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C13 Power

"Nuo, take it." A grey-clothed servant said as he put down a basket of things and turned around to leave.

"Thank you." Qingqing thanked him and carried the basket out.

She was here to collect the ingredients. The Elite Martial Disciple had their own courtyards, so she was the one who took care of everything. However, the Feng family provided them with all kinds of ingredients and daily necessities for free.

"Miss Qingqing." A middle-aged man with a mustache shouted in surprise and quickly chased after her.

"Head of the river, what is it?" Qingqing dodged to the side and asked.

"Hehe, nothing much. It's just that I haven't seen Miss Qingqing for a few days. I really miss you." Jiang Youcai said with a smile as he scanned Qingqing's body. His eyes moved up and down, and they were filled with obscene light. "Qingqing, don't go back. Let's go. Brother Youcai will treat you to a meal at the Immortal Blessing Restaurant."

"No, I still want to go home." Qingqing turned around and quickly left after Guo Youcai pulled her.

Jiang Youcai was stunned, but he didn't suspect him. His eyes stared at Qingqing's butt nonstop. He even revealed a satisfied lewd smile. " Hehe, I like it. Sooner or later, you'll be mine." Jiang Youcai left with a smile on his face. He had coincidentally broken through to the sixth level of the True Qi Realm. Entering the seventh level of the True Qi Realm had greatly increased his confidence. This time, he would be able to get rid of his status as a servant in the martial arts competition. Although he was now the head of the servants, he was still a servant.

"Ugly? A bunch of idiots." Jiang Youcai walked over and said disdainfully, "A figure is equally important. This figure is soft and boneless, as if it was made of water. Tsk tsk, this is definitely going to make me feel good. Hehe, little girl. Wait for big brother... " Jiang Youcai left while humming a tune.

Within the courtyard of Zuo Yu's house.

Zuo Yu took a deep breath and opened his eyes. It felt good.

He had reached the eighth level of True Qi.

In the past few days, he had merged with the pill that Uncle Zhou had sent over, and his strength had once again increased.

The Heaven Seizing Spell was truly overbearing. Zuo Yu had originally planned to consume a True Qi Pill for the time being. Who knew that under the circulation of the Heaven Seizing Spell, the True Qi Pill would be like the True Qi that he cultivated. It quickly split up and circulated through his meridians, nourishing his meridians and tempering his body. Finally, it returned to his spirit aperture. He did not feel any discomfort. It was as if he had broken through naturally, and his power was even more profound. Zuo Yu felt that his skill was at least comparable to the True Qi expert at Ninth Layer now.

"Why isn't Qingqing back yet?" Zuo Yu looked at her with some doubt.

"Young Master Zuo, something's wrong. Miss Qingqing has been bullied." At this moment, a servant rushed over and shouted at Zuo Yu, who was in the courtyard.

"Hmm? Where is it?" Zuo Yu moved his feet and arrived outside. He pulled on the servant's clothes.

The servant was shocked, "Yes, it's over there."

Zuo Yu quickly rushed out.

"River Head." The servant walked to a corner where Jiang Youcai was.

Jiang Youcai nodded his head in satisfaction. He looked at Zuo Yu's back as he left and revealed a cold smile, "Qingqing, for the sake of our good deed, we can only let you suffer first. Hehe."

"Let's go, there's nothing else for us to do. Let's go back and sleep." Jiang Youcai left while humming a tune.

From afar, Zuo Yu could see that there were a lot of people surrounding them.

The ground was a mess. The basket that Qingqing was carrying was rolling on the side. The items were scattered all over the ground. A woman in red was scolding something. It was Feng Yutong.

Zuo Yu's chest was filled with anger, and he quickly rushed over.

"You lowly servant, why did you run when you saw me?" Feng Yutong coldly snorted, "Lowly servant, you are just a servant, do you know that? And you dare to seduce my Brother Mr Yu."

Slap! Feng Yutong threw a slap at him. Qingqing had a weak personality. The habit of thinking that she had developed over a long period of time made her very afraid. She lowered her head and was scolded. One of them was directly hit in the face and almost fell down.

A palm print appeared on Qingqing's small face. She covered her small face with her hands, and her eyes were filled with tears. She felt wronged.

"I told you to seduce my Brother Mr Yu!" Feng Yutong followed up with another slap.

Qingqing cried out in pain, full of helplessness.

"Damn it! Stop!" Zuo Yu's heart ached. At this moment, he was really furious, "Feng Yutong!"

"Hehe, Brother Mr Yu..." Feng Yutong's eyebrows moved and she smiled coquettishly.


Zuo Yu rushed over and slapped her without saying anything. Feng Yutong was about to step forward when her expression changed and she quickly dodged. However, Zuo Yu followed her like a shadow and threw him on her face.

Feng Yutong's body swayed and blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She was in disbelief and then she screamed, "Zuo Yu, you piece of trash! How dare you hit me?!"

Smack! Zuo Yu's expression was cold. He waved his hand and slapped her again.

Feng Yutong was still angry this time. She did not take any precautions and directly fell to the ground.

"Uh." The surrounding servants and martial disciples who were watching the show all opened their mouths wide. They did not think that it would be this result.

"Qingqing, it's fine." Zuo Yu flashed to Qingqing's side and rubbed her face. His heart ached for her.

"Young master, wuwu..." Qingqing cried, "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose..." She felt that it was a big trouble for Gongzi.

"I understand, it's fine." Zuo Yu comforted her.

"I will kill you." Feng Yutong pulled out the snake bone whip and threw it at ___ from behind. The wind whistled and the astral shadow flickered. She was also an expert at the eighth stage of the True Qi Realm.

"This brat is finished." A few martial disciples once again looked at the joke.

Zuo Yu pulled Qing Qing and moved forward without looking back. He naturally dodged.

Feng Yutong did not give up and changed her move instantly. The long whip was like a fire snake as it rushed towards the back of Zuo Yu's head.

"Humph!" Zuo Yu coldly snorted. He turned around and threw a punch. This time, it was a domineering punch. He did not use any leverage. Sticky Fist could be tough and soft. When it was hard, it was like the waves of a river. When it was soft, it could be four or two thousand jin.


When the true qi collided, Zuo Yu only felt incomparably refreshed. The Spiritual Force that the opponent attacked actually instantly absorbed some of it into his body. It naturally merged into his spirit aperture and turned into vigorous energy.

Feng Yutong's expression changed, and she took a few steps back before stabilizing her body.

Zuo Yu moved his footwork and followed closely.

Feng Yutong just stopped and waved her whip in a panic. Zuo Yu raised his hand and pulled the whip. He kicked continuously and Feng Yutong screamed and flew away. Feng Yutong was only at the initial eighth stage. Zuo Yu was not afraid of her to begin with. Now that Zuo Yu was also at the eighth level of the True Qi Realm, he also had the overbearing Heaven Seizing Spell. Feng Yutong was too far away from him.

Swoosh! Right at this moment, a long sword was thrust from the side, and it had already reached his ears. A martial disciple who was watching the show actually launched a sneak attack.

Zuo Yu slightly tilted his body to the side and barely dodged it, but he cut off a few strands of hair.

Zuo Yu was furious. He did not retreat, but advanced instead.

This person was actually at the ninth layer of True Qi. Unfortunately, it was still not enough. Zuo Yu attacked with his bare hands. This man's sword was sharp and fierce. In the blink of an eye, he had exchanged more than ten rounds. It wasn't because this man was strong, but because Zuo Yu could really feel the dominance of the Heaven Seizing Spell. He could actually absorb the residual waves of the Qi in the battle, and his opponent's sword attack seemed to be getting simpler and simpler. He would soon learn it.

Ha! Zuo Yu experienced the Heaven Seizing Spell, and his heart was filled with pride. He shouted loudly and threw out a punch. That man was sent flying, and when he landed in the distance, he spurted out a large mouthful of blood, and his face was filled with disbelief.

"Go to hell!" Feng Yutong's face was filled with madness as she charged over again.

Zuo Yu slightly moved his feet to the side and kicked backwards without even looking.

Ah! Feng Yutong's jumping body had not even landed when the whip shadow landed on Zuo Yu's head. She was only one step away, but she flipped over first.

Zuo Yu showed no mercy. One was for Qingqing, and the other was for himself. These days, Zuo Yu had become more and more familiar with the memories of his previous self. He had sorted out a lot of things. This Feng Yutong was most likely the one who harmed him.

Three years ago, his previous self and Feng Yutong went out of the city to play in Deep Swamp Mountain. In the end, it turned out that ___ was the one who had harmed him. The two of them split up and ran away. Feng Yutong, who was at the fourth level of True Qi, came back unharmed. At that time, Zuo Yu, who was at the sixth level of True Qi, was almost unable to come back. His spiritual root had been destroyed. After that, Zuo Yu gave up on himself and Feng Yutong did not pay much attention to him. A few days ago, Uncle Zhou said that there might be something that could cure Zuo Yu. Zuo Yu was wild with joy and immediately ran to tell his fiancee. In the end, the two of them went to have fun again to celebrate. This time, they encountered the so-called pursuit of the Bai family, who was full of unorthodox martial arts. Feng Yutong came back unharmed, but her previous self was completely dead. Feng Yutong and Feng Zhengyang were very close to each other. Feng Zhengyang was Zuo Yu's enemy. There was no need to think about it.

"How is this possible?"

"He's recovered?" The Martial Disciples' expressions changed greatly.

Zuo Yu glanced around, and the crowd unconsciously retreated.

"Zuo Yu, I'm going to kill you." Feng Yutong shouted hysterically.

"Humph! You will die first." Zuo Yu looked over indifferently.

"How impressive!" A cold voice was heard. Feng Zhengtian, dressed in white clothes, walked over. "You dare to use force in an important place of Feng family?" Feng Zhengtian stared at Zuo Yu with a cold look in his eyes.

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