wang Family - Wang Yujie and Wang Shuangjie.

The brothers of the Wang Family came to Loong Aotian's room. Aotian stood up to greet them. After they sat down, Wang Yujie asked again, "Aotian, are you really going to attack Huang Hao? He is the young master of Huang Family. You can't act on impulse and ignore the consequences!"

"Big brother, you may not know me well. If you have a grudge, you must take it back. Even if you die after taking it back, I am willing to do it!"

Wang Yujie had nothing to say. Shuangjie said, "I admire Aotian's courage. He will be able to achieve great things in the future." Loong Aotian smiled and did not admit it. He did not deny it. Wang Yujie waved his hand and two men in black came in from outside. They brought in two black boxes and placed them on the table. Wang Yujie opened the box. Inside were all kinds of cold weapons. Wang Yujie said, "The Golden Heaven and Earth is a KTV under the Huang Family's banner. There are many mercenaries and bodyguards in it. If there's a conflict, we can't do it without a guy. Pick a good guy! "

Loong Aotian caught a Mountain Splitting Knife at a glance and played with it in his hand. The knife flashed and shone on Loong Aotian's face. It made people shiver in fear. Ma Jian looked at him and said, "I'm big. I'll take a big guy." As he spoke, he picked up a handful of Mountain Splitting Axes. Qiao Feng picked a triangular military thorn, and Wang Libin and Gao Yang each picked a saber. Gao Rui also came over to take her weapon. Loong Aotian stopped her, "Ms Rui, what are you doing?"

"I'm going with you to find Huang Hao!"

"Fighting and killing are our men's business. Don't get involved with a girl like you."

"What? Are you looking down on your sister?" Gao Rui said as she picked up an apple and threw it into the air. She then picked up a butterfly knife and flashed it. The apple fell to the ground and became two halves. Gao Rui showed this move. Everyone present, including Loong Aotian, were all shocked. Gao Yang scratched his head in embarrassment. "Mr. Loong," he said. I learned everything from my sister." Loong Aotian did not stop him.

There were so many of them with weapons. If they walked out of their hot-bloodedness, it would really be a real-life version of "Gu Beggar. That was why Wang Yujie asked everyone to get on the black trench coat and hide their weapons in it. They walked out of their hot-bloodedness and directly entered the car that the Wang Family brothers drove over.

It was past 10: 00 at night. People who liked to live at night. This was the beginning of their wonderful life. There were many people in the golden world today. There were all kinds of seductive girls in the middle of the dance floor, following the ear-splitting taxi music. They were crazily shaking their bodies. Their white bodies were particularly eye-catching in the swaying lights. His long hair was swaying back and forth. In an instant, an ambiguous aura enveloped the entire bar, but a murderous aura also enveloped the bar!

At this moment, a black Audi A6 and Chang An's business appeared outside the golden world. The door opened, and from inside came down eight youths wearing black trench coats. Seven men and one woman. The waiter was scared, but due to his occupation, he was scared. "Everyone, inside, please!" One of the young men said: "May I ask which room is Young Master Huang in? We are his friends."

"Young Master Huang is in the room on the second floor."

"Please take me there!"

The waiter called another waiter beside him. "Lil'Wang, bring these gentlemen to the second floor, Young Master Huang's private room." Gao Rui heard the words "few gentlemen" and was secretly unhappy in her heart.

Lil' Wang agreed and brought Loong Aotian and the others to the second floor. The waiter who received them was a smart person. When he saw that Loong Aotian and the others did not come with good intentions, he immediately reported to Ba Dao who was in charge of the Golden Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, Huang Hao was sitting in the private room, playing with Liang Xing, Zhang Jun, and the others.

Suddenly, the door of the private room was kicked open and eight black-clothed youths barged in. They were Loong Aotian and the others. Huang Hao saw Loong Aotian with a cold face at first glance. He was so scared that his legs went weak and he fell off the sofa.

The two girls screamed and hid in the corner. Huang Hao was very weak. But after all, he was the young master of the Huang Family. He was so scared that his legs went soft. Now that he had calmed down a little, he slowly stood up. He retreated to the window and tried to escape. Although it was on the second floor, But Huang Hao knew very well that if he jumped down, he would at most fall and break his arms. That would be better than falling into Loong Aotian's hands. But in the next second, his hope was shattered. The two windows had been locked by Ma Jian and Qiao Feng.

Loong Aotian asked Wang Libin and Gao Yang to guard the door and Gao Rui to control the girls. Gao Rui looked at Loong Aotian proudly. She was right to bring them here. Loong Aotian sat on the sofa. The blade light shone on Loong Aotian's cold face. Huang Hao's last line of defense could not be broken. He sat on the ground like mud. A yellow liquid appeared under him.

Before Loong Aotian could say anything, the red-haired Liang Xing knelt down in front of Loong Aotian. "Mr. Loong, Mr. Loong, I was wrong. No matter what happened to me, it was Huang Hao who made me do this."

"I don't like it. People who are not brothers with me call me Mr. Loong." Loong Aotian said plainly, but it made Liang Xing feel cold.

"Master Long, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I am willing to follow you. I can do anything."

Gao Rui interrupted, "Can you give him a child?"

... ""

... ""

Everyone was speechless.

"You are Liang Xing?"

"Master, it's me. I'm your grandson!"

"Did you hit my parents?"

Wang Yao asked. "Yes, no, it was Huang Hao who asked me to do this. How could I hit my master?" Wang Yao asked.

Everyone felt disgusted when they heard this.

"Which hand did you hit him?" Loong Aotian's tone was still calm.

"This... this hand." Liang Xing nervously extended his right hand.

Loong Aotian grabbed Liang Xing's right hand and exerted force. With a cracking sound, Liang Xing's right hand broke. Following that, Liang Xing's pig slaughtering cry sounded. Loong Aotian's action shocked everyone present. Even Ma Jian and Qiao Feng, who knew Loong Aotian first, felt that this was not the Mr. Loong they knew.

Loong Aotian knew very well that the golden heaven and earth was the territory of the Huang Family. After staying here for a long time, they must be the ones who lost out. Therefore, Loong Aotian gave Ma Jian a look. Ma Jian understood and came over to pick up Huang Hao. The stench made Ma Jian grin. Loong Aotian waved his hand. Everyone walked out of the room and locked all the other men and women, including Liang Xing, in the room.

They had just walked downstairs when they saw a man with muscles all over his body. The middle-aged man with the knife blocked their way. This man was none other than the golden Heaven and Earth Realm's Tyrannical Saber. Ba Dao didn't even put the young men in his eyes. He laughed wildly, "Little boys! Let Young Master Huang go if you know what's good for you. I can consider letting you all die a quick death!" Before Loong Aotian could say anything, Wang Libin was the first to step forward. He wanted to show off in front of Loong Aotian. Wang Libin jumped up. Ba Dao didn't care if it was just a slash from Ba Dao. The two sabers collided. Sparks flew in all directions, and Wang Libin was forced to take a few steps back. If Gao Yang hadn't helped him, he would have fallen.

Loong Aotian grabbed the Mountain Splitting Knife in his hand and prepared to personally fight Ba Dao. Before he could go over, With a flash of red light, Gao Rui had already clashed with Ba Dao. Loong Aotian looked carefully. He was afraid that Gao Rui would make the slightest mistake, but after looking for a while, Loong Aotian was relieved because Gao Rui had already gained the upper hand. He could see that Gao Rui was on the knife. And a lot of work.

Very quickly, the two of them fought for more than ten rounds. Gao Rui swiped her blade and Ba Dao's vision blurred. Gao Rui's blade chopped down on Ba Dao's arm. Although Gao Rui used to be a boxer in the boxing arena, that was just a competition. When the time came, it was a real fight. This was still the first time, so it was inevitable that she felt a little guilty. Therefore, this knife wasn't very deep, even though it wasn't a good feeling to use such a knife.

Loong Aotian took advantage of the opportunity when Ba Dao was injured and shot a glance at him. Everyone flocked over. Ba Dao still had many underlings under him, but it was very difficult for them to block these eight people. In fact, these lackeys should feel lucky, because besides Wang Yujie and Wang Shuangjie who had killed people, the other six were all rookies. They had only injured them and not killed them.

Everyone rushed out of the golden heaven and earth. Wang Yujie brought them here to receive them. As soon as they left the golden heaven and earth, they got into a car and sped away.

Tonight's matter quickly spread in NY's underground world. Although they didn't know who did this, they all admired this man's courage. He dared to snatch the young master of Huang Family from the territory of Huang Family. This wasn't something that ordinary people would dare to do. Even the patriarchs of the other two families were shocked.

At this moment, Huang Congjiang was in a VIP room of a hotel, communicating with his secretary. The primitive voices rose and fell, melodious and pleasant to the ears. Suddenly, a disharmonious voice interrupted this graceful voice. Huang Congjiang's phone rang. It was Ba Dao calling. Huang Congjiang impatiently picked up the phone. "Ba Dao, what is it?"

"Family, Family Head, something bad has happened!"

"What is it? Your wife ran away with someone else? It's okay, I'll find you a better one later!" Huang Congjiang was about to hang up the phone and continue his conversation.

"Oh, no, the young master was taken away!"

When Huang Congjiang heard this, he immediately became spirited and no longer had any interest in continuing the conversation. The secretary did not know what to do. Looking at Huang Congjiang's worried face, she coyly said, "Congjiang, What's the matter with you? Huang Congjiang was very impatient. He slapped his secretary's face and said, "Get lost!" Huang Congjiang quickly put on his clothes. He left the VIP room. Looking at Huang Congjiang's back, the secretary spat fiercely, "Bah! Old fart, do you think I like you so much? Isn't it just because you're a Deputy Mayor and have some power?" Finishing, The secretary made a phone call and called over a gigolo. They continued their conversation.

After leaving the hotel, Huang Congjiang immediately got the driver to drive back to Huang Family Manor. Along the way, he made all kinds of phone calls to find his son's whereabouts.

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