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C1 In the Jungle


In the silent forest, a blood-curdling scream suddenly rang out.

Zuo Yu felt a splitting headache, as if his entire head was going to explode.

"Young master, you're awake!" A clear and melodious voice was heard. It was filled with anxiety, surprise, and a trembling voice.

A fragrant breeze passed by. Zuo Yu forced himself to open his eyes. What entered his eyes was actually a pink spring light. The person who came was a young woman, but at this moment, she looked extremely miserable. The clothes on her chest were torn, revealing quite a bit of her undergarments. Her undergarments were also not neat enough, and her round white skin was faintly visible. It made one's imagination run wild.

It was not because Zuo Yu had sharp eyes, but because the woman was too surprised. She grabbed Zuo Yu, who was lying on the ground. She just happened to place Zuo Yu at the spot where her chest was exposed. Zuo Yu didn't have much of a consciousness, and once again cried out in pain. Her head hurt so much, it was like a tearing pain, it was too painful... The girl also did not notice this. Her eyes were full of anxiety and she was at a loss as to what to do.



Zuo Yu felt a heat on his forehead, and then he rolled out with the girl. For a moment, his whole body seemed to be dispersing, and his head didn't seem to hurt that much anymore.

The girl's face turned pale, and she struggled to get up. However, she once again spat out a mouthful of blood, but she didn't seem to care about her own injuries. Instead, she immediately looked at Zuo Yu.

"Young master, how are you?" The girl's eyes were filled with tears and worry.

Zuo Yu subconsciously touched his forehead. It was filled with the blood that the woman had just spat out to protect him. "I... Ah!" Zuo Yu had just said one word when he held his head and screamed again. He even rolled on the ground.


Suddenly, an iron sword stabbed at her. The girl's face changed, and she turned around to block it with her sword.

After a few clashes, the two sides separated.

The people who came were three burly men. One of them held a large iron sword, and the two of them held large sabers. Their weapons emitted a cold light under the afterglow of the setting sun.

"This brat's life is really big. Why isn't he dead yet?" One of them frowned and said, not caring about the confrontation between the two sides at all.

"Then I'll make another slash. Attack." The other one said with a snort.

The three of them attacked at the same time as they spoke. The wind whistled, and they were full of power.

"You bad guys have harmed our young master. I... I'm going to kill you all." The woman seemed to want to scold them, but she didn't know how to. In the end, she said it with her sword crossed, as if she had made up her mind.

"Hahaha..." The three of them laughed loudly, but they didn't show any mercy.

On the desolate mountain, the woman faced the three of them alone. Every move she made was dangerous and full of killing intent.

The woman's strength wasn't weak. With one sword attack, she forced back one person. Soon, another person was forced back, but then she almost got hit as well. Her small face was deathly pale as she took a few steps back.

It could be seen that the woman's combat experience was too poor, and she practically had no experience. Otherwise, she should have been able to defeat these three people.

The girl looked at Zuo Yu who was behind her. Her eyes became determined. She took the lead and rushed forward to meet the three of them.

Chi! The girl was caught off guard. The clothes on her arm had been cut open, and there was even a trace of blood seeping out.

The woman's small face was stubborn. She continued to attack, and almost stabbed one person, but she was still dodged by that person.

"Hmph! Lowly servant, you're courting death." The man snorted coldly. He had been attacking for a long time, but it had made him a little impatient. After all, this was the territory of Feng family. The longer they delayed, the more unfavorable it would be for them.

"Second Brother, why are you so cruel! You can't bear to see such a beautiful girl like her. No matter what, you have to let us brothers enjoy it before killing her." Another man said with a strange smile.

"How long has it been since you last saw a woman? How can you take a fancy to such an ugly maid? Don't say that I know you."

"Liu, this girl's face is a bit ugly, but her figure... Haha, Liu, have you ever seen such a beautiful woman? How should I put it? Hmm, as soft as a boneless bone, tsk tsk... " As the man spoke, he brandished his saber and slashed forward. It broke through the woman's attack.

The woman's expression was ugly, but she did not retreat at all.

"Haha, what you said is true."

"This lowly maid is dressed in coarse cloth. I really didn't notice it earlier. Not bad. When we cover our faces later, the three of us will be together, haha."

The three people's eyes lit up. They stared at the woman's undergarments and said with a lewd laugh.

Regardless of whether the three of them provoked her or not, it still worked. The woman was a bit angry and fearful. She subconsciously pulled on her clothes and was then stabbed in the shoulder by the sword-wielding man. Then, she was kicked out.

"Haha, let's go!" The three of them rushed out with wild laughter.

"Let's kill that kid first." Liu shouted.

When the woman heard him, she quickly turned around and stood up to protect Zuo Yu, ignoring the man's attack. She fiercely swung her sword at the man. The man's heart skipped a beat. He cursed in his heart and withdrew his attack first. However, he was still cut on the shoulder by the woman. He retreated in a panic.

"B * tch, how dare you hurt laozi. laozi is going to break your tendons and legs, then f * ck you up." The man cursed.

"Over here, quick" At this moment, a faint sound could be heard from not far away. The other two pursuers had also rushed over.

The woman's expression was anxious. In a panic, she lifted her leg and kicked a few broken branches. Following which, the branches quickly rushed out.

The woman waved her sword vigorously. Her martial arts gathered and she attacked continuously. The three of them were indeed not as good as the woman. Under the woman's crazy attack, the three of them became serious and retreated continuously.

Soon, the woman was somewhat exhausted, but the three of them also retreated quite a bit.

The girl hurriedly turned around, rolled on the ground, and carried Zuo Yu on her back before running out.

However, before she could take a few steps, a person who had rushed over jumped over. With a kick, the girl and Zuo Yu rolled away. The girl quickly got up and threw her sword out with a wave of her hand. The person who just landed on the ground was shocked and dodged in a panic.

The person stabilized his body, and the woman had already run a distance away with Zuo Yu.

At this time, another man had also arrived. He was together with the man who had launched the sneak attack earlier. The two of them had gathered together with the three men behind them.

"Chase after them." The two groups of five gathered together and chased after them together.

In the deep forest of weeds and mountains, the girl was running away with Zuo Yu on her back. Her face was pale, but she was stubborn.

"Young master, wake up. How are you?" The girl cried out with a helpless voice, "What should I do... Wuuuu..."

Night slowly descended.

The girl's face was getting paler and paler, and blood was seeping out of her mouth. Her footsteps were getting weaker and weaker, but she didn't stop. She didn't let go of Zuo Yu.

"Why didn't anyone tell us that this lowly servant's strength was so high? Fortunately, she has poor experience. Otherwise, she would have killed all of us. Damn it!" One of them cursed.

The night was dark, and it was difficult to walk on the mountain path. They had lost their target.

"Alright, since we've done it, we'll do it till the end. They won't be able to go far. Let's split up and look for them. " Their expressions were all a bit ugly.

Beside a rock, the woman carried Zuo Yu and fell down.

The woman struggled to get up and gently supported Zuo Yu, letting him lean to the side.

Zuo Yu's headache was a little fuzzy, and he was trembling slightly.

"Young master, what's wrong with you? Wuwu... I... I don't have any medicine either, what should we do, young master... Wake up... " The woman was at a loss. She started to cry. The wound on her lips was still slowly bleeding.

"Hmm... cold..." Zuo Yu said while trembling.

"Young master?" The girl immediately stopped all her movements and looked over, "Cold... Oh, oh. I... I'll give you clothes..." The woman paused for a moment and took off her outerwear and wrapped it around Zuo Yu.

"So... cold..."

"Young master, I..." The girl cried anxiously and hugged Zuo Yu tightly. "Young master, Qingqing is here. Qingqing will accompany you. Boohoo... If you want to die, we will die together."

The night was dark and moonless. This had temporarily ensured the safety of the two of them.

The weak girl, Qingqing, was wearing thin clothes and tightly hugging Zuo Yu. Her wounds were still bleeding slowly. The two of them gradually calmed down as they trembled. They were both too tired to sleep.

In the morning, Qingqing woke up and looked at Zuo Yu who was lying in her arms. Her face was slightly red. He was actually resting on her...

But soon, Qingqing remembered the situation she was in. She tried her best to carry Zuo Yu, but she almost fell down.

Step by step, Qingqing walked firmly.

"Haha, big brother, it's here."

Finally, the five of them caught up. After all, they weren't injured.

Seeing the five of them surround her, Qingqing's face was filled with despair. Putting Zuo Yu to the side, leaning against the tree, Qingqing firmly stood in front of him and clenched her little fist. Her sword was gone yesterday.

"Kaka, girl, you took off your clothes. Did you get that kid yesterday? Haha. "

"This kid is already like this, he definitely can't. Come, brothers, have fun with you."

"You bad guys, how dare you kill our young master? Feng family will definitely kill you all." Qingqing said angrily.

"Why would the Bai family be afraid of the Feng family?"

"Why are you talking so much to her? Brothers, let's go, kaka..."

A group of people suddenly started fighting.

Qingqing flipped her small hand and faced a person with her palm. With determination, her attack was not bad at all.

Next to the big tree, Zuo Yu slowly opened his eyes. He was a little puzzled. He was a little confused, and he couldn't believe it. His head had been in great pain just now. It was because something strange had merged into it. Now, it seemed as if it had already been integrated. A large amount of inexplicable information flooded his brain. What is it...

Ah! With a miserable scream, Qingqing's leg was stabbed, and then another two people swung their legs at the same time. Qingqing was sent flying like a fallen leaf, and she spat out a string of blood.

"Young master." Qingqing crawled to Zuo Yu's side and hugged him, as if this could protect him.

"Hahaha..." The few of them laughed out loud, "Brothers, who's going first?"

Zuo Yu turned his head and saw the same scene as yesterday. It was still that proud round and fair skin, and this time it was even clearer. However, his clothes were stained with blood, causing people's heart to ache. Zuo Yu quickly looked up and saw a young girl who was about 16 or 17 years old. Her delicate face was haggard and bloodless. "Qingqing?"

"Young Master, you're awake?" The woman's face lit up, but she quickly changed her expression. "Hurry up and leave! Hurry up and leave!"

"Leave? Haha! The five of them laughed wildly, killing intent flickering in their eyes.

Zuo Yu raised his head and looked in front of him. The information in his mind had just calmed down and was finally confirmed.

"Young master." Qingqing's eyes were filled with anxiety.

"Qingqing, don't be afraid." Zuo Yu smiled gently. "Wait for me."

Zuo Yu stood up and strode forward. He stood tall and straight as he faced them.

Qingqing was stunned and a little worried, but she still obediently sat up against the tree.

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