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C17 Something's Wrong

"Is that true?" Zuo Yu smiled and handed the fruit to Feng Zhengyang.

"Of course, kneel down and beg me." Feng Zhengyang said with a strange smile, full of teasing. Before this, he did not think highly of his father's suggestion. No matter what he said, it would at least affect this kid's inner demon. Influence A martial arts competition! It might even be possible for this kid to go against the Sacred Wind Order! Give them an excuse to kill him. Now, he finally agreed with his father's thoughts, and he felt extremely pleased.

"Mhm." Zuo Yu walked to Feng Zhengyang's side without leaving a trace. He moved slightly behind Feng Zhengyang as if he was thinking. "Huh? Uncle Zhou?" Zuo Yu suddenly looked up and looked outside the yard.

Everyone was stunned. They subconsciously turned their heads to look.

Chi! Chi!

Two soft sounds were heard and blood splashed out.

The fruit knife in Zuo Yu's hand was like a shadow, and it instantly pierced through the necks of the two peak 9th rank experts standing behind Feng Zhengyang. It was as smooth as flowing water, and it was done in one go.

The two warriors who were at the peak of the ninth zhen Qi layer covered their necks with their hands, and died in an instant.

"You..." Feng Zhengyang turned pale with fright. However, just as he reacted, he saw a blade flash and the knife had pierced through his neck. At first, he felt cold, but then he looked desperate.

The Feng family didn't want to let him live, and they killed him in anger.

Furthermore, these people had already sent people to kill him. Of course, it was the previous one.

Zuo Yu's eyes were cold and filled with killing intent, but his heart was especially clear. Although he could kill these people directly, this was the stronghold of the Feng family's Martial Disciples. He couldn't relax at all. He couldn't let any of them go. Otherwise, he would be doomed forever.

"Argh! You, how dare you..." Only then did the others react, only to see the three of them being killed in an instant, moreover, it was the most powerful three among them.

Bang! Zuo Yu sent Jiang Youcai, who had a terrified expression on his face, flying away with a single kick.

Zuo Yu took a step forward and passed through the crowd. His blade was spinning, and it was stuck to the necks of the two men. In an instant, he had arrived at the entrance of the courtyard.

Zuo Yu turned around and lifted his knee, sending one of the men who wanted to escape flying back. Then, he took a step forward and stabbed the knife into the man's heart. Only then did the man fall to the ground.

"Zuo Yu, you are crazy!"

"Zuo Yu, how dare you kill someone? You are dead for sure..."

The group of people were scared silly and gathered in the courtyard in a panic. They were relying on the Saint Wind Token and the two Mu brothers who were at the peak of the ninth stage of the True Qi Realm. The two of them had killed an Immortal Turning Stage warrior before, but who would have thought that it would be like this?

Zuo Yu remained unmoved, and quickly rushed forward.

"Let's fight it out with him."

"Let's attack together!"


Zuo Yu threw out a punch, gathering all of his energy. The Heaven Seizing Spell burst out, and it sounded like the sound of the sky and the earth exploding. The four people in front of him were sent flying away like fallen leaves, along with the sound of bones breaking.

Three of them died instantly. Only the guy at the eighth stage of the True Qi Realm was still alive. His pale face was filled with fear.

"How is this possible?" The rest of them were shocked once again.

Crack! Bang!

Zuo Yu did not care. He turned around and stepped forward. He used his elbow to smash a person's throat. He used his leg to crush a person's heart. Then he wrapped his leg around a person's body and threw the short knife in his hand into the person's throat.

"Crazy, crazy."

"Don't kill me!"

"Quick, catch this servant girl. "

Some people were frightened, while others thought of a plan. Didn't Zuo Yu kill people for this servant girl? And this servant girl was right behind them.

Hearing this, the three people at the back rushed towards Qingqing.

Qingqing was also shocked by Zuo Yu's madness. She had just reacted and picked up the long sword on one side. No matter what, she would follow her young master and not regret until her death.

"Qingqing, the clouds are surging!" Zuo Yu shouted calmly, without the slightest bit of worry.

"Alright." Qingqing nodded seriously and looked at the three people who were rushing over crazily.

The three of them didn't know what was going on. At this moment, they were overjoyed and directly grabbed Qingqing.


At this moment, a sword light flashed and split into three shadows. The three of them screamed as they were sent flying. Their corpses were separated from their bodies.

"Ah!" The two people who followed behind stopped in a hurry, their faces becoming more and more frightened.

The two men unconsciously looked at each other and gulped. "Immortal Turning Stage? Second level Immortal Turning?"

"What?" When the other men heard this, they were also in despair.


One of them knelt down, "Don't kill me, don't kill me. Senior Brother Zuo, no, master, I am willing to follow master for the rest of my life. The Feng family has no path to walk, I don't want to stay any longer, I am willing..."


Zuo Yu circulated his Heaven Seizing Spell and threw a punch at the two men in front of him. Then, he lifted his knee and threw it at the neck of the man who was kneeling on the ground.

"Ah, Senior Brother Zuo, please spare my life..."

"Spare us, we won't do it again..."

"Run!" Seeing that Zuo Yu didn't hold back at all, the few of them frantically got up and ran away. They were in a panic and couldn't care less about anything else.

However, this way, they couldn't escape even more.

A sword light flashed behind them, and Qingqing killed another two people.

Zuo Yu revealed a faint smile. He slightly raised his leg, and with a 'kacha' sound, he broke the neck of the severely injured person on the ground.

"You want to marry Qingqing?" Zuo Yu walked towards Jiang Youcai, who was trembling on the ground.

"I... I don't dare... Wah! Master, I don't dare, I don't dare... " Jiang Youcai was about to collapse, and his ugly face was covered in blood and mucus. He kept kowtowing and begging for mercy. If he had known that the two of them were so powerful, he wouldn't have dared to have any thoughts.

Zuo Yu raised his leg and broke his throat, sending him flying.

"Your... father... won't let you go... I will... bury you with me..." Feng Zhengyang's face was full of unwillingness. He actually persisted until now and spoke with hatred.

Zuo Yu's reply was very simple. He lifted his leg and chopped down, directly smashing him to death.

In just a few breaths of time, the courtyard was in a mess, full of corpses. If someone found out about this, perhaps the entire Fresh Breeze City would be shaken.

"Young master." Qingqing quickly walked to Zuo Yu's side. After the slight fear of killing, her face became filled with tenderness and firmness.

"Qingqing. Hmm?" Zuo Yu was about to say something when his expression changed. He jumped into the alley and chased after her. "Pack up. We need to leave this place immediately." Zuo Yu's words came.

"Yes, be careful." Qingqing also knew the seriousness of the matter, so she quickly ran into the house.

At the end of the alley, Feng Yutong's face was pale and she was running with a terrified expression.

She originally came with them, but on the way, they went to the outhouse. In the end, when she rushed over, she saw the scene of Zuo Yu killing everyone in the courtyard. She was immediately frightened. Was this still the Zuo Yu she knew? Zuo Yu's speed was too fast. She was only stunned for a moment. Then it was over. She was extremely frightened. She wanted to escape from this place as soon as possible. "Why is he so powerful? How is this possible? Humph! Zuo Yu, you are dead meat! You have killed so many people! No one can save you..." Her heart was filled with fear and jealousy, causing her to go even crazier.

"Ah!" Feng Yutong felt the movement behind her and when she looked back, she could not help but jump in fright. She could not care about anything else and ran outside crazily. Zuo Yu, that madman, had actually chased after her. What should she do? When she thought of the cruel massacre in the courtyard, Feng Yutong felt a little broken down.

Zuo Yu's expression was somewhat ugly. There was actually another person, and he was about to leave the alley.

Zuo Yu's speed increased to the extreme.


The sound of the wind stopped, and Zuo Yu stopped. In the end, he still went out of the alley. There was a group of guards patrolling in the distance. Luckily, Feng Yutong looked absent-minded. She only cared about running away and did not pay attention to them. She ran straight to her own house. Only her father could protect her.

Zuo Yu's eyes flickered a few times before he turned around. Now that he could no longer chase after her, it was impossible for him to escape after being entangled by the guards.

When Zuo Yu returned to the front door, Qingqing was already anxiously waiting. She even carried a bag on her back and held a sheathed sword in her hand.

"Are you done?" Zuo Yu looked over.

"Yes." Qingqing nodded heavily.

"Let's go."

Zuo Yu closed the door and pulled Qingqing out of the alley.

A group of guards walked towards them. Qingqing was a little nervous and quickly lowered her head.

"Don't be afraid, hehe, let's go." Zuo Yu let out a light sigh of relief and smiled. The energy in his body dissipated and he walked forward naturally.

The guard did not suspect him and brushed past him.

The two of them quickly walked out.

Time passed quickly.

One. The man was dressed in ordinary black clothes while the woman was dressed in ordinary blue clothes. They were all ordinary clothes and were very plain.

The two of them sat in the hired carriage at the corner of the street and quickly drove out of the city.

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