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C15 Leisure Days

"I'm coming."

" Mhmm!"


"Hu! Hu!"

... "Use some strength!"


In the courtyard, Zuo Yu was training the little girl. Of course, he was training martial arts. The two of them exchanged blows, fists and palms. Their footwork became more and more adept, and their attacks and defense became more and more coordinated.

Qingqing's little face was very serious, and her forehead was covered in sweat. It was crystal clear, and she looked very cute.

"Alright, take a break." Zuo Yu stopped and walked to the stone table. He casually sat down and poured himself a cup of water. He drank it all in one gulp.

Qingqing also sat over and naturally filled Zuo Yu's cup.

"You, don't always think about taking care of me. You need to take care of yourself the most." Zuo Yu said.

"Qingqing likes to take care of young master." Qingqing said in a low voice.

"Well, I actually quite like it too." Zuo Yu joked.

"Qingqing, practice well during this period of time. We'll participate in the family competition next month. When the time comes, we will beat that Feng Zhengtian and Feng Zhengyang up. You will take the first place. I will be the second. " Zuo Yu said with a smile. "It feels good just thinking about it!"

The strength of Feng family wasn't as simple as it looked. There were also core elders above. They were the true decision-makers. If they could enter the top few in the competition... They would attract their attention and even recruit disciples. At that time, who would dare to do anything to them? At least they wouldn't dare to do anything to them openly.

"Young master is number one, Qingqing is number two." Qingqing said seriously.

"It's all the same." Zuo Yu said.

"Alright, put it here." A group of people came to the door in a noisy manner.

Zuo Yu stopped and looked outside the door. He saw a man leading a group of people to the door, and he was carrying some things.

"Who are you?" Zuo Yu frowned slightly.

"Hehe, Young Master Zuo." The leader walked up with a smile and cupped his fists. He had a mustache and a scar on his face. He looked very ugly.

When Qingqing saw this, she trembled and leaned towards Zuo Yu. Then, as if she remembered what Zuo Yu had said to her, she slowly sat back down.

Zuo Yu, on the other hand, noticed it.

"I am Jiang Youcai, the leader of the 'living quarters'. But I have already broken through to the Seventh Sky of True Qi. After the martial arts competition next month, I will be the martial arts student of Feng family. When the time comes, I can still be a manager in the various branches. " Jiang Youcai said proudly. He had gone back to sleep after finishing his task. He didn't know what happened after that, and he didn't know about Zuo Yu's current strength. He thought that ___ was just a piece of trash from the past. If that was the case, he wouldn't even be able to match up to Jiang Youcai.

Whether it was Qingqing's performance, or this fellow's appearance and tone, Zuo Yu didn't have a good impression of her, "So it's a servant. What's wrong? Has the rules of the Feng family been changed? When did this servant not need to greet his master? You, how dare you! Are you a servant or am I the master?!" Zuo Yu shouted coldly, purposely saying something wrong.

"You!" Jiang Youcai was so angry that his face turned green. In the end, he still nodded his head and bent down, "Greetings, Young Master Zuo."

"Hehe, this servant is a servant!" Zuo Yu said disdainfully, "Speak, what is it?"

"Young Master Zuo, I am here today to propose a marriage. I have become friends with Miss Qingqing at first sight, and I plan to marry her to be my ninth concubine. Young Master Zuo rest assured, after I become a martial arts student, I will be the person in charge. Miss Qingqing, follow me and live a good life. I won't..." Jiang Youcai said in a leisurely manner, filled with a sense of superiority.

"Get lost!" Zuo Yu's face turned cold, and killing intent even emerged on his face. You are just a man of a few decades old, and with your current appearance, a servant like you dares to covet Qingqing and return her to the ninth room...

"Young Master Zuo, it's not good to act on impulse like this." Jiang Youcai said with a smile, "Your spiritual root has been crippled, and your status will only get lower and lower. I will not watch the person I like suffer with you. Qingqing following me is the best solution. Besides, it's only natural for me to marry a maid with my status. It's useless even if you don't agree. I will ask the Third Elder to make the decision. When the time comes, it will not be good. You should agree. I can still take care of you in the future... "


Jiang Youcai became more and more energetic as he spoke, but in the blink of an eye, he was sent flying.

Zuo Yu retracted his fist and coldly walked forward.

"You... you dare to sneak attack me?" Jiang Youcai stood up and spoke with a fierce voice. With a ferocious expression on his face, he let out a furious roar and rushed towards Zuo Yu.

Zuo Yu threw out a punch, and the attack came first. Jiang Youcai was sent flying once again, and he spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

"You dare attack me?! You really want to die! " Zuo Yu smiled coldly.

"You!" Jiang Youcai was surprised and bewildered, "Just you wait!" Jiang Youcai turned around and ran away, disappearing like a wisp of smoke. How could this be? This was completely different from what he had imagined. Breaking through to the Seventh Level True Qi Realm had greatly increased his confidence. After thinking for a long time at home, he decided to directly propose marriage. He felt that it was just a maid. No matter what, Zuo Yu should agree to it. He was already very powerful now. Furthermore, he was getting more and more curious about Qingqing. Those young people didn't know... He knew that although Qingqing had a birthmark on her face, her figure was definitely one in a million. He had surpassed countless women, but he had never seen such an exquisite figure.

The others also fled in panic.

Zuo Yu looked at them indifferently, but he didn't chase after them. This was just a habit. Could it be that they really killed people? Last time, he had no choice but to kill someone in the mountain.

"Young master, Qingqing doesn't marry. Qingqing will follow you for the rest of her life." Qingqing looked like she was about to cry, but she raised her head and looked at Zuo Yu seriously.

"Alright." Zuo Yu agreed without thinking.

"Young Master is the best." Qingqing smiled with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry, no one can bully you anymore." Zuo Yu promised.

Damn it, an old servant. If he dared to covet Qingqing, so what if he killed her? Zuo Yu made up his mind.

Days passed by.

The Feng family was bustling with noise and excitement. Many young men were rushing back from the outside. Some of them had taken on missions and were working outside, while others had gone out to train. It was almost time for the annual martial competition of the Feng family's martial disciples. Many of them had rushed back.

Martial arts disciples enjoyed abundant resources, but their age was limited to 20 years old. After that, they would have to work and get paid. This was also the way to train the strong. Martial students were much more relaxed. Many middle-aged people were rubbing their fists. They wanted to get a good position.

The Feng family was known to have a circumference of eight thousand miles. There were many positions in the Feng family.

"Who do you think will be the champion of this Martial Disciple Competition?" A few martial arts students gathered together and talked.

"Of course it's senior brother Feng Zhengtian."

"I think so too."

"I don't think so. Ye Jian has returned. I heard that he has broken through to the Immortal Turning Stage and has been training in the Devil Ridge Mountain for a few months. He must be very strong. "

"Senior disciple Tian has broken through to the Immortal Turning Stage a long time ago. His sword and palm techniques are all peerless."

"Tell me, who can enter the top five?"

"Senior disciple Feng Zhengyang will definitely be able to. I heard that he has already reached the peak of the ninth level of True Qi."

"But I heard that last time he was in the outhouse of the Martial Hall, someone..."

"That was a sneak attack from that guy."

"I heard that Senior Zhou Qing broke through to the ninth stage of the True Qi Realm. She should be able to enter the top five."

"Yes, I agree. Last time, I took a look from afar and saw that Senior Zhou Qing's sword technique was very sharp. Senior Zhou Qing was also very pretty. "


"In fact, I think Zuo Yu could also make it into the top five. I heard that he defeated... "

"It was a sneak attack."

"Forget it. Let's not talk about them anymore."

"I heard that a few more servants broke through to the seventh rank. Our competition is really great."

"What are you afraid of? They have long been crippled. How old are each and every one of them? We are still young, sooner or later we will surpass them. "

"This isn't bad. Hehe."

Many people were discussing the competition this time.

The Feng family had also listed their rewards and announced them in the Martial Hall. The generous rewards made people rub their fists in excitement. Many of them were cultivating in seclusion at home. If they wanted to advance further, they had to at least stabilize their cultivation realm.

Zuo Yu did not pay much attention to these. He and Qingqing lived comfortably at home. Every day, they practiced cultivation, chatted, talked about life and talked about their dreams. Don't think about it wrongly. It was a real life and dream!

"Young master, I have broken through to the Second Sky of Immortal Turning!" Qingqing ran over happily.

"Genius!" Zuo Yu gave her a thumbs up.

Qingqing became even happier, "Young master, these True Qi Pills are for you." Qingqing handed over two bottles of pill.

"Alright, you're now an Immortal Turning Stage, so these won't be of much use to you. Besides, they're just external items, so it won't be good to use them too much." Zuo Yu took the Heaven Seizing Spell and said. He didn't try to avoid using the Heaven Seizing Spell. Anything could be separated and fused, just like the Spiritual Force that he had painstakingly cultivated. Zuo Yu had also thought of imparting the Heaven Seizing Spell to Qing Qing, and he was a little worried about it. Who knew if there was a conspiracy behind it? Although the possibility of it was not very high... Second, the Heaven Seizing Spell didn't seem to be suitable for females to cultivate. It was too masculine and domineering.

"Young Master, you can cultivate. I'll guard you." Qing Qing was very happy to see Zuo Yu receive it.

"Alright." Zuo Yu smiled.

Zuo Yu swallowed all the pill and sat down cross-legged. The Heaven Seizing Spell was circulating crazily. Qingqing didn't understand, but Zuo Yu didn't try to avoid it either. However, if anyone else saw this scene, they would really be scared to death. When could someone at the eighth stage of the True Qi Realm digest so many pill at the same time and treat it as a meal? He would explode from bursting!

A large number of Spiritual Force spread out and merged together. They circulated rapidly in Zuo Yu's meridians, refining them over and over again, nourishing every piece of flesh and bone in his body, and finally returning to his spirit aperture.

The little golden dragon shadow on Zuo Yu's arm was also unusually active. It was always the happiest moment when it fought with Zuo Yu over the Spiritual Force.

Zuo Yu had long gotten used to these things. En, he had gotten used to vomiting.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Zuo Yu stopped.

"Young master?" Qingqing's big eyes blinked as if she could speak.

"Yes, Ninth Heaven of True Qi Realm." Zuo Yu laughed lightly.

"Yay! Young master is the best." Qingqing cheered.

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