Martial Hero in Wasteland/C11 First Defeat
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Martial Hero in Wasteland/C11 First Defeat
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C11 First Defeat

Two days later.

"Qingqing, what realm are you at?" The two of them sat in the courtyard and Zuo Yu casually asked.

"It's still the Ninth Heavenly Layer of True Qi, but it seems like it has already reached its peak. According to the formula, it should have already transformed a trace of Yuan energy, and will break through in a few days." Qingqing tilted her head and seriously thought for a while before saying.

" Oh." Zuo Yu was somewhat depressed. It was unknown how many people were stuck here for the rest of their lives, unable to break through. Even if a genius could break through in a year, it would already be good enough. Was Qingqing about to break through in a daze?

"Qingqing, I'll give you all of these. Try to break through as soon as possible." Zuo Yu gave the pill to Qingqing.

"Young master, Qingqing doesn't need it." Qingqing quickly waved her hand.

"Take it." Zuo Yu gave it to her.

"Young Master, what should you do?" Qingqing lowered her head and asked.

"This is useless to me. Even if I use it, I will feed it to the dogs." Zuo Yu said.

Qingqing was a little confused.

The golden dragon on her arm jumped up and down, as if it was trying to refute ___'s words.

Days passed.

Zuo Yu and Qingqing were living a calm but happy life. Feng Zhengyang seemed to have gone out with his father to do some work, but no one came to find trouble with Zuo Yu at home.

One day.

Zuo Yu and Qingqing walked slowly on the street.

Zuo Yu was wearing white clothes and had a gentle smile on his face. Qingqing was wearing a light green dress and was happily saying something. She even jumped a few times and looked around. She looked like a little girl.

"Qingqing, let's go. I'll buy you some clothes." Zuo Yu said and brought Qingqing into a clothing store.

"Young master, which one looks good?" Qingqing asked with a smile, her big eyes curved into small crescent moons.

"Yes, my Qingqing will definitely look good in any one of them." Zuo Yu said with a smile.

"Young master is making fun of me." Qingqing covered her face and said shyly.

"Hehe, white." Zuo Yu laughed.

"Yes." Qingqing nodded.

The two of them started to walk on the street again.

It had been so many days, and today was a rare day for them to relax. It was all thanks to Qingqing that every time they were together, they would naturally relax. Zuo Yu gently looked at the girl beside him. If it wasn't for this gentle and cute girl accompanying him... After so many things had happened, Zuo Yu really would have gone crazy.

"Eh? Yutong, isn't that your fiancé? " In a luxurious inn, a few young men and women sat together to drink and chat. A woman said in surprise.

Immediately, everyone looked down.

" Hehe, is that so? " The woman in red smiled charmingly. It was Feng Yutong.

"Who is that woman beside him?" A man's eyes lit up as he asked.

"It's that servant girl with the grimace on her face. What, Cheng Kun, are you interested?" Feng Yutong looked over with a smile.

Cheng Ke was stunned and a little annoyed. "Hehe, I was just casually asking. I thought this kid was cheating on me."

"This kid really doesn't know what to eat. But trash finding an ugly maid is a perfect match." Another young man said disdainfully.

"That's right." Another person said.

"Sister Yutong is still here. Is that her fiancé in name?" The woman in green said with a laugh.

"Alright, stop messing around. You should at least greet her." Feng Yutong's eyes flashed and she shouted towards the outside, "Brother Mr Yu, here!"

Zuo Yu frowned slightly. He could tell who it was from the sound. He looked up and saw Feng Yutong looking at him with a charming smile, as if she was deeply in love. The other men all showed hostility.

Qingqing also saw it. She seemed to be afraid and hid behind Zuo Yu unconsciously.

"Let's go home." Zuo Yu didn't respond. He turned around and left.

"Hey! Brother Mr Yu!" Feng Yutong's face was full of resentment. "Wait for me." Feng Yutong rolled her eyes and jumped down from the attic.

Zuo Yu frowned again." Qingqing, wait for me. " Zuo Yu said to Qingqing and turned around to walk back.

"Hehe, Brother Mr Yu." Feng Yutong came up and hugged Zuo Yu's arm.

Feeling the strong fragrance, Zuo Yu felt nauseous and pulled out his arm with all his strength. "What is it? Tell me, I am very busy."

"Brother Mr Yu, how can you treat me like this?" Feng Yutong immediately had an aggrieved look.

"Goodbye." Zuo Yu turned around and left. Do you dare to be more exaggerated?

"Stop!" A cold voice shouted. It was a man's voice. A few people who were originally in the attic jumped down. The one who spoke was the young man who looked down on them earlier, Pan Xu.

Zuo Yu turned around to look. He did have some impression of him, but he really could not remember who this guy was.

"You are Yutong's fiancé? How dare you treat Yutong like this? Today, this young master will teach you a good lesson on behalf of Yutong." Pan Xu tidied his clothes and walked out proudly.

"Sick." Zuo Yu was a little speechless. He couldn't be bothered with him, so he turned around and left.

"Humph!" Pan Xu snorted coldly. He raised his palm and attacked Zuo Yu's back.

Zuo Yu's eyes turned slightly cold. He turned around and moved behind Pan Xu's arm. At the same time, he raised his palm and used the force to hit Pan Xu's neck. Pan Xu fainted immediately.

How dare a Sixth Level True Qi dare to provoke me? Fuck! Zuo Yu was a little unhappy.

Feng Yutong's eyes sparkled. Cheng Kun and the others were also stunned.

"You sneak attacked! Despicable!" Someone shouted.

Zuo Yu didn't want to scold anyone anymore. Who on earth attacked him from behind?

"Mr Zuo is really good at fighting." Cheng Kun suddenly said and walked forward, "I am Cheng Kun. I would like to ask Mr Zuo for some advice."

"I'm not free." Zuo Yu said without turning his head.

Cheng Kun was startled. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he refused the challenge without any reason. What he said was reasonable. Why didn't he know that ___ was such a shameless person? "Junior sister Yutong, is this how your fiancé is?" Cheng Kun tried to goad her on.

Zuo Yu, on the other hand, didn't know the rules of the challenge. Even if he knew, he wouldn't bother with it. It was a bullshit rule.

"Brother Mr Yu, why don't you give it a try? I believe you can win." Feng Yutong ran out seductively and once again clung onto Zuo Yu's arm.

Zuo Yu pulled out his arm, "I said I'm not free." Zuo Yu was very impatient.

"Brother Mr Yu, just take it that it's for me. You can't back off." Feng Yutong said in a tired voice.

"F * ck." Zuo Yu felt like going crazy.

"Hehe, if Brother Mr Yu wants to, I'll beat him." Feng Yutong blew at Zuo Yu, her face flushed red.

Zuo Yu shivered. Could it be that the virus had spread?

"Useless trash." Cheng Kun mocked.

Zuo Yu was about to push Feng Yutong away when his expression suddenly changed and became cold.

"Hehe, Brother Mr Yu, you must..." Feng Yutong thought that Zuo Yu was angry and was about to attack. She laughed and laughed. Then, Zuo Yu forcefully pushed her away with a scream and almost hit the wall.

"You!" A cold light flashed across Feng Yutong's eyes.

Zuo Yu was indeed going to attack, but not for her.

Zuo Yu walked towards a fat man. The fat man was very fat. He lowered his head and definitely couldn't see his toes, but he was wearing a pure white brocade robe. He felt that he was handsome and elegant. Now, the fat man was bringing a few servants with him. He surrounded Qingqing in the middle. A lascivious smile. He kept stretching his hands and feet. Qingqing lowered her head in fear and wanted to escape. But she couldn't.

Qingqing had developed a weak and even weak personality since she was young. She never knew how to resist. The last time she was in the mountain, it was also because her young master's life was hanging by a thread.

Zuo Yu's eyes were cold. He quickly walked forward and threw a punch at the fat man's head without saying anything.

The fat man was knocked over, and then two more servants screamed and rolled over.

Zuo Yu stretched out his arm and pulled Qingqing out.

"You dare hit me? Go, go!" Fatty actually got up and roared with bloodshot eyes.

"You're courting death!" Zuo Yu snorted lightly and moved first.

One of the servants flew out, and another flew out. Zuo Yu showed no mercy.

Bang, bang, bang.

Fatty was sent flying as well, smashing quite a number of things. The entire process only lasted for two to three breaths of time.

"Qingqing, let's go." Zuo Yu turned around and pulled Qingqing, then left indifferently.

"So handsome." A girl beside Feng Yutong said in a low voice.

"Hehe, Yutong, he didn't attack for you, but he got angry for that maid. Interesting." Another girl said. She seemed to have some conflict with Feng Yutong.

There was no need for her to say anything. Feng Yutong's face was already very ugly, but now it became even uglier.

"You are going too far! Yutong, I will help you teach him a lesson." Cheng Kun seized the opportunity and said with a smile.

" Thank you, Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng. " Feng Yutong immediately smiled charmingly again. Cheng Kun felt an itch in his heart and felt more motivated.

Cheng Kun could tell Zuo Yu's strength. He was only at the sixth stage of the True Qi Realm. He was at the peak of the seventh stage, so he was full of confidence.

After getting the confirmation, Cheng Kun arrived behind Zuo Yu with a few leaps. Without saying a word, he threw a punch at Zuo Yu.

A cold light flashed across Zuo Yu's eyes. He pushed Qingqing away and suddenly turned around. With a light slap, he wrapped around Cheng Kun's arm and pulled it back. At the same time, he fell back and used the momentum to pull Cheng Kun down. Then, he lifted his leg and kicked Cheng Kun over, then Zuo Yu rolled backwards. He pulled Cheng Kun over and rolled continuously. The two of them rolled a few times on the ground. He got up and rode on Cheng Kun's body. With just one punch, he knocked him out.


All of a sudden, a cold humph was heard. A man jumped out from the building on the other side and struck at Zuo Yu with his palm.

Zuo Yu had just stood up when his expression changed slightly. He quickly retreated and raised his hand to resolve the attack.

Bang! The palm technique of the man moved like a shadow, and instantly collided with Zuo Yu's palm. Zuo Yu kept stepping back, and his face turned red. After that, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Young master!" Qingqing was shocked. With a flash of her movement technique, she supported Zuo Yu, but no one noticed her at this moment.

The man seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with her result, and struck out with his palm once again.

Zuo Yu pulled Qingqing and quickly retreated, but he could not dodge at all.

That person's palm shadow flashed and actually took two people.

Boom! Zuo Yu and Qingqing were sent flying with him, both of them spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Qingqing." Zuo Yu quickly helped Qingqing up.

"Hehe, I thought you broke through. So you're still a trash." The person stopped his actions and said with a sneer, "Alright, I'll completely cripple you today, so as to avoid wasting resources." His words were incomparably casual.

Zuo Yu was very angry in his heart. Not only did he hurt himself, he even attacked Qingqing. If it wasn't for Qingqing's profound strength, she would have died in an instant.

Cheng Jie disdained Zuo Yu's anger. Killing intent flashed in his eyes. He was about to step forward when he heard a surprised voice, "Eh? Hehe." He raised his head and looked in a certain direction and smiled faintly. After that, he didn't even look at Zuo Yu anymore. He turned around and left with Cheng Kun.

Cheng Jie, Second Sky of Immortal Turning. Zuo Yu recalled who this man was. He and Cheng Kun were brothers, and his father was an elder of Feng family. It wasn't because of his extraordinary talent, but because this Cheng Jie was already thirty years old. This kind of strength was really ordinary.

Just you wait!

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