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Martial Hero in Wasteland/C1029 Become a Buddha
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C1029 Become a Buddha

"Unless Huangfu Qi asks me to spare him. Unfortunately..." Zuo Yu said calmly. He stepped forward and punched the old man in the chest. He took another step and left.

This old man should have a treasure. He was also cultivating the Soul Catching Eye, but Zuo Yu couldn't kill him with a single thought. However, this was the same, he didn't want to waste any time.

Old man Huangfu fell to the ground in despair. The other experts of Huangfu family didn't dare to make a sound. They could only smile bitterly in their hearts. They had already tried to persuade him, but this guy refused to listen... As for those who listened to Huangfu Qi, let alone Huangfu Qi, even if he was here, perhaps he would still raise his hands and agree to kill this guy. The young master of the family had already made his decision, and this guy still had a strong hostility towards the new young master, Huangfu Qi. Given Huangfu Qi's temper, it would be strange if he didn't kill him...

Zuo Yu understood Huangfu Qi as well. The people of Huangfu family couldn't help but feel lucky. Fortunately, their family didn't confront this young man. In other words, their young master was Huangfu Qi. It might be better this way. Young master Huangfu Qi was in the Heaven Realm, waiting for this young man to go to the Heaven Realm as well. This was the true strength of a tycoon... They couldn't believe it. How old was this young man?

None of the proud disciples of Huangfu family dared to make a sound. Instead, they felt that this guy deserved to be killed and almost implicated their Huangfu family. This was the benefit of strength. Having strength was the norm.

Zuo Yu stepped forward once again and stopped in front of the experts of the ancient temple. These monks were no longer calm. All of them were fleeing in panic and fear.

Presently, there were still three more monks in the ancient temple. The three of them were roaring furiously. They knew that they couldn't escape. What they lacked the most was speed. The three of them had formed a formation and killed them before.

Zuo Yu threw another punch. The formation was broken, and the three of them were thrown backwards.

"Hmm?" Zuo Yu's eyes sparkled. Only two of them had died, and the last one was still alive. Did he have an epiphany?

The monk was covered in blood, but he struggled to get up and sit down cross-legged. There was no joy or sadness in his eyes. He had actually gained an epiphany.

Zuo Yu narrowed his eyes, but he also stopped moving.

A moment later, the monk opened his eyes and stood up with difficulty. He bowed to Zuo Yu seriously, "Thank you, benefactor. So this is the way of the ancient temple. To enter the Dao through meditation and edify the people of the world, it was all in vain in the past. I have sinned, I have sinned... Everything is my fault. Thank you, benefactor, for letting me understand everything in the end. I won't die muddle-headed. Even if I die, I won't have the face to meet the Buddha..." The old monk put his palms together and said with utmost sincerity," Benefactor Zuo, I have done too many wrong things. I am sorry for all of you. Kill me. "

Zuo Yu's eyes sparkled. If it was before, he would never believe such words. At this critical moment, what the hell are you saying? However, he could clearly feel that the old monk wasn't lying. He really had a sudden enlightenment of Zen. His temperament had changed. He had become gentle, loving, aloof from worldly affairs. Perhaps this was the true Buddha. His strength had actually increased by a lot. The Buddhist Dao was indeed extensive and profound. Perhaps it was just that he had been corrupted by those fellows from before. Zuo Yu's emotions were drifting.

"You can leave now." Zuo Yu turned around and left. He was too lazy to make another move.

"Amitabha, good, good. This old monk has sinned deeply. From now on, I will bitterly cultivate the dharma. Edifying all living beings..." The old monk bowed deeply and left with some of the people from the ancient temple. His face was full of compassion and guilt.

"Damn, this is possible too?" Old Man Hong shouted again. He really couldn't tell if it was true or not.

"Buddha Dao is also a supreme Great Dao. He should have really gained enlightenment." Sword God said in a low voice.

The rest of the people were watching the scene in silence. Zuo Yu didn't say anything. None of them dared to speak. Even the experts of Divine Valley were in awe. Zuo Yu was too strong. He could instantly kill a Heavenly God.

As for those enemies who were kneeling on the ground, they were terrified and didn't dare to say anything.

At the moment of their death, almost all of the experts who came were dead. There were dozens of mighty undying experts. Among them, there were also many expert at the Dao Stage, which could be considered a great expert in the Heaven Realm. Unfortunately, they didn't dare to go to the Heaven Realm. They could only dominate here. This time, they were all killed here. Almost all the experts in the Divine Martial Continent had died.

There were also many other experts, including the Wang family, Su family, Sun family and so on. None of these experts were immortal. Under Zuo Yu's stern gaze, some of the hostile ones had already been eliminated.

Those enemies who used to be domineering had all been eliminated.

This was the most important thing in this world. However, how long had it been? Was there ten breaths of time? This time, the world had truly changed. It was something that had been passed down since the ancient times. The Divine Gate, which had always been high and mighty, had been razed to the ground. There was more than one place that had been razed to the ground. Not to mention the existence of the nine aristocratic families...

"Old Ancestor." Looking at the few of them looking at him, Zuo Yu smiled and walked forward.

Currently, only the Divine Valley's Undead Stage warriors were left. The Zuo family of the Yun family had always been one with the Divine Valley. After that, the Leng family and the Four Square Academy wouldn't participate in the battle except for those who had gone through a few tough-training sessions. None of them came. The other two were the two great Undead Expert of Huangfu family. They were also nodding their heads and greeting from afar. They had a respectful smile on their faces.

"Hehe, good, good..." The Left Patriarch grinned in excitement.

"Hua Yun Divine Lord? Hello..." Zuo Yu looked at a middle-aged man and nodded in greeting. He had only paid attention to this Divine Lord because this Divine Lord had once wanted to take him as a disciple.

"Haha, you know me, I'm so happy, haha..." Hua Yun laughed out loud. He even looked at his companion beside him as if to say, Look, who's the most handsome?

The group of people laughed, and the atmosphere became much more relaxed.

Zuo Yu nodded. "Wait a moment, I'll go... Hmm? " Zuo Yu was about to speak, but he turned his head and looked to the other side.

* Hong! * Suddenly, the void shattered, followed by an explosive sound, and the scene of the vast Buddha Light dissipating, it was incomparably violent.

Everyone was startled and quickly looked over. What was going on?

They saw the old monk and the group of monks who had just left fly back in a miserable manner. The old monk's strength had increased tremendously. Zuo Yu felt that he was approaching the limit of immortality. Before this, he was only a Middle Period of Dao Stage, but now, he was still flying back without any resistance. He looked even more miserable than before, but he was still alive. He was strong, or rather, the Zen Dao that he had comprehended was very good at saving his life. Of course, it could also be that the person who came did not kill him...

"Your grandfather, old bald donkey, where are you running to?" A playful voice drifted over, and then a few figures appeared in a flash. They did not know that they were attacking from tens of thousands of miles away, but as expected, they did not attack with their full strength.

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